How to Teach English Online: 8 Intresting Platforms to Know About

Knowing and being fluent in English add sparkle to your personality. And because of that now English is compulsory in every part of the world. Due to this teaching English has been in demand for years.  Now in every part of the country, there is a teacher who teach English online every day.

Because of so demand for English, teaching English has been in demand for many years. Also due to the technology teaching English online jobs have increased at such a rapid rate. Also according to the research by global prediction the online language learning industry will be worth a whopping $25.73 billion by 2027, representing a 10.2 percent CAGR from 2020 to 2027. English is so important nowadays that if you go to any native place and don’t know their native language, you can still communicate in English because English is a common language that is taught everywhere

teach english online
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1. What you should know before applying to be an online English teacher?

what you should know about teaching english
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  1. Know about the job

    You possibly cant teach English online if you don’t have an idea about the job. From lesson planning to know what online teaching is, you need to have a good command over everything. You have to create your schedule and decide what you prefer ie. online teaching or offline teaching. Though after the lockdown online English teaching jobs have increased at a good rate. Now in every field, everyone is preferring work from home experience. To teach English online you need to have to set your schedule altogether.

  2. You must be a fluent English speaker.

    I don’t believe a bachelor’s degree is important in English but you must have some qualification related to teaching English online or offline. You must be educated enough to have good control over your English speaking and writing. To teach English online you need to have a grasp of your all basics and language.

  3. Resume

    A resume plays a very important role in everyone’s life. That is why your resume must be impressive enough to get you hired. There are many things that a handsome resume requires:-

    A TEFL certificate:- Certification is the internationally recognized qualification for teaching English to students (including children and adults) who do not speak English as their first language. To teach abroad TEFL certificate is always asked for. The certificate can be used to get work teaching English to non-native speakers all around the world. Even though a TEFL certificate is a necessary thing but some great companies don’t require the certificate. for ex:- cambly, PrePly, and some other websites.

    If you have prior teaching experience, It will surely help in your resume. But it is not important to have prior teaching experience, you can also have experience in another file or some other extracurricular activities where you participated. You can write about some good presentation that you did or some community work, etc. In the end, it is not that important to have prior experience but having one gives you a benefit and makes you one step closer to the job.

  4. Requirement of PC, laptop, webcam

    You should have a good quality of products because teaching online will only be successful when you have a good means of communication between teacher and student. A webcam will help you to identify your student and you will be able to understand their facial reactions. This will help in learning and communication. With a webcam, you also require a good pair of headsets. Hearing plays a big role, if you are not able to hear your student’s doubts then what is the point of teaching?

  5. Strong internet connection

    Teaching English online will only be successful if you can communicate with your PC or laptop. A strong internet connection is a must. If you are unable to explain or teach your students then there is no use in using the teacher as a profession. The more you teach students, the more money you will make.

2. Is teaching English online worth it?

teaching online
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Yes, a big yes. Teaching English online can be a really good career with a great scope. Here you can either work in a big firm or you can be an independent teacher who will teach online with your schedule. This is one of the best work-from-home jobs where you can have both flexibility and command over your schedule.

Not only that if you are a college or undergrad student who wants to pick some earing you can always opt for teaching English online. There are many online language learning platforms where you can be provided with both money and cooperative learning. You won’t even have to cut your study time or fun time as you have the power to control your hours per week. A teaching job will give you discipline which will help you in your daily life. From making your own schedule to creating your lesson plans, you will experience a lot of things.

You also don’t have to be physical with the job. Here you won’t have to deal with the checking test papers, any paperwork relating to kids, or any other offline classroom things.

3. Top 8 best companies to teach English online

1) Cambly

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One of the most worldwide famous websites to learn and teach English online. Here you will have to deal with many students. The best part of this website is you don’t need a TELF certificate or degree to teach students online.

There are not many things required by the Cambly. To teach English online you must be a native English speaker. Also, you are required to have your laptop or PC with a good network connection. As said before without a good network you cannot have any online teaching.

