4 Useful Flight booking Hacks Every Traveler Must Know

With more and more people traveling to foreign countries every year, it has become essential to find cheap flight tickets. But many of you may still not be very tech-savvy or may not know the best ways to get great deals on flight tickets.

What if there was an easy way of finding the best and cheapest flights possible?

Well, we have put together 4 hacks for booking flights shared by Quora users that will help you do exactly that!

1. Explore all your options

Saran Udyakumar, a user on Quora, says that he checks every online travel portal and search engine like Skyscanner and Kayak and airlines official websites for booking his flights. Scanning prices and deals on every website can be time-consuming, but it guarantees the best deal available.

Also, remember that if your flight gets delayed or canceled, it’ll be more convenient to deal with the situation if you book directly on the airline’s website.

2. Don’t let stopovers be a deal-breaker

Udyakumar suggests that you must consider booking a flight with a layover if you are not short on time because these flights are usually the least expensive ones.

3. Big airlines are not always the best

Another user named Patrick Keane, a frequent flyer with Star Alliance and a member of Lufthansa eXperts, says that the cheapest fares are often offered by airlines you may have never even heard of. For example – WOW Air, Norwegian, and XL Airways France.

4. Book an early flight if possible

Quora user Dan Birchall explains why it’s worth taking the trouble of catching an early flight. He says that firstly, in case of a flight cancellation, they can easily reschedule you onto a later flight.

Secondly, if your flight is oversold, you can ask them to bump you off the plane and reschedule onto a later flight with a high chance of receiving vouchers, lounge access, or upgrades.

Happy booking!

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