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Guide to Land Flight Attendant Jobs: 5 Easy Hiring Steps

Just so that all of us know, let’s define a flight attendant first. So basically, to guarantee the comfort and safety of air travelers, flight attendants deliver services to the public and react appropriately to emergencies.

Airlines run each day and provide midnight flights; they work for many hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Attendants work on planes and could spend multiple nights each week away from family. flight attendant jobs

Educational Requirements for Flight Attendants

Here’s a brief about some of the academic requirements you might need to get flight attendant jobs.

A degree in tourism or a related field is highly praised. Nonetheless, flight attendant jobs require you to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, along with relevant customer service experience.

Before receiving your 1st flight attendant position, you normally require 1-2 years of professional experience in the service sector. Customer service jobs in eateries, hotels, and resorts should qualify you for this role. Training in marketing and other jobs requiring constant interaction with customers and a strong focus on customer service also will aid the development of the abilities required to be a successful flight attendant.

Trainees should be at least 18, eligible to work in the United States, possess a valid passport, and complete a background check to examine their criminal history and undergo drug screening. They should have eyesight that can be corrected to a minimum of 20/40 and meet the airline’s height standards. A medical examination could also be required of new flight attendants.

They must have a professional demeanor, with no visible tattoos, piercings, or distinctive hairstyles or makeup.

All those aiming to work on international airlines could be required to learn a foreign language proficiently.

Guide to Land a Flight Attendant Job

Within the next ten years, the employment career for flight attendants is expected to expand by 17%, substantially quicker than for other professions. Airlines will want more flight attendants on certain routes as they substitute smaller planes with newer, bigger planes that can seat a considerable number of people.

Step 1: Fill out an application for the job

job application
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The first and the most basic step to getting into a flight attendant job is application. To understand more of you, enroll for the flight attendant job and submit the required evaluation. Many smaller airlines sometimes don’t have an application form on their websites and instead ask you to mail your resume. In that case, be prepared.

Step 2: Pre-Recorded Video Interview

Once the application process is done, they will invite you for a pre-recorded video interview. It could also be over a phone call or even via Skype.

What is a Pre-recorded Video Interview?

These interviews are part of the hiring process just before the assessment day.

The interview is pre-recorded, which means they have software that will question you. It would include reading, responding, recording, and uploading your question, and you must do so within the allotted time.

Step 3: Skype or Phone Interview

Skype interview
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Now get this, pre-recorded interviews are not followed by all the airline companies. Some could even directly ping you up for a Skype interview or one over the call.

Normally, an email is sent asking for a scheduled time for the interview. But if not, do expect surprise calls. Yup, they could call you up out of the blue and ask you if you have some time to answer a couple of questions. In any case, be prepared. flight attendant jobs

Step 4: Assessment Day

Flight attendant jobs have an assessment day, like any other job. You’ll see what I mean as I explore further.

On your assessment day, you will be given details about your job; working conditions, salary, job role and such more. Kind of like an orientation. Next, you’ll be given a height test to make sure you pass the minimum requirements. Moving on, you will be asked to appear for an English Language test if English is not your first language, followed by a logic or Math test.

Next comes the group or team exercise. All qualified applicants will be split into teams and allotted 10 minutes to tackle a problem. And finally, you will be asked to appear for an in-person interview.

Step 5: Flight Attendant Training Course

cabin responsibilities
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There’s more to once you’ve been chosen for your flight attendant jobs. You still have a chance of failing your training course, so keep working! The hire training is typically spilled into two parts:

  • First training course (a period of 3 to 6 weeks)- where you’ll learn about general aviation, cabin crew tasks, and duties. Safety protocols, such as aircraft evacuation, activating emergency supplies, and delivering medical emergencies, are taught to qualified applicants.
  • Conversion training course- where you’ll learn about airline-specific norms and standards, corporate procedures, and work responsibilities.

New flight attendants obtain the FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency after passing initial training and continue receiving extra on-the-job training as necessary by their employers. The FAA certification requires this training, which happens at the airline’s flight training center. Trainees fly in practice flights at the end of the training. To keep their seats with the airlines, they must attend this training course.

NOTE: The FAA requires all flight attendants to be licensed. Flight attendants must finish their company’s initial training course and pass exams to get licensed. Flight attendants are certified for certain aircraft types and must undergo further training for every aircraft type they will fly. Airline employees also take recurrent training each year to sustain their accreditation.

Advancement for Flight Attendant Jobs

Seniority is used to establish career development. Senior flight attendants typically supervise all other junior attendants on overseas flights. Senior attendants may advance to managerial roles, where they are in charge of scheduling, hiring, and training.

Salaries for Flight Attendant Jobs

Flight attendants earned an average yearly salary of $59,050. While working overseas, attendants are compensated monetarily for food and lodging. Though flight attendants are expected to buy an initial set of uniforms and luggage, the airlines generally cover renewals and upkeep. Attendants are usually entitled to discount tickets or complimentary reserve seats from their carrier.

Employees normally fly 75 to 100 hours per month, with the remaining 50 hours spent on land arranging flights, completing paperwork, and waiting for planes to land. They might stay away from family and friends for many evenings each week. The majority of people operate on a flexible schedule. Some airline employees work part-time as well.

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