The hourly rate is $10-$12. Here you get paid every Monday. Cambly tracks your teaching time and pays you accordingly. Though in Cambly you set your teaching hours per week. The best part is there is no minimum hour of work per week. you can choose any time which suits you and can log in to the website whenever you want.

2) Preply

online website
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Here you need to make your own portfolio. You can make your own hourly rate from $10-$45 depending on your resume. To teach English online you will have to create your own schedule and curriculum. You will find many varieties of students. Some will be adult students, young learners, etc. You can decide who to teach as per your wish. The lesson set is one on one.

Here on this website to teach English online you will be required to have a good network connection with good technology. A PC or laptop must be working well to have an interactive class. A webcam and a microphone are also one of the important requirements.

Here everything depends upon your portfolio, if your resume is very experienced then you can teach English online at higher tuition fees. Because after seeing it then the students contact you. So its an advice to make it healthy so that you can earn dollars. The plus fact is there are no minimum hours per week thing here. When you give a trial lesson you will be given 100% commission but after taking regular class the commission will start at 33% and lowers to 18% depending on how many classes or hours you taught them.

3) PalFish

online teaching
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This app-based website was launched in 2015 to make a connection between Chinese students and English teachers. It is an app-based website where you will be able to chat with students from all around the world. The students can be adult ESL learners or some native speakers. What is the best part of this website is that you don’t need to be a native speaker to teach English online. All you need to have fluent English, and you are good to go. There have been some recent changes by the Chinese government that the teacher should have some certificates like (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA) or any other teaching license to teach students English online. But the good thing about this is that you don’t need a university degree or any.

The hourly pay is dependent upon the minutes you teach in this app. You will see that the average pay here is around $10-$18. per hour. You also receive a teaching bonus here. The most important thing here is that from all your teaching they will cut 20% off from whatever your rate is.

4) SkimaTalk hours

SkimaTalk hours
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Do you know what makes it one of the best websites? You don’t need to have any college degree or any certificate that’s are required in many other online English teaching jobs to teach English online. The teachers will see the diversity of students where most often you will see adult students.

Again here also a good network with good technology ie PC and laptop is required. Skype is necessary for holding online classes along with a webcam and headsets. Teachers are allowed to be creative while teaching English online. They can use their own materials and make the class more interactive.

Here instead of getting paid every week, you will only be paid once a month. Though you can work as many hours per week and set your own schedule as you like. You choose your own rate here. You also need to be a native English speaker for example Canadian, British, American and etc to have fluent English.

5) Italki

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Here you can teach other languages also like german, Japanese, Russian, etc. this website is what you call a global language learning community where other languages are also taught by those language fluent speakers. It is one of the biggest hubs for teaching languages.

To garb the job you need to have one of the following

  • degree college certificate
  • Proof of work at an English language school.
  • a TEFL certificate
  • a state English teaching certificate

Here as a teacher, you set your own schedule as per your wish. Unlike many other websites, there is no commission work or any commission for free trials. You will see much diversity, students from all around the world will be seen but mostly you will encounter adults. Classes are taught one to one person.

Again like every other website you need to have a good network issue with a good PC or laptop. A webcam and headset are compulsory to see and hear your students and also to be heard and seen by them.

The rates are here charged based on your resume. If you have a pretty resume with good past work experience or previous teaching experience then you can charge high prices. But here students mostly go for low pricing as it’s easy for them.

6) Tutlo

online teaching
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Another website provides one-to-one classrooms to the learners. It is a Polish-based website. The teachers will be connected with many diversities as students come from every part of the globe. This company offers several different courses. From cooperative business courses to adult language courses everything is available for the students here.

Here you don’t need to have any TEFL certificate or any degrees, you are just required to have 6 months of teaching English online, and offline experience (minimum). And of course with a good network connection and good PC or laptop. You should be 18 or above to hold this job.

The pay range here is not that much but it is around $5-$11. There are no minimum hours per week, you can take lessons any time when you find it convenient. Lessons are again one-to-one where lessons are of 20 minutes, though students can also opt for 40 or 60 minutes long lessons.

