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How Do I Sell Photos Online and Get Paid Up To $120/Image

48% of the worldwide population has a smartphone, and 48% have Internet access. The web has made it much easier for some photographers that sell stocks online.

The platform provides 42.5% of all internet services, and there’s a great way to make your photo site easily accessible and sell your pictures online with tools such as WordPress.

How do I sell my photos online?

It’s surprising how many photographers don’t utilize their website to its full potential. Selling photos online can offset your website setup costs and can become a profitable side business over time. It’s cheaper than ever to sell digital prints of your artwork.

Does someone visit your gallery? Why not let this person purchase their photographs by just visiting your website? If you want to sell licensing for commercial images as photographic stock, it is easier to sell them online than you might think to sell your artistic or physical works or stock photos licensing.

To sell digital images for sale, you’ll have to select the best platforms. There are numerous ways you can sell pictures online. Of course, one should focus only on a particular field or niche. This allows you to maximize the revenue derived from your efforts and create a viable business.

This article will cover why you want to sell photographs online and why you should choose a niche.

Sell photos online
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How do I make money selling my photos online?

If you have a good camera in your cellphone and a stable hand, you have a shot. There are now several ways to sell your photographs. From selling Insta stock to creating a photo book, there are many other opportunities to improve the photographic abilities of a particular person.

Learn the art of taking pictures as a way of creating a life and dream.

To make extra money, monetization is a way with hobby and passion. It is paid so that you can work in an area you enjoy and because you are well-informed. Grab your high-quality pictures and learn how to earn passive money by marketing your photos.

How to sell photos online: for amateur and professional photographers

For some photographers, online monetization involves tapping into the creative energy of the heart of your work and applying it to the monetization of your talents. Success for most entrepreneurs is using online photography software and resources that are helpful to start a photography-based business. The guide will discuss what you should know about selling photos online and resources and ideas to help make it a reality.

Photographers with varied skills are in high demand for their work. From large corporations to small and medium businesses to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers, and publishers buy and use photos regularly online.

Stock Photography sites and other online marketplaces offer a perfect way to turn new images on your PC into extra cash. It is possible to turn your hobby into a side enterprise and learn how to sell photos online for money.

Free stock photos websites and tools let you earn money faster than usual by re-creating stock photography images for free. How can you make money online with a stock photo exchange or stock photo market platform?

Stock photography websites

Stock photography
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Web sites selling stock photos follow strict guidelines in their selling of photos. You will have to adhere to plenty of rules surrounding the quality and information required in each image. IStock image was taken from Getty’s microstock branch. Alamy is a British stock images online store founded a decade ago.

Alamy has accumulated more than 60 million photos and videos. It’s partly due to the 50% royalty in every photograph it sells. The best of this is you retain the copyright, and you can still sell photos elsewhere. For example, you earn 50 cents with a small photograph and 3USD for the extra-large option. As your content gets more downloads, the commissions stay around 30%.

Where can I sell my photos online?

Adobe Stock
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Adobe Stock has the credibility to become the most common Photoshop program in the world. When you publish stock pictures on Adobe Stock, it’s incredible. You can either sell your images elsewhere as well since Adobe Stock doesn’t require that you offer them exclusively for distribution.

The only disadvantage of joining the Adobe Stock community as a contributor is that you could be competing with some of the greatest photographers.

A downloadable app, 500px, offers both Android and iPhone users the ability to take and upload photographs on the move. The way that it works is extremely interesting compared to the other stock photographers’ websites.

How do I sell photos online through stock libraries?

Stock libraries sell digital photos available for use in sites like books, products, or even advertisements. Selling pictures by using a stock website is a wonderful way to discover passive wealth ideas. After submitting photographs online, you could be considered for free to add them to the database.

Some sites will continuously check all your submissions and happily discard any that do not meet their standards. However, don’t get too concerned about rejections – join multiple stock-image sites and post a photo at each one to get the best possible coverage.

How do I sell my photos as prints?

Print Photos
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If you’re using print on a desktop or in high-end photoshop, you’ll make more sales with a better product. This requires using a properly licensed printer (one specializing in art and print framed) or using a specialist paper.

