Most Alluring Beaches of the World

Don’t you love to laze around the sand and waves while you put on your tan?
The beach has been a favourite destination for all travelers. From sunbathing to surfing and making sandcastles— beaches are something everyone loves to visit.

If you love beaches or are planning a beachside vacation anytime soon, here is a list of the top five beaches you must put on your bucket list.

1) Beaches of Anguilla, Eastern Caribbean

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Located in the Eastern Caribbean region, Anguilla has 33 beaches made of white sand, which are famous worldwide and is heaven for beach lovers. One destination to visit!

Discovery ranked the Anguilla beaches first in its top ten beaches list.

2) Playa Del Amor, Mexico

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Also known by names such as the “Hidden Beach” or the “Lover’s Beach, is a sort of secluded paradise. It is accessible through a long tunnel which links it to the Pacific ocean.

Surrounded by a ring of a landmass rising around it, this beach looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel.

3) Jervis Bay, Australia

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Located 3 hours south of Sydney, this beach is a beautiful place— with white sand and turquoise blue water. You can also experience scuba diving or cruise to see dolphins and whales.

4) Zlatni Rat, Croatia

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One of the most uniquely shaped beaches in the world, this beach’s name means “Golden Horn.”

This beach extends almost a mile into the sea, and the V-shaped beach continuously changes its shape depending upon the current. You can also try various water sports here.

5) Anse Source D’argent, Seychelles

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With the Indian Ocean lapping at its edges, this beach—filled with boulders, white sand, palm trees, and forests looks like a spectacular movie scene. A must-visit!

Don’t forget to visit these beaches to gain the experience of a lifetime.

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