5 Most Friendly Countries for Underprivileged Students

The rising costs of education and living are worrisome already coupled with that the lack of opportunities in their respective home countries makes life much tougher for underprivileged students. 

But the good news is that there is no dearth of countries that are easy on your pocket and sponsor education for underprivileged and meritorious students. Check these destinations out for pursuing an affordable, comprehensive higher education. 

5 Most Friendly Countries


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This country has always been inviting to foreign students, and anyway, the state sponsors the education here. Most courses are taught in English and offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs. 

You don’t require permanent residency to secure admission here. Moreover, living grants are available for many fellowship programs as well. 

The top universities in Norway include:

The Norwegian University of Science University and the University of Oslo. The University of Bergen is famous as well.


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Contrary to popular belief, France is not really an isolated country. There are so many courses offered by French universities for foreign students. Financial aid is also provided for a time span of 2 to 3 years for deserving students. 

There are stipends, pre-paid air tickets, tuition waivers, and health insurance. Moreover, tailor-made scholarships and subsidized student restaurants and accommodation are also available. 

The top universities in France include the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie and the Universite Claude Bernard Lyon I. Many love the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis as well.


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Swedish universities provide industrial exposure to students and pay maximum emphasis on practical approaches to theoretical concepts. Moreover, they offer courses in English and have more than 600 master’s and bachelor’s degree programs. Also, the universities offer more than 500 scholarships to students annually. 

You are also permitted to work during your study tenure. 

Top universities include the Linkoping University and the Royal Institute of Technology.



German universities are known for offering courses to international students at zero or minimal tuition fees. You can work for over 120 full days in a year, and scholarships are plenty in store. 

Top universities in Germany include the Technical University of Berlin and the Free University of Berlin.



The Finnish education system, ranging from schooling, has been ranked best worldwide according to the Learning Curve, Pearsons, 2012 — the annual education report published by Pearson. There is a wide range of options to choose from, traineeship, exchange programs, or full-fledged academic courses. Finnish universities don’t charge any tuition fees from students of all nationalities. 

The top universities in Finland are the University of Helsinki and the Tampere University of Technology.

So, these are the five most friendly countries for underprivileged students around the world. If you are also willing to study abroad but are running low on finances, these places are the best you should really consider.


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