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How to start selling website on Flippa: A Beginner’s Guide

Flippa is web domain flipping site. Flipping websites have become very lucrative businesses where you design nice online content and sell it at a reasonable price. In this example I’ll learn to sell sites using FlippA. Selling your website is one important task for which you need a marketplace where Buyer/Seller meetings are conducted. Many bloggers who are leaving blogging for personal reasons or professional reasons often use Flippera to sell their websites. But for that it is vital to present blog to potential buyers in the best way to get quick info about your blog and other statistical data.

What is Flippa?

Flippa is the leading online marketplace trading platform. Thousands of businesses list their sites on the marketplace of their interest. Investor companies are typically looking to buy established online business businesses that could improve, grow and sell again for a much higher price. In this article, we will analyze 21 websites from totally different niches that have successful selling on Flippera for at least $10,000. We will share the common lesson you can learn about these sites and replicate it in your business. Please read until the end of the article with plenty of Marketing insight.

How does Flippa work?

Flippa is a popular platform to buy and to sell digital assets called Flippa that specializes in online website purchase and. Sales become competitive so we are very scared. Transferring a website is not the same as exchanging some actual thing and therefore trust and security are far more important than if you just sell something. What you need to know about FlippA is below & you are on your way to the top. Make a determination as to whether it fits your online business. You will learn buying and selling digital assets – and using the platform for getting around the globe.

Are there any other sites like Flippa?

A few months ago when I browsed Flippa.com i discovered a small content site with decent organic traffic. The buyer disappeared from the earth. No money had ever been inescrow. I’m lucky I have not lost anything. But it turns out I’m not the only one that is disappointed from this website. So I did my own investigation so that I could put this list together. Maybe it’ll help you find decent alternative methods for buying and selling web sites online and apps such as Flippa.com. The list contains a list of sites which you can buy, sell.

How do I sell a website and get the price I deserve?

This guide can show you just how to sell your website and get the highest price for it. If you think the value of selling websites is low you might reconsider. There’s between 40 and 20x your daily net income from web sales. This article will show what you should be doing. Have you got any enthusiasm? We start right then! Read this information to get the best price in a website selling a website to get a great price. Click here to read this helpful guide on buying websites. Click on the link to read a copy of this story.

Use auctions to generate job opportunities

Of the people who do not win, a lot of them send me the job to build similar web sites for them. These are typical entrepreneurs willing to pay for what they want. Besides being paid to design website sites – you need to sell these on Snapdeal for sales only. Especially at that time of year. This is hot lead. You send them this message because they like your style. They’ll likely want you to build something very similar in the manner that you have just sold – often for lots of more money.

Beginners guide to selling website on Flippa

Please sign up with your current email address and keep an annual record. Fill in the correct information and submit a genuine profile picture as it makes a good impression about the Buyer and makes him think that he’s dealing with a genuine seller. After showing your website or domain for sale its time for the description. People tend to make long descriptions but it’s not what the description should be like. The description should be small and simple which doesn’t bore the buyer and give the buyer a brief idea of your site / site / domain. The most important part is to set Flippa bidding options to promote the bidding process.

Buying and selling on Flippa

There are some things you should consider before you buy Flippa domain names.

Vetting websites on Flippa

If this is one of the first things that you see searching for websites to purchase on Flippa we recommend only bidding on websites where the seller has previous transactions. In this case the seller did not do anything previously and so we avoided it. Below is a reputable seller with 75+ previous transactions to total approximately $213,000. After winning a listing it is necessary to make arrangements with that seller to transfer all information about your website and domain over to your hosting. The longer part of the process can take an additional 24-48 hours and we suggest buyers use escrow.com to facilitate the transaction.

#2 Learn the art of value add domain flipping

The basic idea is not trying to summarize the potential end-user value of a particular domain but simply constructing that company concept, take it to market with few investments and put it on sale. I like to start my search for quality domains on Flippa in Domains Marketplace. My best experience has been searching for domains that are available for auction with less than $100. In this range I find that I usually only compete on site with the other bidder or two – so there are plenty of options. Here are some examples of great names I have snagged and flipped as websites based on this process.

