4 Travel Destinations For Vegans

Vegan today is no more related to eating zucchini noodles and raw vegetables. The industry has grown so much and produces foods like burgers and mac and cheese.

Veganism is a unique way of living. Vegan-friendly places have popped worldwide, attracting a new kind of tourist – the vegans. 2016 was the “Year of Vegan,” as declared by PETA.

Here are four travel destinations ideal for vegans:

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a vegan paradise in Southeast Asia. Vegan food is also available on the street, and it is delicious. Chiang Mai offers a lot to every type of traveler.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Chiang Mai that only serve vegan food. When in Chiang Mai, vegan restaurants you must go to are Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant, Vegan Heaven, and Terraces.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel

We all know that Tel Aviv is famous for its shawarmas. It has vegan shawarmas too, isn’t that amazing? The best thing about the financial capital of Israel is made with organic produce.

The top places in Tel Aviv where you will find vegan food are Neroli Organic Juice Bar & Raw Food Diner, Rainbow, and Seeds. When you eat their burgers and sandwiches, you’ll feel like you are eating meat, but it is soy.

3. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow was voted the best vegan-friendly place in the United Kingdom in 2016. The Scottish city has fancy vegan restaurants and pubs.

Favorite food items to try in Glasgow are moussaka, burger, pizza, and of course, cakes made with almond and cashew milk. Top restaurants to try vegan food in Glasgow are Kalpoli Margarita, La Pitahaya Vegana, and Vegamo Mx.  

4. Portland, Oregon

Ranked top as the best place to eat vegan food in the US in 2016, Portland, Oregon, offers a variety of vegan food to its visitors.

It has the country’s first vegan mall, loaded with the goodness of fresh groceries, bakeries, and clothing shops.

If you want to try vegan food, or you are already a vegan, you need to visit these 4 destinations.

4 Reasons To Visit Greenland on Your Next Vacation

Northern Lights, exquisite wildlife, and endless hot chocolate, Greenland is a mystical country to visit. A fun fact about Greenland is that it is completely ice and Iceland is mostly green.

The raw Arctic wilderness and ship expeditions will make your trip to Greenland very memorable. It isn’t like any other travel you’ll take on in your life, but there’s something about Greenland that calls the wanderer in you to visit there.

Here are four reasons why you should visit Greenland:

1. Visit Ilulissat Icefjord

By: Friedierek K on Shutterstock

Situated in West Greenland, the Ilulissat Icefjord is the world’s most active glacier. It is entirely natural and one of the most stunning wonders of the world.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and very special to the Greenlandic people.

2. Kayaking in ice-cold waters

Greenland has a rugged coastline. The waters are crystal clear and very, very cold. Going kayaking in these waters is a different experience altogether.

While kayaking, you can hear the crunching and cracking sound of ice and glaciers and the sweet call of seabirds.

3. Experience the Northern Lights

By: Dan Bach Kristensen on Shutterstock

Visit Kangerlussuaq to experience the best display of Northern Lights. You get to experience the Northern Lights on 300 clear days in Greenland. The best time to see the lights is between October to April, so plan your trip accordingly.

4. Visit the world’s largest national park

North-Eastern Greenland National Park is the largest national park globally, with a coastline of 11,000 miles. You get to see amusing arctic creatures like polar bears, muskoxen, seagulls, caribou, walruses, and foxes in the national park. If you are lucky, you will get to see herds of muskoxen.

They are the largest land animal in the Arctic region, weighing over 400 kg. Locals make traditional clothing and handicrafts using their wool.

I hope these 4 reasons are enough for you to visit Greenland.

Why You Should Visit Scotland Right Now?

Scotland’s beauty will speak to your soul. With its mind-blowing scenery and rich culture, Scotland will plaster a grin on your face. The country is a part of the United Kingdom and is nothing but intoxicating.

Everything about Scotland is magical. The people are so friendly that you will want to go back and visit them once more.

If visiting Scotland isn’t on your travel bucket list, we will give you four reasons why it should be:

1. Visit one of the oldest villages of the UK

By: M. Vinuesa on Shutterstock

Skara Brae is the oldest village in Scotland. It is popularly known as The Scottish Pompeii and existed from 3180 BC to 2500 BC.

It is the most complete Neolithic village in the UK and has beautiful stone-built houses that show the exceptional skills of the Neolithic people.

2. Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs

Have you ever wanted to meet dinosaurs? Well, since that isn’t possible now, you can visit their footprints in the village of Skye.