7) Open English

open englsih
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Open English is Latin America’s most well-known online English school. They have assisted over 5 lakh students since 2007 in achieving language fluency. Open English is the largest ESL supplier for students in South American countries. Here teachers are in very much demand whether online or offline.

Here teachers are required to have Spanish language skills or Portuguese. If the candidate is without a degree then they should have TEFL/TESOL certification where they should have at least one year of EFL/ESL teaching experience. Teachers should be native English speakers as well.

The pay here is $15 per hour. Compensation raises are offered gradually, with seniority determining pay rather than qualifications. Per week the teachers are required to commit 25 hours per week. And if you want to commit more you can go for it. Here both one-to-one and group classes are given by the teachers. Students’ native languages are most typically Spanish or Portuguese.


english online teaching
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A Beijing-based website to connect Chinese students with English teachers. Recently it has announced its official fresh launch in whole worldwide. Now, this website is available just not for Chinese students but for all other students from other countries. This company debuted in 2013 and has been on a roll ever since.

The pay over here is $22 per hour. This is also a work-from-home job where you can work from even remote areas. Your schedules here will be fixed by the VIPKID. But you can schedule your own timetable accordingly for you. You will also be blessed by the holidays and festivals like Christmas. But if you are working then you are paid extra incentives and some bonus opportunities. Mostly around $50-$60 are paid as a bonus payment.

The must-need thing is a university degree. Also, you might face issues regarding the time if you are not from Asia. Also if you get a network issue for more than 3 minutes A fee will be levied if a class is canceled. Only North American teachers are allowed.

If you want to learn more about teaching online then you can visit “Ways For A Language Learner To Make Money On The Internet”. 

4. What is the other alternative instead of getting jobs on these websites?

There can be many reasons why people won’t prefer having a job on these websites, and it is fine. You can be your own boss. You can go for a youtube channel or make your own channel on any other social media website like Instagram. There are many famous youtube channels where English is taught for free and many Instagram reels where a simple shot dose of reels is the source of information. Also if you get many subscribers, likes, and reach you can earn a good package of money. Here the certificate, degrees, past teaching experience, or anything won’t matter.

5. Frequently Asked Questions about TEACHING English Online

1) Is the money good from teaching English online?

Well, in the beginning, it can be hard to earn a good amount of money but by getting the experience you can gradually increase your hourly pay. So in the starting, you can get paid around $10-$15 per hour but after some time it can increase to around $40.

2) Is teaching English online flexible?

Yes, teaching English online is a flexible job. The work-from-home environment can really increase the comfort level. On many online teaching platforms, you make your own lesson plans, schedule plans, and at whatever time.

3) Is it compulsory to get a TEFL certificate or university degree?

It is believe to be beneficial to have at least one thing to teach English online. Many online teaching platforms require at least one of those things or some years or months of experience. There are rare websites that will give you a teaching job without those required things. It is safe to say to at least keep one of those things to get the teaching job because this will also help in improving your resume which will surely help you in the future.



Ways For A Language Learner To Make Money On The Internet.

As the world shrinks, we find the need to connect more languages professionally as well as personally. The Bureau of Labor Statistics listed Interpreters and translators as the fastest-growing occupation. There are many attractive and creative opportunities that can comfortably supplement full-time work, earn you extra money, and keep you involved in languages.

The increasing reach of online companies, platforms, and marketplaces increases opportunities for extra income. 

So, here we will show you how you can make money as a language learner.

How can I make money teaching my native language?

It is not only necessary for bilinguals to be an income in a growing global environment that is rapidly expanding. There is an increasing demand for people to assist foreign learners and enhance their understanding of their studying language. Please follow these basic tips to learn the techniques using your language for working from home, vacation, and business travel!

How can I make money from my language skills?

From English to Esperanto, everyone knows a great way to learn a few new words or get the necessary linguistic qualifications – If you speak English well, you can use it to earn additional money. This guide is not just for language students and those who are both bilingual. People who speak English also speak Esperanto or a language that they speak. We are thrilled to show some of the best ways to make money using our language skills. This list will help find more good freelance ideas.