#1 Sell great looking, functional startup websites

CEO Flippa sells his ideas to future entrepreneurs via his website. He said there’s usually either two options for getting to big gold markets: go digging for gold hoping to make big… or sell shovels and make steady income. I sell my idea for entrepreneurs on my website. It’s so simple it’s how I make money building websites. Aerial Connect is a list of a network of drone pilots. My idea was to have a website where real estate agents can lookup drone pilots on real properties. After finding a WordPress Directory theme that fit this concept I realized I could get the idea for sale cheaply.

What is Flippa?

Flippa is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell Web sites domains and even mobile application products. This web page helps website owners sell their websites and helps other websites buy established websites. There are different types of domains, web sites and mobile apps available online. Owners can sell their business site and reveal a complete report describing the operation of their business page. Websites are listed according to their category and niche they are in and can be purchased through a fixed price list or an auction style format. Owners may list thei as well.

What can I sell on Flippa?

Flippa is an instance of a website which serves the purposes of a marketplace for both buyers and sellers. It offers a range of domain names domain names websites apps, and services through the Internet either in fixed price or in auction. In the online retail arena the whole process is relatively quick and easy. You’ll see different kinds of businesses that individuals list on the site at the top part of the homepage.


Sedo is a trusted and respected system with 15 years of knowledge with more than 2 million customers global. They sell some 3000 websites daily. As you can imagine there should really be something suitable for each person’s pocket. GoDaddy and NameCheap have similar domain sale prices but the principle is the same. As trusted platforms they can sell 3000 domain names a day to customers and hundreds of thousands of users every day in the world – making it easy for everyone to purchase and park domains at the top of the ranking. More information can be found in [link] or name cheap.

Digital Point Forum

You can sell and buy everything digital on this site, such as domains, websites, articles and ebooks and licenses. Last time I checked there were about 1 200 sites available on the market, ranging from adult video games to a dog training tutorial. My only concern is that it is much harder to verify the claims of traffic and revenue because you are dealing with anonymous forum participants – but maybe it works for you. Links to the Digital Point Website Forum site to site sale. Learn the legal consequences of operations under these laws by clicking here to read the document.

How did I get started with designing websites to sell on Flippa?

In March of 2015, I successfully build and sold my first startup website aerialconnect.com at a total price of $2,050 on flippa. Building Aerial Connect I learned all the necessary details about starting an online business. It paid off bigly and I am gaining $1000 to $500 a month. Three key elements were crucial to my growth: Building a startup website gives you everything you need to know about starting your business. Learning to work with wordpress and the graphic design and managing auctions pay dividends. My experiences taught me to make money.

Now that you have sold AerialConnect.com what’s next?

After the AerialConnect auction I were inspired and I decided to see that I could recreate what happened with another listing. I have 6 more unsuccessful Flippa listings since then. Below are three examples. I also have developed my own Flippera program. The course covers everything from the Initial domain configuration to the entire development stage to the sale. This includes a development phase in the sale as well as the sale of the auction. Get More Information about buying a flipper by clicking this link here.

Is there any advice for web entrepreneurs looking to sell websites on Flippa?

Alec shares his experience on Flippa selling a site without revenue. It’s important to include some major ingredients in the list of potential buyers. Those include a good idea in a trending industry, the pitch. It is important to be transparent and to be passionate about what you sell. The fact that your auction will remain open should not mean the price of your drones. So that’s Alec’s story and a glimpse into how he sold a website with no revenue or traffic if any to a startup with no visibility or revenue!


Bido focuses on trademark auction. Pricing is at the low end of the spectrum and start at about $15. There seems to be a lot to choose between in order for a domain to go on auction. If they buy and sell, voters receive a small portion. Bido.com is a good place to strike up a bargain. Prices start on 15 per domain. In addition you can find various interesting bundles like domain name + logo. The website could use a major redesign but this is practically the recipe for vote manipulation disaster.