The footprints are nothing but a beautiful memory of how far we’ve come along. The footprints are at least 165 million years old. You can also find them at the beaches of Staffin and An Corran.

3. Visit the Fairy Pools of Scotland

Yes, there are fairy pools in Scotland. Only a brave-hearted can go there. You don’t want to believe? Then visit the Fairy Pools, Skye, Glen Brittle, and you will be transported to a magical land.

4. The serene blue waters

By: Viewnator on Shutterstock

Scotland’s beaches are the cleanest than those you will find anywhere else in the world. Since the waters are too cold all year round, you wouldn’t want to get into them.

But you can surely go and sit on the shores and click some Insta-worthy photos. Go surfing at Machrihanish beach. It will become the highlight of your visit.

Well, hopefully, these reasons felt enough for you to take a short trip to Scotland.

5 Best Beaches to Visit During Winter in the US

The United States of America has a huge coastline. Most people in the north visit the beaches during Christmas vacations. Those who stay in the north don’t get to visit the beaches.

The cold around the beaches is nothing for those who technically live in an igloo.

If you are planning to visit any beaches in winter, here’s our five best picks:

1. Sarasota, Florida

By: Suncoast Aerials on Shutterstock

You will fall in love with the crystal clear waters of the Sarasota beach. It is a very laid-back and dreamy beach, and you’d love to spend hours there. There are many cafes near the beach that offer great seafood.

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By: Staciuestauffsmith on Shutterstock

Myrtle Beach is just more than blue waters.

The beach in South Carolina is also famous for its Ferris wheel, ice cream, golfing, and southern style cooking. Stay is pretty affordable and ideal for traveling with family.

3. Curaçao, Carribean Islands

Be ready to be stunned by Curaçao’s beauty. The Caribbean Island is a paradise for every beach lover.

The waters are pretty calm because it is out of the path of many hurricanes that hit the US. Spend your day discovering the beautiful coral reefs of the island.

4. Baja California, Mexico

By: Grey82 on Shutterstock

A relatively quieter and sunny beach, Baja California is the best place to visit if you want to relax and do absolutely nothing.

Visiting there is very cheap, and there are several accommodations for each traveler. The town has several 18th-century Spanish architectures, and you will fall in love with them.

5. Key West, Florida

The best time to visit Key West beach in Florida is between December and January. It famous among locals for its seafood. Don’t forget to try the seafood sandwich at Hogfish Bar & Grill, located on the beach.

These 5 beaches will make you fall in love with them at first sight!

Why Should You Visit France Once in Your Life?

Every time you think about France, a few Bollywood movies play in your mind. Have you ever wanted to kiss with Eiffel Tower in the background? If you have dreamt of that, hop on a plane with your partner and spend your New Year in France.

The European country is undoubtedly the most romantic in the world. Everything about France is to fall in love with. The villages in France are just as beautiful as their cities.

Here are a few reasons that will make France an irresistible destination to travel:

1. Castles of the French countryside

By: GranTotufo on Shutterstock

The French countryside is why you should visit France. It is littered with thousands of mid-century French castles. Some castles are converted into hotels, so you get the chance to live the life of a royal for one night.

Don’t forget to visit the Palace of Versailles, the resident castle of Louis XVI and his wife, Marie-Antoinette. There are guided tours that take you around and tell you different points and their history.

2. Food and wine

By: Olinchuk on Shutterstock

The French cuisine is a bread lover’s ultimate dream. The French make a hundred different varieties of breads. From wines, cheeses, pastries, and sauces, your stay in France will surely shrink your clothes.

Be a little charming, and the stall owner will give you a few samples before you buy any food. Take some bread, cheese, and a bottle of wine, sit in one of the many parks of France, and indulge in its goodness.

3. Eiffel Tower

By: Byjeng on Shutterstock

The Eiffel Tower is the ultimate definition of love, and there’s no denying it. Spend some time with your loved ones there, and don’t forget to kiss them against the metal monument.

Also, go to the top of the tower to get the magical lit view of the entire of Paris. After spending some time there, head over to the many cafes and gelato shops nearby.

4. France has the best cheese

France is popular for its collection of cheese and wine. They have the best in the world. Sipping France’s fine wine paired with their best cheese is one of the most exquisite experiences you will ever have in France.

There are over 400 different types of cheese to choose from, and the same goes for wine. France will give you the foodgasm you never thought you could get.

5. France’s Art, History & Culture is to die for

France has everything, and it has Paris, the most artistic place you will ever witness with bare eyes. It has old villages in the countryside and rich historical museums in all the major cities.