It can be a great way to sell photo prints. You decide when to shoot and by which price you sell, and just like buying stocks with stock libraries that make up a good passive income. You may sell even limited or signed printing copies of photographs printed either on retail shelves or in a retail outlet.

Essential equipment for photography

Before gaining some cash from using pictures online, it is important to get the right equipment. In general, digital cameras will produce more detail, but some smartphones have trumped digital cameras. Nowadays, many websites offer a free option for photographers selling photos taken on the phone.

If you’ve got a DSLR camera, you may need more options for distributing your photographs to stock libraries and printing companies, online and in print at demand. You don’t have to spend a LOT of money on a fancy camera to earn money from pictures, but you can sell it online.

How could blogging help sell photographs online?

Blogs offer keywords relevant to the content that search engines love. The blog is a great way to engage your audience and encourage social media sharing. You can blog about your everyday life as a  photographer, or anything you think lets you explore your creative side through photos.

Many subscribers will follow along because they enjoy reading your words and seeing your photographs, but you’ll also attract a few potential buyers. Blogs also offer a means to drop in reference for your picture that is on for sale. Often these pages can serve as an example for potential customers on your website.

How do I sell my images as stock photography?

New blogs on microstock and image-sharing platforms aim to provide quality products and services for designers and business owners. Most sites offer between 20% and 60% royalty for photographers per sale. Stock image’s price varies significantly between websites.

Generic business images are always popular, as are simple symbolic photographs which illustrate concepts and emotions. Most stock image sites make it easy to choose pictures from various photographers without increasing your brand awareness. The easiest way to market your photographs as stock images is on micro-stock websites such as iStockPhoto.

Alternatives to Stock Photography Platforms

500px is one of the most popular photography websites. 500px is also a marketplace place where you can sell your work.

Etsy is the biggest online marketplace for handmade items.

Smugmug is a perfect place to sell photographs and pay a commission of 85%.

EyeEm is a great way to make money by trading your work for $20, $50, and $250. You could also join EyeEm Magazine to enhance your professional profile.

The sites on our list vary considerably in the services offered, so feel free to look at them and determine which one is right for you.

The first thing that you can do is make a website. Smugmug is the most used website selling prints and downloads, followed by Zenfolio and Bluemelons. All these services took significant percentage profits from your sales. This is very the basis of Sell Media.

How do I sell my photos?

If you plan on selling your images online, you will want to choose how and when to advertise them. There are several kinds of formats. You may have already thought about the options you want to consider. Check our next section for some inspiration to find how to.

1. SmugMug

You have to make a digital storefront to showcase your brand portfolio. There are currently four different sales plans which give you access to various marketing tools. All plans come with unlimited online storage and images uploaded to any website. Your photos can be easily shared via email and Instagram.

Right now, you can get 15 percent off if you subscribe to SmugMug with a free 14-day trial to try it before you have to start paying the fees. Plus, there’s an option of selling prints and digital downloads. The profit potentials of these products are significantly higher as you keep 85% of this markup price.

2. SmugMug Pro

SmugMug Pro lets you keep 85% of the profit between the specified and default print prices. It costs you $225 a month for a basic annual membership. The Portfolio Plans give you access to thousands of e-commerce applications to help sell photos online.

The company charges $200 a year in the Portfolio Plan. It does include a software sales platform and tools to help grow business.

3. Etsy

Etsy charged $0.20 for each listing. This period lasts four months. In case a listing had not been sold in four months, the listing would have automatically renewed. If one of your items is sold through Etsy, you have a 5% transfer fee.

What are some upsides? When you own an Etsy store, you set the prices to have a virtually unlimited income. If you earn a lot of cash from the stock photography, you’ll need to claim it for taxes, so you’ll probably take some deductions there.

Make contact with your accountant to deal with what you have missed on your tax return so now that you’ll have your tax report ready.

4. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia) is a marketplace of stock photos created by Adobe software developers, including the popular Photoshop and Lightroom products. Their share of prices is better than other online stores. Your best part when using Adobe Stock is that they give royalty-free copies.

Contributors at Adobe share can earn up to 20% – 60% with Adobe Stock. Given the behemoth of Adobe, is it likely that Adobe Stock will continue to become a top destination for buyers and sellers of stock photography?

