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Non Profit Jobs Near Me: 10 Ways To Land A Non Profit Job

For non profit jobs near me, the search will lead you to several results on the internet. We are going to list everything you need to know about non-profit jobs here.

What Are Non-Profit Jobs?

Non-profit job refers to those jobs that are related to non-profit organizations. These jobs can be employees, CEO, managers, volunteers, and so on.

You may be wondering what a non-profit organization is. Their main aim is not to earn a profit but to work for the betterment of society. You may have seen animal shelters, research centers, religious institutions, and so on. Their purpose is not to make money but to ensure the welfare of society. In other words, they may provide care for animals, education for children, and so on. The difference between a profit-making organization and a non-profit organization is that the former generates income through its activities, while the latter does not. The former can be called a business, while the latter is a non-business.

A common thought process is that non-profit jobs do not pay well, which is not correct. They are successful organizations with good revenue. In addition to that, they also raise funds by various means like campaigns, donors, grants, and other fundraiser activities. Non-profit organizations ensure that after covering essential costs like employee wages, the rest of the money goes to furthering whatever cause they are working towards bettering.

They are being given an exemption from tax by Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An organization needs to request 501(C) before starting their work with a tax exemption.

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A Few Non-Profit Job Title

Most jobs remain common between both non-profit and for-profit organizations. This means both have similar positions like human resources, accounting, directors, managers, and so on. Although, there are jobs that are unique to non-profit organizations and job seekers can apply to like:

1. Grant Writer Jobs

The job of filling out applications for funding falls under a grant writer. Grant writer aims to make sure they achieve their financial goal for the year. You have to be one of the qualified candidates. Meaning you have to be a good writer and have a good hold over the preferred language.

2. Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator’s job is to reach out to society to raise awareness among them. Awareness can be raised by organizing different types of events. They also work to hire volunteers.

3. Development Jobs

People working under this position aim to make sure the annual goals of the organization are met. They plan fundraisers, manage finances and run other projects. It is one of the great professional development opportunities you can access working at a non profit organization.

Most Common Non-Profit Job Title In An Organization

1. Administrative Or Accounting

To run a successful organization, we need people who are good at planning, organizing, and also manage money. They should be able to interact with clients and do their everyday work effectively. Some job titles under this category are aides supervisors, financial aid representatives, community service project coordinators, and so on.

2. Human And Health

Many non-profit organizations help people who have dealt with abuse, traumatic events, addiction, and so on. An organization like this requires employees skilled in dealing with emotional, physical, and mental health issues. They should be able to help guide these individuals, be empathic towards them, and provide counseling. Job seekers can apply for various positions under this category like a case manager, child care worker, counselor, human service worker, medical social worker, and so much more.

3. Human Resource

You will notice both nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations have one department in common that is human resources. The job function includes managing everything from building teams, manage community projects. They also hire and manage volunteers. Job seekers can apply for team leader, event team recruiter, volunteer coordinator, program coordinator, and so on.

4. Management

Management in nonprofit organizations can take many forms. The primary responsibility can include foreseeing a project from start to finish. Guiding the project in the correct direction and making sure all goals are achieved. They also oversee national or regional efforts to guide the projects. Job seekers can apply to various roles under this category like social service director, critical care director, administrator for nonprofit organizations, compliance director, development manager, special event manager, and so on.

5. Marketing

Marketing is a very important department in nonprofit organizations. They require people who can organize and manage the funds. The primary point in the marketing department is to make sure to manage the organization’s goals are sustainable and viewed positively. Job seekers can apply for fundraising coordinator, grant writer, grant administrator, marketing associate, online activist, social media coordinator, and much more.

10 Ways To Look For Non Profit Jobs Near Me

Now you may have an understanding of what non-profit jobs are. You can start your search for non-profit jobs near you. Job seekers will need to know a few things before they apply for these jobs. You need to decide where to look, what will be ideal for you, and who to connect to in the field.

1. Know Yourself

The most important thing you need to know is yourself. Let’s go point by point. First, let’s start with things you find interesting. You need to note down somewhere all things you like. When you look for jobs, crosscheck them with your list. The job you apply for should hold your interest or else, you will grow uninterested and will not work.

For instance, you are interested in gardening or like to read about plants. You can join a foundation that works towards saving trees and planting them.

