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Mobile Office: 11 Ways To Make Them Productive

If you have ever worked at a construction site or disaster scenes, you probably have heard of mobile offices. A mobile office is a portable office built in a trailer, motor vehicle, or small storage. Portable offices can be conveniently packed up and moved. These modular offices have electric service from a nearby source of power, and it is utilized for wifi services, air conditioning, and electronics. They are a great catch at a low cost. You can buy, rent or lease modular offices for the needed period.

Why Are Mobile Offices Useful?

Mobile office trailers provide a professional atmosphere when you are working on temporary projects or construction sites. Unique office mobile functions include storing electronics, paperwork, holding meetings, and even allow employees to take a break from all that hard work.

In the current times, startups seem to be the most common up-and-coming businesses. Portable office trailers will also gain hype. To start your own business is not easy, then add the burden of needing an office to house your few employees. Makes for a very stressful and poor financial situation. An easy solution is to lease out a mobile office trailer until you can move to more permanent places.

Well, you might be wondering if it is comfortable working in such tight spaces. It can be straining. However, you can design a functional and productive workspace for your mobile office trailer with the correct adjustments.

To have a mobile office trailer, let’s first answer a few questions that will determine your exact needs.

  • Where do you work?
  • How much do you work?
  • How many people will be working with you?
  • What are you working on?
  •  For how long will you be working?

Once you have answers to all the questions, you can buy your portable office trailer and begin renovating to fulfill your temporary office needs. Here, we will discuss 11 basic ways you can design a productive workspace in the mobile office.

1. Environment

Working in an unpleasant environment can be distorting. It can cause eyestrain, headache, fatigue, stress and can also lead to accidents. One way to create a comfortable workspace is good lighting. Dull lighting, as well as way too bright lights, can be damaging. Invest in some good quality lights for your space, especially white lights and not yellow ones. Moreover, make sure you get plenty of natural light into your office.

To make your office refreshing add some greens. And by that, I mean, bring some plants into your space. It will provide a fresh feeling. The next thing to keep in mind, nobody wants to work in a hot and humid environment. So, have good portable air conditioning for your ground-level offices. Additionally, make sure the walls of your mobile office are of a light color.

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2. Storage

The organization is key to working in small ground-level offices. If you have a clutter of things lying around, it will make your workday very difficult. Situations like misplacing important papers, not being able to find your pen drive will become common. Always organize your things in boxes and label the boxes. You can use a label maker or just use sticky notes. There are a variety of foldable boxes available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can fold them up went not in use and save some space. You can also buy small storage cupboards for storing things that remain more permanent in your temporary office.

3. Paperless Filing

Storing and organizing all that paperwork is not easy in a mobile office. It becomes even more difficult once you have to move from the mobile office. Important files can be lost during moving, and that will be a disaster. Opt for paperless filing and shift to a digital filing system for your office.

If you are worried about storing such large files, you can use USB drives, hard drives, intelligent cloud services. Cloud-based storage can quickly share information between devices or even share it with people in offices in other countries. You can store all your scan pdf files in cloud services.

This method of storing will have save space and save time and produce less waste. We save time because you won’t have to spend time searching through hundreds of papers; all you have to do is log in to your system and conduct a search. Buy Laptops, Tablets, Bluetooth keyboards to save space and time rather than installing computers. You should also invest in portable speakers, usb drives, hard drives, etc., for your temporary space.

4. Apps For Office

Microsoft Office is probably the go-to app that people think of when it comes to apps for offices. You can excess it remotely anytime by accessing integrated office features. Microsoft corporation is the leading provider of office apps. Widely used tools are Ms word documents, excel files, PowerPoint files, etc., to note down things. You can use Microsoft tools like PowerPoint presentations, create spreadsheets for a seamless experience. Access it using a personal Microsoft account or school account.

You can unlock premium features in-app with Adobe scanner to open and sign pdfs and gives you editing capabilities for all those online meetings in your office trailer.

You can use a third-party app publisher for storing and organizing documents anytime. You can use one app and its features from your mobile device apps to scan QR codes, pdf scanning, using digital images from camera roll to create pdf files. Many templates available make it easier to access word docs, files, usable excel spreadsheets and share with your contact, and so on.

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5. Snack Bar

To boost better work ethics in the office, we need to have positive reinforcements in place. A good snack bar for employees is necessary. It will allow them to take a break when work gets hectic, refresh and come back with a more positive mindset to work. It will also allow you to not mess on your desk if you think of eating on it. As there is not much space in mobile office trailers, a small snack trolley can do wonders.

6. Different Space For Modular Offices

Now we understand it’s a small space and giving everything its own space in your temporary office is impossible. However, you can decide on certain things being in certain places. Have all desks at one side, place a few bean bags or a small cushion chair on the other. You can have printers and scanners in one corner and the snack bar near the bean bags. This will create a layout and will give you a feeling of being in a traditional office. It will give a more professional look to your office and look good to your customers.

7. Desk For Mobile Office Trailer

A desk can be a tricky thing. They take up a lot of space and are usually the place where there is a lot of clutter. On the other hand, working without a desk is impossible. A simple solution is investing in a desk that utilizes minimum space and is super functional.


Portable desk
Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels
  • The edge: It’s a two in one chair and desk system. It does not have a single application but two. It takes 10 seconds and can be folded up and stored when not in use. It’s the best thing for mobile offices.
  • Office in a case: It is literally an office in a case. In this case are desk and chair. The case itself is part of the desk. When you fold the desk and put the chair in it, and fold it up, it becomes a case for you to carry and store it.
  • Stork stand: This is a standing desk that attaches to the back of your office chair. You can work sitting, and when you get tired you can stand and work, it’s amazing and good for your health.

8. Comfortable Chairs For Office

Working for long hours in an office can be tiring. But working for long hours in an uncomfortable chair in a small office is just painful. Invest in some comfortable chairs that help your posture. Another simple solution is to buy chair pillows to make them more comfortable. You can also opt to work standing or use bean bags for your office.

9. Functional But Fun Knick-Knack For Mobile Office Trailers

ChatBox is a throwable microphone. This will help make your meeting fun, engaging and encourage more participation. Another fun thing to add to your office is The Everlast notebook. It was created for the people who still crave that pen and paper experience in the digital age. Write in it with any Pilot Frixion line pens, then use the Rocketbook app to scan your notes, transfer them to any cloud service, and share it with your contact. Why is it considered everlasting? Because you can just wipe pages clean with a wet piece of cloth. And then reuse it.

10. Portable Scanner

Invest in portable scanners for your office. A good portable scanner is Doxi Go. This device helps you scan your paper documents and send them to your laptop, phone, or cloud storage in a couple of seconds with a good network connection. You can then store them as scan pdf files.

11. Portable Printers

Portable printers are small and don’t take up much space in your office. You don’t want to bring a traditional printer to your small temporary office and make it congested. A portable printer you can invest in is the Canon Pixma TR150 Wireless Portable Printer; it will give you a seamless experience for your small office. It is a color printer and prints legal-sized papers. You can connect it to your laptop or phone.

With a few changes to your mobile office trailers, you can create an effective, comfortable and functional portable office for yourself. In these changing times, this might be just the thing you need. Don’t be stressed about it being a small work office. You can do wonders with it once you set your mind to it.

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