Nonetheless eBay is an incredible platform but it is a bit like the Wild West. You cannot guarantee great quality and it may be difficult to get an idea as to what the seller may be selling for. However the auction format and huge choice of options could easily turn Ebay into a great selling site. You can buy and sell pretty much anything on Ebay therefore it is not surprise that websites have their own category (Business and Industrial > Internet Businesses and Websites).

Tell us about your background as a web entrepreneur.

Aerial Connect is the first online drone pilot list. It is a directory of qualified drone operator. The tool was created to allow realtors in 2010 to get a photo of their properties. It also provides free information for drone operators worldwide. For confidential assistance contact Samaritans on 08457 909090 or visit a local Samaritans branch, for more details click here. Call suicide prevention lines in the United States at 1-800-273-7855 or visit [link].

Website Broker

Website Broker was established in 1997 by two California lawyers. The last blog post came on in 2012 and there were little to no other offers when I checked. To make a good choice on this list just consult someone and use their valuation services to get a second opinion. Flippa’s website has barely been updated since its launch in 1997 and has not been updated in the past two years. WebsiteBroker’s valuation services are available for an appraisal.

What brought you to Flippa?

Arial Connect went on sale to an Amazon seller at $320 after selling for $2050 on Flippa.com. There are 11 bidders out of 69 that sold at auction. The site had little traffic and no revenue but it was sold for over $3,000. The auction ended with 11 bids 69 of whom came from one founder who worked on the site in his own capacity. Get all the info you need to start the first business online by visiting our [link] page. Bring up where you are now.

Investors Club

Investors Club is a limited membership website. It’s free to join as a buyer the only requirement being proof of funds (minimum $10,000). If you want instant access to all new deals you can sign up in the VIP program. VIP upgrades will include detailed report due diligence & the fee is partly the reason for upgrading. Investors club – Launched in 2020 – offers investors access to buy or sell new deals for as much as $100,000/year.

Viral accounts

Viral account gives you access to Instagram, Youtube and Facebook’s accounts. Click Here to. There’s no direct communication available with these listings. There are several websites that offer a high visibility of social networking influence. Here they’s what you need. Flippa allows you to acquire social account information based on the username of your account. Find advice for selling social media marketing services.


Freelancer.com is a company looking to capitalize on secondhand Domains and websites. It’s not as popular as Flippa but there is a broad range of prices and assets. One interesting point is that they bought Warrior Forum which has a strong list of resources for making a website. A New Business Directory called Freemarket has been launched by Freelancing.com that owns and operates Warrior Forum.com and Warrior Forum.

Things to watch out for on Flippa

Previously many reports have stated that sellers were simply fraudming newbie customers. As a buyer it is important that you comprehend the risks involved in buying a website. Flippa is not an exception. Therefore you need to do full due diligence on the website and verify all earning claims and traffic claims to protect yourself from swindling newbie buyer. Many reports are made regarding human suffering.

Website Categories and Niches

Flippa has three different types of online assets available for purchase and trade. Their collection includes lists of website domains and apps that either are carefully chosen by their staff in consultation with other web developers, or are ranked by market popularity. The various web sites and app stores are divided into their respective niches and the different type of websites available for sale.

How has your business philosophy contributed to your success?

It appears most startups are growing in size and capital, especially amongst millennials. Sales of software solutions that specialize in web development is also much more successful and can provide a lot more money. I’m glad I found Flippa because it’s given me the opportunity to “sell the shovels”. I’m not suggesting the next Instagram or Google is impossible but it has helped me get better results.

Flippa Selling Tips

If you want sale services Flippa is a safe and reliable service for businesses. Every minute the companies sell. Are you looking for ways to advertise a small business to potential buyers? What should be an e-commerce website to attract such buyers? You’re in a logical place for this job. Use this application quickly to post your ads and connect with potential buyers – using a simple website.

