4 Travel Destinations For Vegans

Vegan today is no more related to eating zucchini noodles and raw vegetables. The industry has grown so much and produces foods like burgers and mac and cheese.

Veganism is a unique way of living. Vegan-friendly places have popped worldwide, attracting a new kind of tourist – the vegans. 2016 was the “Year of Vegan,” as declared by PETA.

Here are four travel destinations ideal for vegans:

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a vegan paradise in Southeast Asia. Vegan food is also available on the street, and it is delicious. Chiang Mai offers a lot to every type of traveler.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Chiang Mai that only serve vegan food. When in Chiang Mai, vegan restaurants you must go to are Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant, Vegan Heaven, and Terraces.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel

We all know that Tel Aviv is famous for its shawarmas. It has vegan shawarmas too, isn’t that amazing? The best thing about the financial capital of Israel is made with organic produce.

The top places in Tel Aviv where you will find vegan food are Neroli Organic Juice Bar & Raw Food Diner, Rainbow, and Seeds. When you eat their burgers and sandwiches, you’ll feel like you are eating meat, but it is soy.

3. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow was voted the best vegan-friendly place in the United Kingdom in 2016. The Scottish city has fancy vegan restaurants and pubs.

Favorite food items to try in Glasgow are moussaka, burger, pizza, and of course, cakes made with almond and cashew milk. Top restaurants to try vegan food in Glasgow are Kalpoli Margarita, La Pitahaya Vegana, and Vegamo Mx.  

4. Portland, Oregon

Ranked top as the best place to eat vegan food in the US in 2016, Portland, Oregon, offers a variety of vegan food to its visitors.

It has the country’s first vegan mall, loaded with the goodness of fresh groceries, bakeries, and clothing shops.

If you want to try vegan food, or you are already a vegan, you need to visit these 4 destinations.

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