How do I get paid to teach English online?

You do not even have to be able to speak the language you are teaching. Some businesses want teachers that have basic language and oral communication skills. Fortunately, a lot of companies are available to apply online.

Apply for work as an online teacher and get paid from anywhere.

Why should I teach a language online?

Most websites where you can teach languages online also allow you to set your own teaching schedule. This is an excellent way to get paid by doing what you love and using the skills you already have to help others. You can set your rate. First-timers may need to set lower rates, but as one acquires more experience, you set higher rates and earn more. 

Benefits of teaching languages online

Virtual language teachers can broaden technological skills by becoming familiar with various instructional devices. Alternatively, anyone who works remotely for an academy can do it anytime. Individuals who return to a traditional teaching environment later and have E-Teaching on their resumes make them great candidates for this job. 

Most online websites provide detailed descriptions and opportunities to develop a learning experience. It will help the students relax more before and after lessons.

Make $30 an hour teaching languages online with these six sites.

Online Teaching Languages allow you to set your own hours (so you can sleep in as long as you want) and earn money anywhere there is an internet connection. It’s a great career if you are an Internet learner looking for a way to spend some extra money or to make extra cash while living abroad.

Teaching languages is an excellent place to start, in particular for language enthusiasts who also enjoy flexibility. It’s possible to go to the world or teach English online to make a lot of money.

List the best websites to learn languages online and make money.

Besides learning languages, the online job can become very rewarding and fun. Demand for online language courses increases because more of the service users are learning an online language. When you are interested in teaching and look into extra income, this opportunity should not be missed. Find help with the application processes of language tutoring jobs. 

Websites that require previous teaching experience

Rype offers live private lessons on Audible International and is available in English only. Lingo is one of the few language learning websites that offer this kind of course. AmazingTalker offers 90 languages and subjects and more than 500,000 learners.

Are Arab teachers good enough? Well. You can also join teachers’ groups within the site and have support in dealing with the common challenges associated with an online tutor, such as getting the student to sign up for a subscription service that includes a number.

The website sends your earnings directly to your bank account when possible to not lose the percentage of your income from PayPal fees.

Language learning websites with certifications or degrees

Linda specializes in group sessions for three to five students but also offers private sessions. VivaLing Academy is perfect for kids wanting to study and learn English at home. Live lingua is another good opportunity for teaching native speakers.

It also offers classes in business languages, exams training courses, and conversation courses for adults. The website is unique for its flexibility as teachers can book short term (days in advance) and long term (weeks in advance), making a flexible schedule supportive of a busy lifestyle.

Additionally, there is no minimum load requirement. The in-house material also improves class preparation and minimizes class preparation.

Language teaching websites available without certification or degree

Preply is a popular website for online teachers of languages. More than 100 languages and topics of instruction are taught at Italki through private lessons. Verbalplanet is the biggest platform for learning an online language. Justlearn is a fairly new language learning platform. It’s growing rapidly now but now offers over 80 languages and 50,000 students. MyLingoTrip is an online language school that lets learners plan private, 1-to-1 lessons via Skype. The platform itself is free, and there is no membership fee.

Have you thought about teaching your native tongue?

Many language learners study their first, second, third, or even fourth language to develop intrinsic knowledge. 

Teaching your native tongue to foreigners, especially abroad, is an excellent and rewarding experience. Qualification to be a language teacher is a key to travelling/discovering a possible new career. Research your market and culture, and do not restrict yourself. If you desire to work internationally and can’t figure out what to do, begin with the basics. Get an instructor’s diploma. Then keep developing like professionals. And you could get a feeling of shock.

Top 5 websites to learn a language online

There are hundreds of platforms on which teachers can learn a language online, but the list below is certainly worth visiting. Afterwards, you can cash out using many methods such as PayPal, TransferWise, and PaymentOneer.