Exchange Marketplace (by Shopify)

Shopify is hoping to capitalize on the increased flips of online retailers. It was launched in summer 2017 and is very new but it provides fairly extensive choice. I really like that Shopify takes great care of everything that’s in my database so I can purchase with confidence. As a buyer I’m also impressed by the anonymisation of the communication. I like this communication a little.

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers processed nearly $100 billion in online business operations with various verticals. They are now a trusted buy-sell company that sells Internet-based sites. Empire Flipper deals only a well established site and thus the website itself has become their established site. Are there any best platform for sale of businesses online?

What if I’m new to this space and not sure where to start?

If you’re thinking about selling an existing site, start using the site owner’s valuation bot. It can be useful to see what the smaller starter sites are currently selling for. This part is the most tough and you should start looking at the valuation calculator and gaining knowledge about what it would really value.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Marketplace was a good way of getting rid of some things. You have to hunt for tons of shady groups whose only posts are about making money from home. At least I hope they are real but there are real offers. You have everything with the Zuckerberg platform. These sites are not the exception.

FE International

For Online Businesses FE International provides online brokers with strong international connections. They have headquarters in three continents and run their own conference centres. They generally start from five figures to many million, and can go up to several millions. See the pros and cons.

Buying and selling domain names on Flippa

It’s important to take a look at the information and factors involved before you decide to buy or sell.


GetConnected is a news and evaluation site in the niche of ‘Inflight Connectivity’ covering all news and features in this industry. The site basically produces content with very short shelf life that quickly becomes irrelevant. Therefore its efforts to get back links to websites and drive search traffic are clearly lacking. How does this product sell for more than $20k? It’s a 5-year-old site that could still grow much more easily if it expands its focus to other closely related subjects and published content with a shorter shelf life as the site does in its entirety. The firm does not have an active Facebook page or email list to generate.


Nutrition You Can Use is a good example of how you could create loyal communities around your company using clearly-researched and highly-quality content. The website is reputable in terms of design and clean design targeted to closely related markets such as the nutrition market and healthy lifestyle. The site averages 50,000 page views per month with 47% come from social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook. All posts on the site based upon our standards have detailed content with some statistics and examples. Aside from the usual product reviews the website provides also information links on Amazon products relevant to the subject.


It has a shady backlink profil (probably using PBNs) but currently ranks well for hundreds of middle-low volume lengthy keywords. One of the factors in the successful operation of the site seems to have been the selection of niches. There are little competitors in this area and even the best-hitting keywords are on offer. So far the website has been ranking for multiple good search words despite lacking a back link profile. In fact it posts only product reviews and several posts and lists about top 10 best products across a diverse category. It was worth more than $2000 when it got sold for $60,000.


The DogDigest sold on Flippa for $75,000. It is packed with content with lots of interesting posts about the dog’s health food sizing behavior, dog breeds pet care tips & tricks. The site earns all income through paid ads and Amazon Associates thanks to its intelligent content structure based on Magazine type posts featuring pictures and content scattered over multiple page slideshows. Some of its links are of low domain authority and comes from other low profile websites or blogs. The Dogdigest has almost 27,000 backlinks from 310 different domains. This site generates over 600K page views a month.


ProductAdvisor follows the model of many affiliate sites as Wirecutter Bestreatures Best.com and other. It covers a wide range of products including automobiles, health & beauty, household gadgets, sports etc. The search profile on Flippa appears quite powerful and appears to be launching from takeover mode. This site reviews products published and lists products which compare different products and share the best options. The site decided to distinguish itself from others to test personal product reviews. It helps increase credibility and sales. It was sold by an independent vendor for $14,000.

#2 Happy Camper – SOLD FOR $37,900

Happiest Camper is available on Flippa for $37,500 while making less than $2,000 a month. It’s a site heavily built on information about DIY projects with lots of tutorials, articles and detailed step by step instructions for various DIY projects. The website is non-competitive and the majority of its visitors come from high-traffic words like keyword longtail. It makes money by promoting contextually relevant Amazon items as found in its tutorials and by using Ezoic ads in content pages. It has 3.5K pages backlinking from 221 different domain and the most DR scores were below 30. The top 100.