2. Evaluate Your Skills

Next, you need to know the skills you possess. You need to be sure if they are sufficient for the role you want. If not, you can maybe learn them on online courses. Once you know your skills and interest, you will look for a job fit for you. And with the right motivation, you will be able to work at your best capability if you want to apply for a writer position at an organization such as a grant writer. You will need to be fluent in the preferred language. You can take a course to learn all the basic skills you will require for the position.

3. Make connections

Research who holds key positions in the company you want to work for. Try and get in touch with them. Make appearances in front of them. These could be people who are in charge of hiring or key players in the organization. Your mission is to be able to get them to endorse or recommend you. Or put in a good word for you at the company. For example, if the organization is putting up a public event and needs volunteers. You can join in as a volunteer.

4. Do An Internship

If you are sure, this is the field you want to work in for a long time, going the lengthier path might not be a bad idea. You can start by doing an internship, which will help you prepare for the actual job. You don’t have to wait for your studies to be completed to find an internship. You can do internships along with your studies.

This will help you build the skills and ethics required for the work. You will also gain experience while working. The key players at your internship will also be able to endorse your skills for future jobs. If you show great potential, you can also be offered a job in your interning organization. You can also volunteer at certain places or do small assignments to gain experience. Experience is a very important requirement to get your dream position.

For instance, you want to work for an animal shelter. You can volunteer at various places. Or you can join as an intern and learn how to take proper care of the animal. But also how to achieve a financial goal, host events, and community outreach.

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5. Personal Network

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a personal network. Connect with people who work in the company. You may think your personal network is not sufficient. However, it probably is. Personal connections can be anybody you have met, studied, worked with previously. Friends and family can also be useful connections. They can help you connect with people who work at the organization you want to apply to.

With the evolution of social media, networking has become so much easier. The internet will play an important role in helping you grow your connection. One key site to help grow network along with Instagram and Facebook is LinkedIn. Search for the organization you want to work for. Look to see if you have connections in common it could be somebody you went to school with. Or you can simply connect with someone working there directly.

6. Be Well Prepared To Ask Questions

This is in continuation with the personal network topic. You need to be well prepared to ask the questions. People usually don’t have time to answer questions. You need to research well, write down questions, organize your thoughts. In general, you need to be clear about the topics you want to know more about. The person you are contacting should feel that you are well prepared. This will inspire them to help you connect with the organization or people immediately.

7. CV Or Resume

Build up your CV or resume. Volunteer whenever, wherever you can. Help organize events at your school or college. Participate in events, competitions and gain experience. This basic experience will help build skills like leadership, dedicated team player, ethics, time management, communication, and so on. The section your organization is most likely to look at is the interest section. You should do activities related to the cause the organization works. Again, most important is the volunteering experience. Volunteer towards the cause you want to work for or any other cause that interests you.

8. Be Motivated

Don’t let small hiccups derail you from your goal. Landing a job in the non-profit sector is not going to be easy. It is going to take a lot of motivation and focus on achieving your goal. Put in the time and effort to prove that you will be a valuable addition to the organization.

9. Be Thoroughly Prepared For Your Interview

You have achieved a major step in your process of getting the job. Don’t be too happy that you have scored an interview just yet. The interview is the most important and maybe a difficult step of your process. At this stage, you have to be sure of everything you want. You also need to be armed with all the knowledge about the organization, your role, and all related skills. You have to be confident in communicating. Ask well-thought-out questions this will make a lasting impact. Ask questions related to what your role will entitle. If you have done your homework properly, you will ask proper questions and not absurd ones.

10. Don’t Forget To Be Thankful.

Be thankful for all the people that helped you. Thank them personally for their support if possible. Stay connected with them and help them out too. You will likely need each other in future endeavors. Also, don’t forget to drop a thank you note at the place of your interview. Don’t stop growing your personal network. Connect with more people. Help those who need guidance.

Benefits of working non profit jobs
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Benefits Of Working Non Profit Jobs

1. What You Contribute To Society Will Really Matter

Being a part of the current young adult generation, you are brave enough to follow your passion. You are most likely to follow through with what you start. Working at a non-profit organization will positively impact students even when it is way different from other people’s paths. So, you are most likely to put your heart and soul into your work. All for the cause you are working for and make a difference. And the efforts that you put in will help the community a lot. You will work in diverse environments and work for well-known organizations.