Teachers pay directly by bank deposits between the 10th and 15th of a month. New revenue is available for cash out on the same Sunday or Monday based on time zone. Teachers receive their income via PayPal or with a Taiwan bank account. Money from the course completed will be credited to your credit card on 15 February in the following month.

Best Tips for Teaching Language Online

The best online languages tutors have a secret: they’re creative. If your student has a problem with cameras, you can often only learn by audio. Have a safe flashcard on hand if a microphone fails. 

If your lesson plan includes a video that doesn’t work – have a plan B and begin the next activity. Keep a smile on your face, and do not seem frustrated. 

What can I tell kids while explaining vocabulary words that they have learned over time? Use gestures and body movements in this class to help students recognize the meaning in the language or words.

Being a city guide

Languages learners can offer to be a city guide and show the city to foreign groups. If you’re competent and adventurous, you could even travel to another country and make money when you’re there. Check the MeetnGreetMe app when connecting with visitors to your hometown and showing them what it has to offer, and earning more money. For any enterprising Native speaker, the options below offer a world of possibilities to tap your native language skills to earn a living while you travel. Make the most of the rich experience of meeting new people and earning the most out of their language experience while in the UK. 

You need the experience to make money teaching English online.

Some businesses that connect you with students may make these voluntary if you pass their online tests without exception. There is typically no difficulty for people who can easily pass the applications and pass the tests with English as the first language. 

However, you can make money on a wide variety of opportunities without having much experience or being skilled. You get money by watching TV on Netflix, taking trips to the movies, and listening to music. This opportunity and other opportunities involve neither need you to be notably skillful nor experienced. 

What you need to start teaching English online

To teach English or other languages online, you will need telecommunications equipment and an internet connection. If you tutor a lot about writing, it is best to check on a few good books for writers to use. 

Some help users get the best use out of using a mobile when planning their training. If you are interested in learning English and teaching English online, you would need good Internet connections and a good teaching device.

Babysitting a child who is learning your native language

Parents around the world now have a desire to create more immersive opportunities for their children to be able to teach native speakers. This will enable them to give a unique feature to children learning their language. 

Apart from focusing on childcare and safety, don’t forget to add that conversation exchange will aid their child in learning spoken language quicker. You can even pocket a higher babysitting fee comparing the other value you add to his knowledge about a child. 

How do I learn a second language?

Free language applications have an emphasis on making language learning fun. There are also tons of free single-language apps and websites. You can even rent-free materials, such as movies, audiobooks, and videos. List a few good free apps to learn languages and start from there. 

Editing Proofreading Gigs in Your Native Language

Freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork can help you find new customers. Monetize your writing skills by remote work. 

Take editing or proofreading gigs in your native language. No one knows your native language better than you.

E-learning is the future.

In 2025 e-learning will reach $325 billion. Forbes said it was expected to exceed 2013 revenues: e-learning would grow to $325 Billi.

Cool, you convinced me. Where do I apply?

There are hundreds of websites where you can start making money online teaching language lessons. The websites have some of their own demands in terms of language services and other things. I would pick only one that works best for you if you are interested. 

Requirements for each website may include a High School or University degree, previous education experience, a TEFL certificate or maybe an online interview. The following video shows a great website for online language teachers.

Teach English abroad

After Chinese, the English language is the most spoken language in the world. Most courses hire people with no prior classroom experience. One more important advantage is the opportunity to save money while you’re travelling overseas. 

In China, some language teachers have saved between $500 and 1,500 to a thousand each month teaching English. Take advantage of these emerging opportunities to stay clear in your language knowledge and your brain sharp—and profit from it all as well! 


Cambly is an online platform for improving language skills. Through this system, Teachers connect students who pay to teach a new language. If you are a fluent English or Spanish speaker, then working with Cambly would be a good opportunity. 

You need a webcam if you want to work from home as a Cambly teacher, and you could set your own schedule. You do not need to be a graduate to teach English and work from home.

Become a conversation buddy

The conversational practice involves chatting every day with a teacher or a native speaker. There are lots of free methods available to get a conversation in free of charge, normally by changing a language, you know with a different language. 

