3 Tips for Employers to Tackle Bullying and Harassment

A recent survey found that one in three women have been sexually harassed at work at some point in their lives. There are also a large number of complaints against bullying in several organizations.

As an employer, you must be prepared to deal with this kind of situation, or you might have to suffer severe financial or legal blows.

Also, the company’s reputation could be at stake. Here are a few tips to help you tide over such situations.

1. Make strict bullying and harassment policies

Make a policy outlining the proper code of conduct concerning bullying and harassment. Your policy should cover all the aspects of the matter and provide a detailed explanation of unacceptable behaviors.

It should also address the process of filing a complaint and the action taken by the company in case the allegations turn out to be true.

2. Be sensitive when handling such matters

Often, people who face harassment at work hesitate to speak about such things. However, suppose the employers assure them that the matter will be handled sensitively and that the wrongdoer would take strict action. In that case, employees may feel more comfortable sharing details such as incidents.

Sometimes, victims are scared to come out and communicate about these things because they’re worried that their identities may be revealed. Therefore, you must anonymize their statements whenever possible.

3. Take a friendlier approach

Sensitive issues such as harassment and bullying must be dealt with differently. Employers need to be informed about seeming more approachable for the complainant to communicate candidly about the situation.

It also gives a chance to the accused to present their side of the story. Communicating openly can resolve many issues.

The trick is to attend to the matter as soon as it arises. Letting it slip by can have serious consequences.

Do not give in to bullying and harassment, address the issue rightaway.

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