#2 Happy Camper – SOLD FOR $37,900

Happiest Camper is available on Flippa for $37,500 while making less than $2,000 a month. It’s a site heavily built on information about DIY projects with lots of tutorials, articles and detailed step by step instructions for various DIY projects. The website is non-competitive and the majority of its visitors come from high-traffic words like keyword longtail. It makes money by promoting contextually relevant Amazon items as found in its tutorials and by using Ezoic ads in content pages. It has 3.5K pages backlinking from 221 different domain and the most DR scores were below 30. The top 100.


LifeYourways is among the complete blogs on this list. It secured $55,000 on Flippa which was a very good bargain considering what was offered. The site generates around 100 thousand visitors a month with a combined Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest follow over 50K. Plus it has an email list of more than 120,000 and this is another valuable business asset. It features nearly 400 printable calendar templates for various occasions including Christmas and New Year. Users can even download them for free. The website also offers a Christmas and New Year free templates which can be downloaded.


CoffeeSupremacy is a typical affiliate site making some major income from promoting coffeemakers and other related products from Amazon. The Web site began creating content around the audience’s questions. It also managed to position as a popular keyword for many High Traffic keywords as well as gain some momentum. The overall content quality is excellent and the website could soon become a significant success if it keeps on the same route for another 12 months. Click here to see if Amazon.com has any coffee on their site and how to buy it without paying. Return home from e-mail.org.


SnoringCanada earns its money through Adsense advertisements and by reviewing anti-snoring product reviews on Amazon. At the time of the sale the pageviews were not very high and the Site earned less but a quarter of its $1000. Because the site has never been updated for more than a year and most traffic comes from highly particular commercial keywords. Whoever buys this site can use the established authority of this site to branch to other closely related niches and increase the site’s income exponentially. The website was selling for $1,000/month and had much potential for growth.


MovingLowCost was 3 months old when it was bought on Flippa for $68k. Before obtaining sale it made a monthly revenue of over $1000. The company does no SEO and receives all its traffic from investments in Google Ads. It attracts traffic to the website and makes them lead generation via the easy ‘moving cost calculator’ which provides visitors the estimated cost of moving from one state to another. Each time one enters his contacts in the calculator it is passed on through the different companies which contact them via telephone. If a client ‘directs’ you a lead it can earn money.


BaldingLife shared tips and advice when they were having difficulty losing hair or having fun shaving the hair back. The site generally ranks high buying intent keywords but considering its age and amount of content this site’s traffic numbers are still underwhelming. It most often publishes product reviews and comparisons of different cutting tools, haircare products and skull lotions. However the site also publishes tips posts alongside articles on fun issues to include how to shave your heads and about how to shave your head.

#4 LUUSHY – SOLD FOR $21,000

Luushy is a women’s apparel brand website with revenue made in small businesses to sell products. The business is nearly totally automated with no inventory and no full-time workers. The site has huge email lists as well as 60K followers in Facebook and Instagram. The site’s profits aren’t too high but it sells an assortment of clothing accessories and an extensive selection of products. Despite a large following the site has a very strong revenue margin of nearly $2,000 per month. It uses no search traffic and has no staff.


This blog had everything that would make it become successful. The owner decided for $19,500 which is fine but the site could still achieve higher prices with a little effort. Each section lists detailed product reports of the various diet products fitness products and diet products of the website. All the posts appear thought out and were thoroughly analyzed. Ad placement and type are also related to the blog’s overall theme.

Selling a website to someone else may seem complicated. In order to increase this value pre-sale everything gets complicated. The more effort and time it would take to sell, the faster it would be. Online businesses that are managed through automated process are much easier to sell than a complicated messy mess. If your business relies primarily solely on Paid Traffic and ads you should diversify your traffic sources. Organic traffic is the perfect sell argument. And that can bring even more value to a business even with no actual model. To get better organic traffic, read our detailed 45-page WordPress SEO checklist.