There are famous art galleries too. Its art and culture scene is so on top that France is the 4th country globally to have the most sites assigned to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Currently, there are 39 sites on the list.

With everything you have heard about France till now, don’t you feel like visiting it already?


Lovely Places to Visit in December Out of India

Holiday time is coming soon. Have you already decided where you are going to go this December? Calling in New Year in a different country is simply thrilling.

Are you confused about where you want to go in December? Worry not, and we have a list of happening places outside India ideal for a Christmas and New Year vacation! All year long, you work hard, so you deserve the trip.

1. Fiji

By: Martin Valigursky on Shutterstock

You will fall in love with Fiji and never want to come back. It is a romantic place and ideal for going with your partner or spouse. To reach Fiji, take a flight to Nadi International Airport.

The average cost for a couple is Rs 2.3 lakh for a week. Top places to visit in Fiji are Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Mana Island, Denarau Island, Kula Eco Park, and Mount Tomanivi. Any time of the year is best to visit Fiji.

2. France

By: Catarina Belova on Shutterstock

France is the ultimate destination for honeymooners. If you get married soon and haven’t planned for a honeymoon destination, go with France.

From wine to opera and romantic boat rides, you and your spouse are going to have a fantastic time. The best time to visit France is between October and March.

The cost for two comes to around Rs 2 lakh. Places to visit in France are Loire Valley, Paris, French Riviera, and Strasbourg.

3. Greenland

By: Beata Tabak on Shutterstock

If you and your friends want to do something terrifying and adventurous, catch a plane to Greenland. The best time to visit Greenland is the whole year-round, but you will get to see the Northern Lights in December.

Go skiing in the mountains of Greenland and spend your night drinking hot chocolate. The best places to visit in Greenland are Northeast Greenland National Park, Jakobshavn Glacier, Hvalsey Church, and Tunulliarfik Fjord. The cost for two visiting Greenland is Rs 2.5 lakh.

Until December hits, you have all the time on earth, so plan your trip without any rush.

5 Best Places to Visit in Scotland

If you’ve seen the TV series Reign, you’d know how rugged yet beautiful Scotland is. The European country is famous for mountaintop castles, beautiful beaches, and Queen Mary of Scots.

Scotland is a place of romance and treasury and has placed an essential role in the history of Europe. And if you are wondering, yes, real Scottish men wear skirts out there.

Here are the five best places to visit in Scotland:

1. Glasgow

By: yvonnestewarthenderson on Shutterstock

The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow, sits on the banks of River Clyde. It was earlier used as a port to trade goods with North America.

Today, the city is a paradise for shopaholics and music lovers—the city hosts at least 130 music events in a week.

2. Inverness

By: P-F on Shutterstock

If you love exploring things while walking, you should visit Inverness. The town has several medieval-aged stone buildings and an ancient Victorian-styled market.

Start your stroll alongside River Ness, and pass through the the Caledonian Canal and the Old Town. End your stroll by visiting the Inverness Castle.

3. Stirling

By: Konstantin 2017 on Shutterstock

It is a mid-century Scottish town famous for a 12th-century castle. In this castle, Queen Mary’s son, King James VI, was coronated in 1557. One of Scotland’s former kings, Robert the Bruce, also belonged to Stirling.

4. Edinburgh

By: Richie Chan on Shutterstock

Since the 15th century, Scotland’s capital has had many things to see in Edinburgh. The city has been set for some of the most famous movies like The Da Vinci Code and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

It is also very famous for its international art festival, Fringe.

5. Loch Ness

By: Jeniphoto on Shutterstock

Most people visit Loch Ness to find the Ness monster in its lake, Nessie. Even though you won’t find it, visiting Loch Ness is a rather thrilling experience.

After spending some time at the lake, visit Drumnadrochit, a city that homes the Loch Ness exhibition center.

Have a happy trip to Scotland!

5 Instagram Worthy Destinations to Visit

New trends in photography continue to emerge at a staggering speed. Selfies in a hotel room or front of a monument are so passé!

Have you heard of the Japanese couple who defied the run-of-the-mill ways of taking pictures and capturing moments during their honeymoon using drone photography just last year? Fancy, isn’t it?

You can now take immersive or virtual reality photos and 360-degree panoramic photos right on your smartphone!

We see tons of beautiful images across social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and wonder where these stunning photos were clicked. Taking culture, nature, and colors as the criteria, we’ve wrapped up the top 5 destinations for travel photography this year.

