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How to Teach English Online: 8 Intresting Platforms to Know About

Knowing and being fluent in English add sparkle to your personality. And because of that now English is compulsory in every part of the world. Due to this teaching English has been in demand for years.  Now in every part of the country, there is a teacher who teach English online every day.

Because of so demand for English, teaching English has been in demand for many years. Also due to the technology teaching English online jobs have increased at such a rapid rate. Also according to the research by global prediction the online language learning industry will be worth a whopping $25.73 billion by 2027, representing a 10.2 percent CAGR from 2020 to 2027. English is so important nowadays that if you go to any native place and don’t know their native language, you can still communicate in English because English is a common language that is taught everywhere

teach english online
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1. What you should know before applying to be an online English teacher?

what you should know about teaching english
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  1. Know about the job

    You possibly cant teach English online if you don’t have an idea about the job. From lesson planning to know what online teaching is, you need to have a good command over everything. You have to create your schedule and decide what you prefer ie. online teaching or offline teaching. Though after the lockdown online English teaching jobs have increased at a good rate. Now in every field, everyone is preferring work from home experience. To teach English online you need to have to set your schedule altogether.

  2. You must be a fluent English speaker.

    I don’t believe a bachelor’s degree is important in English but you must have some qualification related to teaching English online or offline. You must be educated enough to have good control over your English speaking and writing. To teach English online you need to have a grasp of your all basics and language.

  3. Resume

    A resume plays a very important role in everyone’s life. That is why your resume must be impressive enough to get you hired. There are many things that a handsome resume requires:-

    A TEFL certificate:- Certification is the internationally recognized qualification for teaching English to students (including children and adults) who do not speak English as their first language. To teach abroad TEFL certificate is always asked for. The certificate can be used to get work teaching English to non-native speakers all around the world. Even though a TEFL certificate is a necessary thing but some great companies don’t require the certificate. for ex:- cambly, PrePly, and some other websites.

    If you have prior teaching experience, It will surely help in your resume. But it is not important to have prior teaching experience, you can also have experience in another file or some other extracurricular activities where you participated. You can write about some good presentation that you did or some community work, etc. In the end, it is not that important to have prior experience but having one gives you a benefit and makes you one step closer to the job.

  4. Requirement of PC, laptop, webcam

    You should have a good quality of products because teaching online will only be successful when you have a good means of communication between teacher and student. A webcam will help you to identify your student and you will be able to understand their facial reactions. This will help in learning and communication. With a webcam, you also require a good pair of headsets. Hearing plays a big role, if you are not able to hear your student’s doubts then what is the point of teaching?

  5. Strong internet connection

    Teaching English online will only be successful if you can communicate with your PC or laptop. A strong internet connection is a must. If you are unable to explain or teach your students then there is no use in using the teacher as a profession. The more you teach students, the more money you will make.

2. Is teaching English online worth it?

teaching online
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Yes, a big yes. Teaching English online can be a really good career with a great scope. Here you can either work in a big firm or you can be an independent teacher who will teach online with your schedule. This is one of the best work-from-home jobs where you can have both flexibility and command over your schedule.

Not only that if you are a college or undergrad student who wants to pick some earing you can always opt for teaching English online. There are many online language learning platforms where you can be provided with both money and cooperative learning. You won’t even have to cut your study time or fun time as you have the power to control your hours per week. A teaching job will give you discipline which will help you in your daily life. From making your own schedule to creating your lesson plans, you will experience a lot of things.

You also don’t have to be physical with the job. Here you won’t have to deal with the checking test papers, any paperwork relating to kids, or any other offline classroom things.

3. Top 8 best companies to teach English online

1) Cambly

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One of the most worldwide famous websites to learn and teach English online. Here you will have to deal with many students. The best part of this website is you don’t need a TELF certificate or degree to teach students online.

There are not many things required by the Cambly. To teach English online you must be a native English speaker. Also, you are required to have your laptop or PC with a good network connection. As said before without a good network you cannot have any online teaching.

The hourly rate is $10-$12. Here you get paid every Monday. Cambly tracks your teaching time and pays you accordingly. Though in Cambly you set your teaching hours per week. The best part is there is no minimum hour of work per week. you can choose any time which suits you and can log in to the website whenever you want.

2) Preply

online website
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Here you need to make your own portfolio. You can make your own hourly rate from $10-$45 depending on your resume. To teach English online you will have to create your own schedule and curriculum. You will find many varieties of students. Some will be adult students, young learners, etc. You can decide who to teach as per your wish. The lesson set is one on one.

Here on this website to teach English online you will be required to have a good network connection with good technology. A PC or laptop must be working well to have an interactive class. A webcam and a microphone are also one of the important requirements.

Here everything depends upon your portfolio, if your resume is very experienced then you can teach English online at higher tuition fees. Because after seeing it then the students contact you. So its an advice to make it healthy so that you can earn dollars. The plus fact is there are no minimum hours per week thing here. When you give a trial lesson you will be given 100% commission but after taking regular class the commission will start at 33% and lowers to 18% depending on how many classes or hours you taught them.

3) PalFish

online teaching
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This app-based website was launched in 2015 to make a connection between Chinese students and English teachers. It is an app-based website where you will be able to chat with students from all around the world. The students can be adult ESL learners or some native speakers. What is the best part of this website is that you don’t need to be a native speaker to teach English online. All you need to have fluent English, and you are good to go. There have been some recent changes by the Chinese government that the teacher should have some certificates like (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA) or any other teaching license to teach students English online. But the good thing about this is that you don’t need a university degree or any.

