Artificial Intelligence: Using Chatbots to Connect with Customers and Employees

As a freelancer, you’ve to be a jack of all trades, and that invovles knowing the latest technological developments. Chatbots have disrupted the customer service industry and HR processes opening new possibilities for enterprises. They are increasingly used for serving customers and helping employees get more productive.

The global chatbot industry is expected to amount to $1.23 billion by 2025 coupled with a yearly growth rate of 24.3% (CAGR)! Today we are going to explore the different ways AI-driven chatbots to help you to connect with your employees and customers.

The Simplicity of Chatbots

You can integrate chatbots easily, and don’t need separate applications. In a recent survey, for instance, 87% CEOs stated they planned to expand their AI driven workforce with the help of AI bots!

Chatbots takes the help of natural language processing and use machine learning to develop an improved understanding about its user. Then it trains and adapts itself accordingly so that it can answer and help out effectively.

The Increasing Popularity of Chatbots

Enterprises have started using chatbots for connecting with customers and even employees on a large scale. Forrester predicts that around 85% of enterprise interactions with customers will be carried out by AI robots in coming 5 years.

Chatbots can help increase the efficiency and productivity of employees and increase customer satisfaction significantly. All of these can be achieved at less cost without even employing a human agent.

Let’s find out how enterprises can use chatbots to leverage their workforce.


Chatbots for Employees

  1. Recruitment

Chatbots can be a great help when your company is conducting a recruitment drive. It can screen the potential employees and you can program it to ask questions. Chatbots can also go a bit further and even carry out background checks automatically.

As chatbots can deliver personalized content and answers, it can also be used for employee on boarding. The same technology is also capable of answering and resolving common queries of potential employees.

Chatbots can be the perfect mobile HR assistant and produce answer to all FAQs and queries on company policies.

  1. Employee Training and Development

Chatbots are ideal for use in employee training without the need of any human mentors. The bots can be used for onboard training, software training, process training, sales training, soft skills training, business training and so on.

You can program the chatbots to produce educational content on need basis. It can also carry out quizzes and other assessment techniques and makes the whole process more interactive. The employees are engaged and learn better than sitting through a class of boring lectures.

Chatbots are also available throughout the clock and doesn’t need to eat or sleep. So you end up saving your costs and time while increasing availability. You can also use a chatbot for practice and anything that involves repetition.

The bots can even present real life simulations to test the skills and understanding of employees.

  1. Resolving Employee Queries

Employees can lose a lot of time and productivity looking for answers to common queries while performing their duties. Chatbots can be programmed to answer such queries and save the time of your employees.

It can be especially beneficial for some process such as benefits enrollment which becomes a headache for both the employees and the HR. Chatbots can simplify the whole process and help employees navigate the enrollment process.

Ultimately the whole thing adds up and increases employee productivity and engagement.

  1. Instant Employee Feedback and Self Assessment

The traditional review of employees is not fit for the modern time. Using chatbots the HR can gain instant feedback from the employees and help them track their goals and objectives.

It can also be used for the exchange of performance insights to keep the employees at their best. AI bots can also pick up the emotional quotient of the employee by asking effective questions programmed in it.

Chatbots driven by AI are revolutionizing the whole employee learning, engagement and assessment process in day to day operations. It helps you save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Now let’s check out how the chatbots are changing the customer experience.


Chatbots Redefining the Customer Experience

  1. Instant Customer Assistance

You already know that chatbots don’t need to sleep or eat. Today, the customers comprising of millennials want 24/7 customer support without any interruption.

Chatbots can help deliver instant answers to customer queries and provide any help required round the clock. You also don’t have to pay the salary of a human representative and can leave the initial work to bots.

Bots can also transfer the call or chat to human agents when it’s not able to resolve the case. Your human representatives are only left for the heavy work and stay free to focus on important tasks.

  1. Improved Customer Service

Chatbots excel human assistance on several grounds.

They don’t make errors like humans do and always provide accurate information. The can also be connected with contextual reference of each customer and deliver a more personalized response.

Chatbots don’t need time like humans to search through database or information. It can process the query and provide the relevant information within seconds. The technology can also process huge scale of customer requests unlike a human agent in a given moment. This makes them ideal to employ for resolving frequently asked questions by customers and the like.

  1. Friendly Assistant

Chatbots can significantly drive up your customer engagement and satisfaction rate. They are ideal to start off a conversation while a customer lingers on your page. Using AI and machine learning they can develop a friendly conversation with any customer.

Also, customers don’t need to wait for an awfully long time and go through the endless loop that telecommunication customer service brought with it.

  1. Drive Self help Service

91% customers prefer self-help options or online knowledge base personalized to their individual needs. The chatbots can be a great way to direct your customers to such self-help options.

Chatbots can be connected to a different knowledge base and it can deliver personalized responses based on its cognitive features. In the process, they resolve your customer queries and help you drive up the engagement rate. If your customers are able to meet their preferences, then their satisfaction levels will also shoot higher!

  1. Perform Simple Transactions

You can program your chatbot to carry out a wide range of simple transactions. It can be used to make bookings, transfer money, make hotel reservations, order products and more. You don’t need to employ a human employee and can help customers with numerous tasks.

  1. Driving Sales

The AI technology has progressed significantly since the days it was introduced. Now companies can use technology to predict customer preferences by analyzing their past purchases and behavior tracked from several verticals.

AI-powered chatbots can leverage this process and recommend products to the customers which they are more likely to buy. Apart from resolving queries, it can make the process more personalized and lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

You can also use chatbots for upselling and cross-selling. They can direct the customers to tutorials, blog posts, videos, and product pages by initiating conversation. For example, if a customer purchased or showed his interest on a mobile phone on your website, you can use the chatbot to recommend the customer with a back cover automatically.

Chatbots are the Future of Employee and Customer Experience

Chatbots are being introduced by leading companies to cash in on the customers and provide them a wonderful experience.

  • Starbucks uses chatbots in its mobile app to help customers place their orders through text or voice commands. It also notifies you about the total cost and the expected delivery time.
  • The cab booking service Lyft enables its customers to hail a ride using chatbot. The bot notifies the passenger about the location of their cab and even displays the license plate.
  • The Facebook messenger app of Spotify uses the same technology to help users search, share and listen to music.
  • The leading FMCG brand Wholefoods uses the chatbot to direct the customers to its nearest branch.

The possibilities of chatbots are endless, to begin with! You can also enjoy the diverse benefits of AI-powered chatbots by introducing it to your employees and customers. Developing a chatbot is easy and cheap and can be implemented quickly within your system. Get in touch with us today for a professional AI chatbot solution.


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