Does Chess Benefit Your Work Life

Chess is a popular game for rulers and high-profile people alike. Exuding royalty and wit, this game requires a lot of tact, level-headedness and shrewdness, which is not the norm in many forms of combat sports.

The popularity of this game is unfazed despite today’s video game and PlayStation culture, and this game can help you perform better at work too. Here are a few benefits of chess you should not ignore.

1. Improved brain function

Chess can stimulate your brain cells due to the extensive amount of exercise and brainstorming required in the game. The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for object recognition, which helps identify the pawns and the horses and the elephant in the game, and the right hemisphere will help you differentiate further with patterns. 

This game helps you utilize and exercise both hemispheres, helping your brain develop more. You can also improve your mental age by 14 years by playing chess.\\

Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash/Copyright 2022

2. Enhanced memory

Chess has been known to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. The rules of the game help improve your memory and retention skills. From strategies to moves, memorizing every single aspect of the game can go a long way in increasing your memory for other life activities and work commitments too.

3. Cognitive skill development

From operational skills to motor abilities, this game helps achieve all. You need space orientation, visualization and linguistic abilities- all faculties of the brain get improved by playing chess which helps you perform better at work and aids in healthy mental exercise.

Photo by ᴊᴀᴄʜʏᴍ ᴍɪᴄʜᴀʟ on Unsplash/Copyright 2022

4. Strategy building skills

Chess is a game based on strategies- how you move the pawn or the queen to demolish the opposite king or how to protect your king from an attack. This game can significantly help you navigate problems at the workplace and indulge in troubleshooting which can gain you brownie points at the office.

5. Improved attention span

With more and more people getting diagnosed with disorders like ADHD and decreased attention spans which deter progress at work- a few hours of chess can help center your focus on one thing and help you perform better at work without paying heed to distractions. Lack of focus will lead you to lose the game, and as you try to get rid of this problem, it will show in your work.

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