3 Best Countries for Indians to Get MBA

Getting a master’s in Business Administration from a foreign university is every Indian graduate’s dream. Getting an MBA degree is a stepping stone in every graduate’s career. Student visa processes and study loans have become very easy to get.

Students no longer want to limit themselves to India, and they want to explore what the world has to offer them.’

Here are the three best countries for Indians to pursue MBA:

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1. The United Kingdom

United Kingdom offers one-year MBA courses that are exhaustive and effective. These courses are much cheaper than those in the USA.

Top business schools in the UK are London Business School, Imperial College Business School, and Alliance Manchester Business School. You will have to apply for Tier 4 General Student visa to pursue MBA in the UK.

2. Australia

Australia follows the British education system just like India. The education rules and method of teaching are very similar and, thus, easy to adjust to. Also, Australian universities accept students twice a year.

The top business schools in Australia are Melbourne Business School, La Trobe Business School, and Monash Business School.

Apply for the Australian Student Visa to pursue MBA in the country.

3. New Zealand

Over the years, New Zealand has become a famous country among Indian business students. New Zealand is a beautiful country and affordable education, living, and public transport.

New Zealand universities are a perfect blend of practical knowledge and theoretical training. You will have to apply for the New Zealand Student visa to pursue an MBA course in the country.

You need to pass either a TOEFL or IELTS  proficiency test for all these countries. GMAT isn’t mandatory in any of these country, so that’s a lot of stress when it comes to getting into one of the business schools.

Prepare well for your proficiency tests and plan everything ahead. These countries will provide you with the best business education you can receive.

So, get going!!

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