Identify Your Strengths to Turn Apprenticeship into a Permanent Job

You’ve got an opening wedge! Now is the time to recognize your abilities, broaden your horizons and get a permanent job in which you outshine others.

Your prospective employers will expect you to take on a new job role with utter aplomb.

Hence, you must know what you’re most passionate about and discern the qualities and skills that set you apart from the rest to sweeten your employer’s kitty.

How to be on top of your game?

If you want to have the edge over other candidates, it’s essential to exhibit the talents you possess. Seek opportunities in which you get to undertake several roles and recognize the one that suits you perfectly.

Once you display your skills to your prospective employers, you will likely receive work that matches those skills. This will aid in forming a cycle where you’re given work that you enjoy while performing exceedingly well, which in turn results in more work, eventually securing more stability in the job.

4 ways to magnify your Abilities

  1. By communicating the role you enjoy doing the most, your employer would recognize the areas in which you could add value to the business.
  2. You know your strengths. But now, you must also emphasize how these strengths can be associated with the company’s values and visions using a pragmatic approach.
  3. Expand your capabilities by volunteering to work on different projects and take on different responsibilities. In this way, you’ll widen your career possibilities and increase your scope of growth.
  4. Describe your skills, contribution, and achievements during appraisals or interviews to increase your chances of becoming a more permanent employee.

You need to show that you will be an asset to the company if you want your job to be permanent. The employer needs to see that you are reliable and trustworthy.

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