VegetarianBodyBuilding has a distinct name from other sites listed in this directory. Most of its income is from the sale of its digital video training module V3, which covers the entire bodybuilding system. All the articles on this site are used to drive revenue to the page selling V3 which leads to customers. The site has very strong back-link profiles and citations for major publications including MensFitness and Bodybuilding.com. In this regard the traffic and revenue should increase for the website since people want to know what alternative to the usual proteins available in the market.


KillingItWithKelly appears to be a blog with really big audiences from outside. Despite it being a little over 10,000 page views it receives just under 2 million a month traffic. This is very surprising because the blog is currently within the highly lucrative DIY and Mom blogging niches. The site’s initial owner had lost interest in the site and hadn’t actively worked with the site for months. For a 4-year site having about 400 articles this price is not huge. But the user buying it likely worked on the SEO and would try to use the already released content to increase traffic and revenue.

Want to know how we increased our traffic 1000%?

In 2015 the average price of websites sold varied depending on industry between 2.5 times. The “rule” between 2 and 3 times your net profit for the full year is not a difficult one. If you saw sustained but very rapid growth in the aforementioned six-month period then your projection of earnings for that quarter is different. In this section we are taking a closer look at five websites selling for $100,000 or more in 2021. One website sold for almost 5.6 times the total annual profit. Another website barely scratched two time. Traffic and business models tell the story.

Prepare to move quickly

Check buyer’s prior records for sale details and find out if a product has been purchased before. If everything appears okay, schedule a chat with the seller. Inquire about the reason for the sale and give them screen share and logged in with their PayPal payments. Also use admin panel and email folder. Expect to do this research 3–10 times before you find and buy an existing business. When you start questioning quickly you’ll be more prepared when an online retailer adds a buy-it now package later. You’ll also have the chance to ask the company’s Buy it now.

Buying websites on Flippa

One of the most important matters is knowing the primary purpose of the website when purchasing a Flippa website. The more money a website earns monthly, the larger the sales. There’s a vast variety of websites on offer on the site. You can see their various monetization methods together with their asking price of the websites. Once you click the actual list of available options you will see more information and it is vital to review it thoroughly before making the decision. Let’s look for site. It’s important to choose people you really understand.

Selling domains on Flippa

List and sell domain names is extremely easy at Flippa. Just click the “Sell Now” button at the top right and complete the details about your domain. After that you will have to pay a charge for listing the name at auction that will vary depending on the type of listing you decide to make. You must verify your name with your domain registration website. You can even choose if you want to receive paid for the domain name and whether you want this to be sold on the site. For further information about sale by Domain Click Here.

Selling websites on Flippa

A simple listing process is quite simple and it is important that you are as thorough as possible so that potential buyers can be given the needed information or advice. If you want to sell your website more pricey, you can drive its organic traffic through Seo back links. This is essential information that the buyer must have in order to make an informed decision about bidding online. This information may be disclosed to prospective buyers. If you sell your site you must do this.

Buying domains on Flippa

It should be noted that purchasing a domain name from a website such as Flippa should be pretty simple. The following are common questions and answers to be answered about the Domain such as: ‘Investor works.com. He argues he values a domain. Common questions are: Payment type and backlink profile and value of the domain. What i found out when it became an issue?


BrawlStarsup is a site designed primarily for a popular mobile game Brawl Stars. It made nearly $2000 monthly on Adsense and generates roughly 130K monthly pageviews. At a sale this website was only 8 months old and his owner did quite well. It shows me great value in taking advantage of someone else’s success for your business. It is filled by expert gamer tips and tricks and successes of players from all over the world. The site ranks among the best for several high-traffic keywords related to Brawl Stars, a quick Google search has shown.

25 thoughts on How to start selling website on Flippa: A Beginner’s Guide

The review is excellent but if you give more information about the sales site from Filippa it will be more appreciated from us. Website Properties.com is also one such website by which we purchase web site. Hello Prashant my Google ads are banned now I plan on selling my website and I will get it for 4000 based on diff value.. but I won’t make a fortune. How much does it cost to participate in auction? 19 $ for simple listings. Hi George KUSH, Google Ads banned. So you shouldn’t concern yourself with the making of money.