1. Vermont

By: Sean Pavone on Shutterstock

Located in the northeastern region of the United States, Vermont is known for its rich past and beautiful landscapes. Here’s an interesting fact: Vermont ranks as one of the top states for health, happiness, and intelligence.

If you love autumn hues and magnificent mountain views, you cannot afford to miss this place!

2. Dubai

By: Sanoop.cp on Shutterstock

A vibrant city in the Middle East made it to this list because of its impressive architecture that allows you to capture mind-blowing shots of the city’s skyline.

Dubai has emerged as an icon of urban development despite essentially being a city within the Arabian desert.

3. Norway

By: Grisha Bruev on Shutterstock

This is our dream destination! Known as the ‘land of the midnight sun, Norway offers scenic views of glaciers, deep fjords, and mountain peaks.

In Norway, Svalbard lets you witness the hallucinatory phenomenon of northern lights (Aurora Borealis), leaving you with surreal images to add to your portfolio.

4. Hawaii

Whether you’re seeking white sand beaches, verdant valleys, graded mountains, tropical frondescence, or cascading waterfalls, there’s a little something for every photographer on the islands of Hawaii.

If adventure photography is your thing, you could capture people surfing and kiteboarding.

5. Croatia

If balmy days and azure waters tickle your fancy, this gem in Eastern Europe is one place you must visit. Historical ruins of Dubrovnik and the Gothic architecture, prevalent before the Renaissance era, offer great opportunities to photographers for super cool pictures.

So start traveling and clicking!

4 Stunning Places to Visit in Hungary

Now Hungary is nothing but heaven on earth. Famous for paprika and goulash, this landlocked European country has a history of being ruled over by the Ottomans, Mongols, Romans, Czechs, and Soviets.

No trip to Hungary is complete without visiting and riding a boat on its beautiful blue Danube River. The best time to visit Hungary is between March to May and September to November, when the weather isn’t too hot or cold.

Here are four stunning places to visit in Hungary:

1. Hortobagy National Park

By: Waku on Shutterstock

The Hortobagy National Park has an alkaline steppe that dates 10,000 years ago. It is a semi-natural grassland and was established in 1973.

The national park has over 342 species of birds. To places to see in the park are Nine-Arch Bridge and Kareag Windmill.

2. Heviz

Heviz is one of the biggest natural thermal waters in the world. The water temperature ranges from 24 to 37 degrees Celsius. Since the water keeps flowing, it changes every 6 hours.

Heviz is located very close to Lake Balaton and has many resorts where you can spend a day or two.

3. Lake Balaton

By: Botond Horvath on Shutterstock

Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Europe and a popular summer resort for Hungarians. It is huge, and some people even call it the Hungarian Sea.

When you are at the lake, visit Festetics Castle and Balatonfured. The city also has a winery area.

4. Budapest

Budapest is Hungary’s capital and also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It has the world’s biggest thermal water cave system. It has a lot of street eating options.

Budapest is famous for Shoes of the Danube, a World War I memorial. It was where Jews took their shoes off before being killed at gunpoint.

Well, if you ever visit Hungary, you know where to start.

Practical Travel Tips for Business Travelers

As a businessman, you may be required to travel often to meet up with clients and get new contracts. However, to make sure that your trip is a complete success, you can review some of the travel tips posted below.

Top Travel Tips for Businessmen

Travel Light

By: Abeer Sadiq on Shutterstock

It always makes sense to travel light; you do not have to be a business traveler to know this fact. But as far as your business trip goes, getting weighed down by heavy luggage can cause a delay which can lead you to miss out on important meetings.

That is why it makes sense to send the luggage ahead, by sending the same through companies that provide this service.

Get a Health Checkup

This is a must before you head out on any trip, be it personal or business. You do not want to get sick when on a business trip since this can lead to you missing out on important opportunities and land you with an expensive hospital bill.

So make sure that you get a complete health checkup, before leaving on your trip.

Get your Phone and Laptop Charged

By: New Africa on Shutterstock

Finding out that your phone and laptop battery has died is enough to cause any business traveler a bout of indigestion. Your phone and laptop are critical to your business so make sure that both are charged fully before heading out on your business trip.

Confirm your Bookings

It is always a good idea to confirm your bookings, from the flight to the hotel well ahead of time, as it can save you from landing and having to search for a hotel or a place priced reasonably to stay in, at the last minute.

With these tips, you can rest at ease as you head out on your business trip, enabling you to concentrate on your business rather than worry about something else.