The new way to sell photos online

Sell Media is a plug-in to offer an opportunity to sell photos online. Sell Media allows the photographer who made the photographs to get 100% of the entire profit. These photos are much better because they often lose 30% to 70% of all sales to micro-stock websites. Now, photographers can set up their prices and create a niche photography business with ease.

In addition to selling stock photographs, Sell Media makes it easy for artists to Sell Prints on Canvas, Foto Books, and even Prints on the merchandise by printing on demand.

The old way to sell photos online

The majority of microstock website sales are in the hundreds, and the majority are photographers’ profits. If your application has been approved, you will be able to add your photos to their library.

Warning: Please pay attention to microstock page conditions for the sale of products. Many microstock sites make photographers receive a small commission of around 40%.

8 free examples of photo editing software

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are the world leaders for photo editing, and their prices seem high. Instead, we advise you to attempt some free photo editing software first. If you have photos editing software, it is worthwhile spending some time trying out which is best.

Try many test edits asking for feedback from friends and family and continue work to refine skills. The extra effort will pay with the extra effort you must make to get the best software to achieve this job.

1. Stocksy

Stocksy is a collaborative owned by artists. This means you can take full control of the business. All the images are entirely exclusive, so they’re not reused at other photo-sharing websites. Contributors can earn up to 75% royalty for their standard licenses and 75% for extended licenses.

2. Twenty20

Photographers can earn commissions through what Twenty20 called Subscriber Share. The amount you get depends on how many downloads a customer has that include a photo. The more people download pictures, the more you make.

Customers can easily access photos and other digital assets on contributor’s sites from either the free app, the free iPhone app, or the web. Alternatively, you can upload images over an iPhone or iPad application as well as over the web.

3. Art Marketplaces

Fine art marketplaces allow you to upload designs on your site or use on-demand printouts of artwork. You may put pictures in your pillow, tote bag, face masking, or T-shirt.

Many of these services offer printing and framing options. Customers can buy and print any size of documents you have available and choose the frame according to their preferences. The customer can also select walls and cushions for the decoration of their residence.

4. Society6

Society6 allows artists to upload designs that will be printed everywhere, from duvet cover to coffee table. You log in and select what will be sold. Society6 prints if a piece sells.

Society6 sets the basic cost and an average margin of 10% for artist shares on most items. You can use your markup on prints wherever you choose—a higher markup results in an increase in your royalties from printing to printing.

5. Instaproofs

Instaproofs is another eCommerce site that allows you to develop the storefront. Customers can shop your galleries and order digital downloads or print-on-demand prints from fulfillment centers directly to their mailbox.

If you want to sell 10,000 photos, there are monthly plans at zero commission fees. Any plan you choose gets paid through Stripe. You can begin selling instapoofs for free and save 68% off the sale price.

6. Zenfolio

Zenfolio allows customers to sell their photographs online with the help of simple templates. It is possible to construct a website to sell your photos to online customers or attract additional clients.

The company also offers photographic print and digital products available with an average commission of 7%. However, you have to have monthly subscriptions with Zenfolio. Prices start at $5 per month.

7. Pixieset

With Pixieset, you can easily establish an online store selling prints and items with automatic fulfillment. What you have to do is make a sale price of your products and then promote your pictures.

The commission rate starts at 15% for free plans with 0% on paid plans which begin at $8 per month. Pixiesset gives you total control over your store and gives you complete control over your store.

8. N-Vu

N-Vu allows for the purchase of artworks from books or photographs displayed in the room during any show. As a retailer, you can add galleries to your photos even if you photograph a particular subject and sell digital images.

They offer another cool app, Room Vu, that helps shoppers visualize a space at home. Depending upon which subscription plan you choose, you’ll keep 91% to 100% in each purchase.

How do I sell photos on a graphic design platform?

A graphic designing platform is more passive than other approaches towards selling your photographs than other solutions in this list. You generally wait on users who select your photo to download it instead of directly uploading the images to the website.

How do I sell photos on a dedicated photography eCommerce platform?

Setting up in a professional platform is similar to applying online to a photographic website. Note that the process may vary depending on your needs and the requirement of the platform. For example, the description doesn’t need to be used, but if this is done, this will assist consumers in finding your images and is so worthwhile for all to complete.

So, you took a look at how, why, and where to sell photos online. Now, how do you plan to get started? Do tell.


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