MyVeganOutfit is an eCommerce Dropshipping shop that only sells vegan clothing. The site takes over all traffic from Facebook advertising; holds no inventory and completes orders using the automated Oberlo app with Shopify. Because it targets a growing niche the volume of sales will go up over time as more people get interested in vegan fashion options. Sales volumes may go up because people are looking for ethical products that they can use daily in their lives. For more information go to: ah.ectch.com.

Flippa Websites

The website at the top is an electronics-focused website monetized through affiliate revenue and making $1,970 per month with an asking cost of $80,000. Some websites offer crazy prices depending upon value and uniqueness in our marketplace. Later the information will be discussed for website lists that have been offered for sale and how much can be bought. Main website categories belong under: content websites available for sale: commercy and content websites.

Flippa Apps

FlippA app’s are listed at similar prices to websites and can also sell with higher multiples. Managing and buying the application is somewhat different from purchasing the websites and website due to the different technology platforms they are utilizing. This should ensure you already know what to look for to buy a new app. Below is a list of samples for the latest iPad apps and some Android apps. FlippA applications are divided in two: android and IOS apps.

Flippa Domains

Flippa domain names are more difficult and cheaper to trade with Flippa than buying a website – or app. The transmission and exchange of information are easier and more flexible. Check these other Domains available to sell at the Site.

Flippa Website

Flippa’s web types range into some main categories mainly Website types. Website types are: Website for Sale, Website For Sale.

Study the multiples of valuation

You’re purchasing a company thus you need understand the basic rules of how company prices are, which are annual earnings multiples. When buying a firm on an online marketplace the chances of being ripped off are extremely large therefore the valuation should be substantially lower than 20x earnings. When you calculate the yearly income for some companies you should only consider what has taken place in the past 12 months.

Search for businesses at least 2 years old

Keep looking for businesses two-years-old or older to quickly weed through the trash. Unfortunately most online fraudsters numb to building a fake website for more than a year and cannot manage this. With advanced search, you can choose Internet page age. You can also specify the Age of a site. For more information visit this website. For more information, please use our [URL] page.

Patience and diligence are required.

Millions of people have visited these bogus websites and the vast majority of them are scams. Expect to stay alert for new listings for about two weeks. I recommend joining an account and saving your search. You’ll receive an everyday feed of news alerts matching your Search criteria. Only a number of them are truly extraordinary, necessitating careful research and perseverence.

Recognize the threats of technology

For an experienced developer the company should provide you with a major advantage in your testing process. I suggest teaming with someone who isn’t technically motivated or staying out of companies that rely greatly on technological innovation. If you want to buy a highly complex tech company you should be aware of technical risks of buying a complex technology business.


By accepting this form you will accept the processing of your personal information in accordance with Kinsta’s Privacy Policy. You will also understand and agree to our promotional activities and promotions. You may change your mind from receiving email notifications by giving instructions. Back on my page: [link].

Buy with Escrow

Use Flippas Services Escrow if you want to purchase via the platform. Set a time limit of 7 days in an escrow account. This means the business, mail and Twitter account – on the first day – is handed over to you. Then spend the time to verify what’s legally true for each transaction before you issue the proceeds.

Find a business you can run.

Look at everything you know. If you buy an existing business instead of setting it up you can get lots of years of hard work in just a small investment. Buy a blog or eCommerce site by example. Buy existing blog instead of building a business to achieve best value in your venture.


This site is dedicated to all things Husky about sports. . I thought it was pretty good for content and knowledge. The reason it was sold for around $18000. This firm’s income reaches $394 a month, but could easily surpass. The car was sold for 18,000.

Determine your budget and earnings

You can determine what month profit range you use by dividing your total business purchase budget by 23 and 12. Give a rough amount for your budgets and earnings ranges.