The hourly pay is dependent upon the minutes you teach in this app. You will see that the average pay here is around $10-$18. per hour. You also receive a teaching bonus here. The most important thing here is that from all your teaching they will cut 20% off from whatever your rate is.

4) SkimaTalk hours

SkimaTalk hours
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Do you know what makes it one of the best websites? You don’t need to have any college degree or any certificate that’s are required in many other online English teaching jobs to teach English online. The teachers will see the diversity of students where most often you will see adult students.

Again here also a good network with good technology ie PC and laptop is required. Skype is necessary for holding online classes along with a webcam and headsets. Teachers are allowed to be creative while teaching English online. They can use their own materials and make the class more interactive.

Here instead of getting paid every week, you will only be paid once a month. Though you can work as many hours per week and set your own schedule as you like. You choose your own rate here. You also need to be a native English speaker for example Canadian, British, American and etc to have fluent English.

5) Italki

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Here you can teach other languages also like german, Japanese, Russian, etc. this website is what you call a global language learning community where other languages are also taught by those language fluent speakers. It is one of the biggest hubs for teaching languages.

To garb the job you need to have one of the following

  • degree college certificate
  • Proof of work at an English language school.
  • a TEFL certificate
  • a state English teaching certificate

Here as a teacher, you set your own schedule as per your wish. Unlike many other websites, there is no commission work or any commission for free trials. You will see much diversity, students from all around the world will be seen but mostly you will encounter adults. Classes are taught one to one person.

Again like every other website you need to have a good network issue with a good PC or laptop. A webcam and headset are compulsory to see and hear your students and also to be heard and seen by them.

The rates are here charged based on your resume. If you have a pretty resume with good past work experience or previous teaching experience then you can charge high prices. But here students mostly go for low pricing as it’s easy for them.

6) Tutlo

online teaching
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Another website provides one-to-one classrooms to the learners. It is a Polish-based website. The teachers will be connected with many diversities as students come from every part of the globe. This company offers several different courses. From cooperative business courses to adult language courses everything is available for the students here.

Here you don’t need to have any TEFL certificate or any degrees, you are just required to have 6 months of teaching English online, and offline experience (minimum). And of course with a good network connection and good PC or laptop. You should be 18 or above to hold this job.

The pay range here is not that much but it is around $5-$11. There are no minimum hours per week, you can take lessons any time when you find it convenient. Lessons are again one-to-one where lessons are of 20 minutes, though students can also opt for 40 or 60 minutes long lessons.

7) Open English

open englsih
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Open English is Latin America’s most well-known online English school. They have assisted over 5 lakh students since 2007 in achieving language fluency. Open English is the largest ESL supplier for students in South American countries. Here teachers are in very much demand whether online or offline.

Here teachers are required to have Spanish language skills or Portuguese. If the candidate is without a degree then they should have TEFL/TESOL certification where they should have at least one year of EFL/ESL teaching experience. Teachers should be native English speakers as well.

The pay here is $15 per hour. Compensation raises are offered gradually, with seniority determining pay rather than qualifications. Per week the teachers are required to commit 25 hours per week. And if you want to commit more you can go for it. Here both one-to-one and group classes are given by the teachers. Students’ native languages are most typically Spanish or Portuguese.


english online teaching
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A Beijing-based website to connect Chinese students with English teachers. Recently it has announced its official fresh launch in whole worldwide. Now, this website is available just not for Chinese students but for all other students from other countries. This company debuted in 2013 and has been on a roll ever since.

The pay over here is $22 per hour. This is also a work-from-home job where you can work from even remote areas. Your schedules here will be fixed by the VIPKID. But you can schedule your own timetable accordingly for you. You will also be blessed by the holidays and festivals like Christmas. But if you are working then you are paid extra incentives and some bonus opportunities. Mostly around $50-$60 are paid as a bonus payment.

The must-need thing is a university degree. Also, you might face issues regarding the time if you are not from Asia. Also if you get a network issue for more than 3 minutes A fee will be levied if a class is canceled. Only North American teachers are allowed.

If you want to learn more about teaching online then you can visit “Ways For A Language Learner To Make Money On The Internet”. 

4. What is the other alternative instead of getting jobs on these websites?

There can be many reasons why people won’t prefer having a job on these websites, and it is fine. You can be your own boss. You can go for a youtube channel or make your own channel on any other social media website like Instagram. There are many famous youtube channels where English is taught for free and many Instagram reels where a simple shot dose of reels is the source of information. Also if you get many subscribers, likes, and reach you can earn a good package of money. Here the certificate, degrees, past teaching experience, or anything won’t matter.

5. Frequently Asked Questions about TEACHING English Online

1) Is the money good from teaching English online?

Well, in the beginning, it can be hard to earn a good amount of money but by getting the experience you can gradually increase your hourly pay. So in the starting, you can get paid around $10-$15 per hour but after some time it can increase to around $40.

2) Is teaching English online flexible?

Yes, teaching English online is a flexible job. The work-from-home environment can really increase the comfort level. On many online teaching platforms, you make your own lesson plans, schedule plans, and at whatever time.

3) Is it compulsory to get a TEFL certificate or university degree?

It is believe to be beneficial to have at least one thing to teach English online. Many online teaching platforms require at least one of those things or some years or months of experience. There are rare websites that will give you a teaching job without those required things. It is safe to say to at least keep one of those things to get the teaching job because this will also help in improving your resume which will surely help you in the future.



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