6 Reasons You Need to Visit Austria Right Now

You need to visit Austria right now, yes. And no, we aren’t kidding. Austria’s beauty lies in its charming villages covered with acres and acres of trees. If you are passionate about coffee and cake, you just found one good reason to visit Austria.

For those hoping to travel to Europe one day, Austria is a must-visit for them. And today, we will tell you the best reasons you need to visit Austria right now.

Reasons to visit Austria:

1. Visit the world’s best city

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For eight times in a row, Vienna has received the first rank for the city with the best quality of life. It has a vibrant culture, cheap rent, clean air, affordable public transport, and low crime rates.

2. Alpine summits

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The Alpines of Austria are the prettiest mountain range you will ever come across. It is spread over 400 km of land. Travel through The Eagle Walk to get the most breathtaking view of the Alpine summits.

The countryside has a lot to offer to hikers, with natural beauty and gorgeous landscapes.

3. Art and culture

Austria has the most beautiful museums and galleries in the world. Over the centuries Austria has produced some of the finest artists like Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, and Rudolf Ritter von Alt.

Visit Salzburg’s Museum of Modern Art for its mind-blowing contemporary art and live traditional and modern music.

Vienna is known for its rich art and cultural scene, and ever since the 19th century, the legacy is still maintained. Other cities are also developing immensely in terms of music, art, and culture.

4. Affordable travel

Austria has fully functioning state-of-the-art public transport that is very cheap for its quality. There are regular buses and trains and the scenery out of the transport makes it an even worthy experience.

Plus Austria is easy to explore, visitors can go from one city to another at ease.

5. Food and coffee

So, foodies, there’s no place than Austria when it comes to food and coffee. Austrian claim their country to be the world capital for cakes.

They are so serious about it that once a war raged among two cafes because one accused the other of stealing the recipe and claiming it to be original. Weiner Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, and Frankfurter are some traditional Austrian dishes to try.

6. Stunning architecture

Now, those with keen eyes for beautiful buildings will love a trip to Austria. The architectural style across Austria is strikingly beautiful.

Many of the buildings in Austria were built around 1918-1984, and such buildings are considered highly creative and innovative for their time.

Well, we have given you the top 6 reasons to visit Austria. Now, it’s your turn to do the work.

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