2. Opportunities

A common cause of stress and anxiety after graduation is getting a job. It feels impossible to land a job in the for-profit sector with all the expectations they set. The for-profit organization will look to hire some with experience, the best skills, and much more. However, non-profit organizations, on the other hand, will look for your passion, drive, and motivation. Non-profit organizations are more likely to hire freshers.

3. Experience

Non-profit organizations will help you gain a lot of experience in different ways. You will meet a lot of new professionals with different backgrounds, goals and explore different situations. Every new project will help you learn new skills. Every day is not the same as the previous one. You experience newer things every day. Also, in addition to this, you will be working for a good cause. What you do will help people in numerous ways and will leave you feeling good about the work you do.

4. Networking

When compared to for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations make it easier to network with people above your role. In for-profit organizations, it is difficult to connect with managers and bosses. On the other hand, in non-profit organizations, you can connect with the higher-ups and learns valuable skills.

5. Responsibilities

Working for a non-profit organization will give you ample opportunities to have different responsibilities. Non-profit may have smaller groups of people. This allows you to work in different roles. On the other hand, for-profit organizations are usually very specific when they give you a set of tasks for your job. And there is usually no room for growth in other sections of work.

When you are taking on different major or minor responsibilities this early on in your career, you will reap its benefits in the long run. You will be way ahead in your professional growth as compared to someone working in a for-profit organization. You will be learning what is right and wrong for you. You will learn from your mistakes too. And taking on all these responsibilities will certainly elevate your resume and cv.

6. Make A Difference

You will be able to help make a difference in the lives of people. Working for a non-profit organization will help you take a stand for whatever cause you are passionate about. You will experience and learn new things along the way. However, you will also help spread awareness for a cause and, in turn, help a lot of people or animals. You feel content and happy when you achieve your goals.

Misconceptions About Non-Profit Jobs

1. Non-Profit Organizations Don’t Make A Profit

I think this is a common misconception people have. After all, the name non-profit/ not-for-profit can be majorly misleading. Non-profit organizations should make a profit. Compared to for-profit organizations, the profit made by non-profit foundations goes back to the cause or purpose they are pursuing. The profit made by them will not go to a particular individual, only towards the cause. The difference between the two is the distribution of the profit. Non-profit organizations are formed for the benefit of the public and not private gain.

2. Donations Are The Only Way They Get Money

Another misconception is that non-profit foundations only get money through donations or fundraising events. While this might be true for some, it is ideally impossible to run an organization like that. Some organizations have their own products or service they sell. They use the revenue earned from selling these services at an affordable price to grow their cause.

Donations are only way non-profit foundation works
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3. Services Provided By Non-Profit Are Free

Services provided by non-profit organizations are not free—local fundraisers or grants fund services. The end customer might not be the one paying but, somebody is.

4. Non-profit Organizations Don’t Have The Most Qualified Leaders

The leaders of the non-profit organization have extraordinary skills. It takes good leadership to navigate a whole organization, maintain a budget, work for their cause. They have to do this on a small budget. The most important thing is that they help people hurt, have developmental disabilities, solve problems, and work through complex situations. It can also affect their mental health. Their main aim is to make the world a better place and put their hundred percent towards it.

5. Non-profits Are Not Number driven

The difference between for-profit and non-profit is that the success of for-profit is calculated based on the revenue they make. On the other hand, the success of a non-profit organization is calculated based on its mission and goals. And this varies from time to time and organization to organization.

6. Running a Non-Profit Organization is easy

Nonprofit organizations take the same amount of planning and managing as for-profit organizations. Running a non-profit is definitely challenging. You have to start from scratch, most probably. Meaning raising funds will also be difficult. Managing with little funds and trying to further the cause is very challenging. Eventually, you gain recognition; however, still maintaining sustainable goals is tough.

7. Only Volunteers Work For Non-Profit Organisation

It might seem like the only people working at the non-profit organization are volunteers. However, that’s not true. Volunteers only make a small part of the organization. The majority of the people at non-profit organizations are paid, employees. Some non-profit organizations solely rely on their paid staff, and other non-profit organizations choose to hire volunteers for their help.

Misconception about non profit organization
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Is Working For Non-Profit Sector Worth It?

Based on everything we have seen so far, I would say if working at a nonprofit organization is a dream of yours, go for it. You need to have the drive and motivation to work for it. You also need to be empathic, dedicated and love making a difference in society. Working at a non-profit organization is probably one of the best decisions for your professional growth.

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