4 Tips to Crack the Ivy League Colleges

It is an honor and a matter of pride for any student to be a part of the Ivy League institutions. They have top-notch teaching facilities with an enviable reputation that will turn heads and give you countless job opportunities. You might even end up getting your dream job.

But getting in is no cakewalk. You have to be focused and driven, and ready to work relentlessly to crack the SATs and prepare an impressive profile.

This will help you get into an Ivy League college, which will definitely be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Be well-versed with extracurricular activities:

Whether it is a life-skills training or a writing program, just be involved in multiple disciplines because the Ivy League is looking for students who are all-rounders and not mere bookworms.

This will also help you in the long run and assist in your all-around development.

Apply for Internships in the Ivy League institutions:

Applying for summer internships in the institutions of your choice can give you a good application. Though an expensive option, this enhances your prospects of getting in later.

There are also 3 to 4-week courses you can apply for.

Set your goals straight: Nail the SATs

You should be fully prepared for the SATs as they are your gateway to Ivy League colleges. So you need to prepare well with mock tests and long study sessions covering everything in the curriculum.

Make sure you’re thorough with every module.

Community Service

Working for a humanitarian cause will enhance your application as social service is a prerequisite for universities in the US.

You can help teach underprivileged kids or be an assistant in an earthquake shelter- anything that shows you have not forsaken your humanity.

This will make a huge difference in the impression you make on them and enhance your prospects.

Start preparing today!

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