4 Top-Ranked Swiss Universities for Technology

Switzerland has some of the top universities for science and technology. They are recognized globally for their efficient and stable education system. Albert Einstein is one of the most successful and famous alumni of Switzerland universities.

If you plan to study science or technology in Switzerland, we give you a list of the top four colleges that might provide you with a world-class education and a high-paying job later.

1. ETH Zurich Institute of Technology

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The university ranks 10th globally. Apart from being known for its research-based technology courses, it is also famous for its natural sciences. It has 48 master’s courses. The university also has over 18,000 students for the year 2016 – 17 from over 80 countries worldwide. It was established in 1855. ETH Zurich has over 20 courses in technology and engineering alone.

2. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne is a relatively new university. It has a global rank of 76. The university only has 13 courses between bachelors and master’s. The university is located on the picturesque Lake Geneva of Switzerland. It ranks third in Europe for its state-of-art 350 laboratories and 20th globally. It is ideal for those planning to do a Ph.D. in technology.

3. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is situated on the north side of Lake Geneva. It is ranking 38th globally. The university was founded in 1853 and is famous for its outstanding facilities for conducting scientific research. It offers 16 courses in engineering and six in natural science.

4. University of Basel

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Ranked 95th globally, the University of Basel was established in 1460. One of Europe’s oldest universities, It has great courses in informational technology. Other popular methods at the university at natural sciences and mathematics.

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