5 Instagram Worthy Destinations to Visit

New trends in photography continue to emerge at a staggering speed. Selfies in a hotel room or front of a monument are so passé!

Have you heard of the Japanese couple who defied the run-of-the-mill ways of taking pictures and capturing moments during their honeymoon using drone photography just last year? Fancy, isn’t it?

You can now take immersive or virtual reality photos and 360-degree panoramic photos right on your smartphone!

We see tons of beautiful images across social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and wonder where these stunning photos were clicked. Taking culture, nature, and colors as the criteria, we’ve wrapped up the top 5 destinations for travel photography this year.

1. Vermont

By: Sean Pavone on Shutterstock

Located in the northeastern region of the United States, Vermont is known for its rich past and beautiful landscapes. Here’s an interesting fact: Vermont ranks as one of the top states for health, happiness, and intelligence.

If you love autumn hues and magnificent mountain views, you cannot afford to miss this place!

2. Dubai

By: Sanoop.cp on Shutterstock

A vibrant city in the Middle East made it to this list because of its impressive architecture that allows you to capture mind-blowing shots of the city’s skyline.

Dubai has emerged as an icon of urban development despite essentially being a city within the Arabian desert.

3. Norway

By: Grisha Bruev on Shutterstock

This is our dream destination! Known as the ‘land of the midnight sun, Norway offers scenic views of glaciers, deep fjords, and mountain peaks.

In Norway, Svalbard lets you witness the hallucinatory phenomenon of northern lights (Aurora Borealis), leaving you with surreal images to add to your portfolio.

4. Hawaii

Whether you’re seeking white sand beaches, verdant valleys, graded mountains, tropical frondescence, or cascading waterfalls, there’s a little something for every photographer on the islands of Hawaii.

If adventure photography is your thing, you could capture people surfing and kiteboarding.

5. Croatia

If balmy days and azure waters tickle your fancy, this gem in Eastern Europe is one place you must visit. Historical ruins of Dubrovnik and the Gothic architecture, prevalent before the Renaissance era, offer great opportunities to photographers for super cool pictures.

So start traveling and clicking!

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