How to Travel While Studying Abroad

Most international students think that travelling while studying abroad is not feasible. To think that in the beginning is okay because you have a difficult time adjusting to the currency changes, but as you get used to it, travelling isn’t difficult.

Studying abroad (in Europe) gives you a great chance to visit different countries. It is the perfect time to explore the world around you,

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

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1. Plan Well in Advance

Plan where all you want to travel right at the beginning of the year. It will give you a fair idea of where you want to travel and how it will cost.

Always have two plans for one location so that in case one messes up, you can go for plan B. Your total budget shouldn’t exceed 200 pounds for three day and two nights trip.

2. Book the Cheapest Flight

Book your flights a minimum of three months before your vacation. Keep an eye on the carrier rates. Always fly by cheaper carriers like EasyJet and Jet 2. Don’t spend more than 80 pounds on a return flight.

3. Always Travel in a Group

Group travels are cheaper and safer too. You can roam the streets without any tension, even at 3 am in the night. Group travels are more fun than travelling solo.

4. Hostel Accommodations

Hostel accommodations are famous in Europe. They cost you as little as 15 to 20 pounds. And if you are travelling in a group, you can ask for a discount and have an entire hostel room to yourself.

Hostel accommodations come with a lot of benefits, so for young travellers, it is the best choice.

5. Always Carry Your Passport and Visa

Some people disagree with this tip, but you should have your passport and visa with you when you travel. Take multiple photocopies of the two documents and keep your passport and visa in the hostel locker safely.

6. Select the Right Day

Travelling is more fun when done on the right days. Whenever you plan to travel, check if there are any local events or festivals happening around your chosen destination. That way you get to enjoy unplanned events too.

This can work the other way round as well. During events and festivals, fares and hotels rates are extremely high, the roads are usually crowded. So, if you want to avoid that, select the right day.

7. Choose Public Transportation

Whenever you are travelling in some other country, always use their public transportation. It is a cheap means of travel, plus it is safe.

When it comes to solo travelling, you need to have a good plan set in mind. Since you are travelling alone you have to defend yourself and look for your safety. And it doesn’t make sense to go all alone to a dangerous country, where you will surely fall into trouble. Travel safe and enjoy the most out of it.

Now that you have some travel tips, check out the 3 best travel destinations for solo travellers:

3 Best Travel Destinations For Solo Travelers:

1. Cuba

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Three reasons to visit Cuba – beautiful colonial architecture, salsa, and 1950s Chevys. The political situation is going great in Cuba and many small enterprises are opening up. There is no better time to visit than right now. Cuba has several tiny restaurants with the most delicious food ever.

It has also negligible crime rates and is safe for solo travels. Places to visit in Cuba are Viñales Valley, Morro Castle, Che Guevara Mausoleum, Gran Teatro de La Habana, and Museum of the Revolution.

2. Spain

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Spain is a dream country with boulevards lined with cafes. The public system is super cheap and has great connectivity. Definitely visit Spain’s capital, Barcelona.

If you are a history lover, there are a lot of things to see in Spain. Some places you can’t miss when in Spain are Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Ibiza, Gran Canaria, and Costa Brava.

3. Ireland

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Ireland is a perfect blend of modernity and traditions. Irish people are very friendly and you won’t feel like you are travelling solo. Drink some Irish beer while listening to traditional Celtic music at bars in Ireland. The European country has rugged terrain and is a trekker’s paradise.

Places you should definitely visit in Ireland are Cliffs of Moher, Guinness Storehouse, Guinness Storehouse, Blarney Castle, and Bunratty Castle.

All these countries are very safe for even women to travel alone. At least once in your life, take a solo trip. Just be yourself and do what you want, you’ll learn so much more than what you did in school.

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