Common Flippa Seller Fees

Flippa charges differing types of costs and it is necessary to be aware of them so that you have the best choice. The whole list of fees is posted below.

Choose the type of company you want to work for.

First of all think about the business you’re planning to begin. It is entirely your decision to launch your business.

Browse top online businesses

These sites all generated revenue through ecommerce stores and other businesses. I acquired the dropshipping businesses for the Uk in June 2021 (See specs below) Over 27.5 million were sold during the quarter. Great YoY growth. A lucrative jewelry brand with a significant first-mover advantage and versatile client base allowing seamless expansion into new verticals. Excellent sunglasses brand for European markets. A 4-year-old e-commerce platform (outdoor gear) that makes enormous profits every Q4. Profits are average every month around $1.300 plus and average between 1 work hour per week.

Get inspired. Read recent success stories

Flippa’s fees are nearly half that or about 75% less than working with a brokerage! John Chen sold Blush & Bar for $550,000 The listing was hot (more than 170 bids). Everything was good. Volodymyr Nesterenko – Purchased Translate.com for $853,000 I spend approximately 1-2 hours an week on Flippera while managing 15 plus online businesses. Steve McGarry- five transactions at Flippa LifeChanging site. It gives you what you need – volume. There are around 50 requests for my list. In fact there are two serious buyers there. I benefited from competition offers.


The enterprises are currently making over $100,000 annually and are ready for an additional buyer. Established content websites generate solid ad revenues with prices from $5k-$10k. Profitable iPhone and Android app that can download 5000+ times daily. Each ecomm site earns at least $10000 profit each month. The top 10 fastest growing online categories right now are now available for sale in the U.S. These websites earn at least 25 percent of the $10K/month profits each of these sites generate monthly.

What should I do after someone buys my domain name?

If someone gets your domain name through our website it would require the transfer to the other website. Flipping sites to sell are a little tricky because they actually need your credit to vet them. It’s also much more involved if it’s planning to sell since it requires all your files and properties and sites to be moved to the registrar’s domain name. A small video will be available shortly.

What should I do if I win an auction for a domain?

After you win a bid at Flippa for a domain you and its buyer agree payment and transfer arrangement. You may find using another service helpful to facilitate payment. Escrow.com is a common 3rd party platform in dealing with such types of transactions in the UK. This is a way to make sure neither parties gets the scam and one party doesn’t get a nasty injury.


Since its launch Flippa has sold 3.4 million websites. Fees: $49 for listing, 40% of success of up $50,000 (15% should you choose to use a broker). Users can also choose to make your listing confidential. Flippera is the only website with a viewable catalog of recent sold websites. You could visit such sites as inspiration and compare final prices to your bid. The user can utilize the catalog to see and bid on site recently sold on Flipper. You have the option to disclose your personal information.

A peer-to-peer platform

Selling is selling their hobbies, small business or online businesses. Flippa eases the process by connecting them to these sellers and streamlined the negotiation and transactions.

Peace of mind

You can rely upon our escrow support and sales contract support services. We have a built-in offer platform.


One thought on “How to start selling website on Flippa: A Beginner’s Guide”

  1. Thank you Fmey Team member for this post. I know someone who is listing a saas business on Flippa and is selling it at a set fee for less than $1000. This includes all the cost the listing and success fee. I don’t know how they are doing it. I do know that he has sold many websites with flippa over the years and has an existing relationship with them. So is it possible he is getting a off the grid deal because he has done so many deals in the past with them. The reason I am asking is that the 15% flippa success fee pretty much cuts out any middleman who may want to get piece of the profit. But if this person is paying a set fee of about $1000 that means technically he can sell the business as a broker for 4-5% and be super competitive in the market place. The only other thing is that the companies he is listing are Saas or subscription model businesses where pretty much the business can run remotely and with little or none physical liabilities like leases, equipment etc so this lead me to think may be he is packaging it like a URL or a domain or a website that earns money and not a business where has to pay a higher fee to flippa.Any insight would be appreciated

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