If you have teaching/speaking experience, let them know! Go niche – Think essentials for business travelers, medical vocab, technical terms for students or sports fans. 

Use your accent – Regional differences can be the difficult aspect of language. Once you have a hook, you can set up an online classroom with free online messengers. Most online messages allow you to change the type of interaction.

Become a tour guide

If you love walking and hearing your own voice touring could be your butter! It is one of the few freelancing gigs where there are no qualifications and no certificates to start. 

You can just walk the walks along the route and have good local knowledge and good jokes. You can lead tours in English if you have, but a second or third language gives you an advantage. Check out more tips on travelling with a professional tour guide when it feels like your genre. You can find tour guides working in your region that can just offer to join as an interpreter.

Continuum Education Services (CES)

Continuum Education Services (CES) is more like a marketplace where you can sign to get online language-learning jobs. CES connects you with businesses that pay you to teach language to their students. Since this program pairs, CES students with you can set a schedule on the job. 

To be a candidate for a CES job, you must hold the TESOL/TEFL certification. But if you do not have a certificate, you must prove the ability to obtain the certification or are in the process of it in 90 days. An easy computer connection to Webcam and Headset is needed to earn money online to teach CES languages.

Freelance translation

The best way to gain such jobs is word of mouth. Some companies like to hire workers from countries of low income. Standard prices run about 10 cents a word. 

You can also list your services on freelancer websites like Upwork. If you have friends or family expanding their businesses internationally, helping them translate marketing materials can be an amazingly valuable addition to your income. Your pay can be capped if the text is technical (science or engineering) or academically orientated. You may also have 10 cents each.


VIPKID links English language teachers with Chinese students who will pay for English lessons. This China-based company hires Native English teachers from the US and North American to teach five to 12-year old Chinese children. 

You can do 25 minutes intensive one-on-one session with a student and make between $18 and $22 per hour. To be accepted, the interview must be conducted in an international company. Some teachers take it as a full-time position, and some earn up to $2,000 a month.


Tandem is an app that matches language experts to people interested in learning more about a certain subject. Students book appointments, take lessons and pay through Tandem’s online application. As a Tandem tutor, you need to be certified as a language tutor. You can earn as much as $500 monthly depending on your ratings by students, how much time you spent and how in-demand your language is. You can apply for the teaching of a particular language or genre with Tandem app if you wish.

Make videos for YouTube and other platforms.

FluentU takes real-life videos and converts them into personalized language lessons. Anyone can create digital videos for free with their Google account and earn between 8 and 26 cents each time advertising is seen. The fewer readers who will see an ad – The more people who watch it, the more you make it. 

What we’ve learned with the program is also kept on record when our feedback will return and will give us a personalized experience. You can earn money from your own private videos. Your video might go viral in FluentU so that someone can learn your language.


VerbalPlanet is a company that matches you with students who want to learn a specific language. You can apply to learn languages online through this company. You have options to set your initial fees from $10 to $20 for a 45-minute instruction. 

Your skills levels, rates and length of your teaching can affect your earning as a language teacher. You receive income to maximize your potential and teach your languages online. You can teach via Skype and get paid via Skype. 


Italki is an app that supports students’ education in language learning. Most teachers are paid $15 an hour teaching languages using iTalki. Most people who work for this company get paid using PayPal or Skrill. 

You can set the rates and charge the students an hourly rate. You have the opportunity to send your lessons via VoIP software or Skype, and each session can last at least 30 minutes. On any completed tutorial, you earned Italki credits which are worth $1. Ten credits are equal – about 1. You can withdraw your credits twice monthly with cash.

Become a tutor

Craigslist makes it easy for people to get involved in their tutoring business. Wyzant is a good recommendation for people who want to offer in-person courses. The average is between $25 and $80 per hour in metropolitan areas, while in suburban areas between $12 and $50. Whether you want to teach online or not. Verbling simplifies the teaching experience by streamlining the class, so you don’t have to use Skype or third-party software. You can start your teaching time, present your abilities to students, communicate with the students and hold classes.

Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

TEFL is an essential path of teaching that allows you to study outside the United States by doing business or travelling. Some courses even cover the practical stuff aside from teaching. Courses can be pricey, but these aren’t reasons to give them away if you think they will pay in themselves. 

Find out more about becoming an online lecturer, freelancer or teacher in the US. Getting a qualification or work experience ( by TEFL, for example) can support becoming a good teacher. Visit this link.


SameSpeak gives you the ability to teach English online to other foreign students through a variety of channels.  

One unique characteristic about the company is that even if you only are 16 years old, you can apply to work for their products to make money. Payments are made via PayPal, and you can cash out for a minimum of $100 in your SameSpeak account. The vast majority of language instructors have private placement jobs or a small team of experts.

You can become a language teacher through the on-demand learning tutor site. You apply, and you simply do the exam. The test gives you the ability to work as a teacher for students with whom you can learn to make money. Tutor website; however, requires a college degree for users. 

The new rules require teachers to teach at least five hours per week. You can earn ten hours of work in the English language as an online instructor here. 

Create language resources

André Klein is a freelancer. With many dual-language titles, he’s the author’s favourite on Amazon. The format is simple but effective: short stories using basic words and sentences. 

You can also create questions, grammar notes, vocab lists from your own site or any other resource for sale. Make your own site and start publishing your knowledge.

How much should I charge?

As long as you’re qualified to deliver a job, how much you charge is really up to you. If you’re just starting out, you can look on the platform you’ve selected and see what other people charge. 

Start high, then gradually get going. You may be losing some customers. It will be better with $50 working an hour than $50 for 5 hours. 

Imposter syndrome is common in any field, but once you are an experienced teacher, there’s no reason not to experiment with your pricing. Eventually.

Create a language blog or video on YouTube

YouTube and blogging are great ways of providing secondary students with a sense of empowerment. YouTube is a way to provide support to middle school students in a new country. There is a chance to earn money using your blog posts and get your hands on the best food in the country.

Sell your original content

Many companies and schools pay teachers to develop problem quiz sets for language courses. Pay rates -depending on demand – ranging from $5 to millions. 

Some small companies take from 6% to 10% commission. All you own! The skill here beyond creating special and premium content provides for learning is in marketing.


TutorVista is also a popular online tutor service. You can apply and get paid to teach the English language or any other subject you know well. You can work four hours a day. You also need to have a computer and a higher education diploma to qualify. 

Grade or score Standardized Language Examinations

There are schools, universities and test centers that outsource grades of the Spanish AP testing. Many of them hire at 5:00 – 9:00 hours (online too) in May. 

It’s very temporary work in supplementing income. Others frequently post on Craigslist. This smoky gig typically costs $113 an hour and is excellent.

Teach at a museum or community college

Often museums offer courses, and easy return students can easily find a place on campus. Community colleges have several languages programs and are likely to hire teachers without certificates instead. These gigs can cost anywhere from $12 to $450 an hour or between dozens of thousands in full course contracts.

About FluentU

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Make money translating books

The demand for translated editions continues to grow amongst DIY writers and publishers. Find authors hangout places and make yourself visible on social media. 

Hopefully, you will land a gig for translating books if you broadcast enough skills.

Translating for businesses

There is lots of flexibility in the translation industry, and the business client is highly dependent on the business expertise. If you have lived abroad, you have the opportunity to get cultural awareness training. 

Local companies wanting tourist-friendly translations or local counselling who need communication with another language hire expertized language learners. If you prefer to network remotely, an online business can provide client contact. Expect to separate decent-paying companies by excluding those of exploitative nature. 

Try or stingier Amazon Mechanical, or much stingier Amazon Mechanical Turk. 

Work in reverse translation

I think some translation opportunities will most likely involve translation from a language other than English. 

Do not forget businesses, charities, and other overseas organizations wishing to tap into the UK market will need an English translator. Writing blog posts or vlogging in your second language will help you get in the door.

So, these are all the opportunities for a language learner.