How do I start selling WordPress themes?

Popular site builders and agencies have earned millions of dollars per year of design and development of themes. Let’s examine marketplaces leading brands and alternative strategies like partnerships, ad networks and many more. If you think about selling and creating customized themes, you can use this article as a guide to learn how to become your own professional WordPress theme developer.  

Use this article to learn the best method for using the WordPress theme for your web development efforts.

How do I develop a WordPress theme?

Getting started on Themes might seem overwhelming, especially for a beginner. Customizing a theme for WordPress is relatively simple. It does not require too extensive technical knowledge to understand and develop web development. In addition, building out your own theme is much worth the effort since you can get your website looking and working just right. Then we will take you step-by-step through the process if you’re planning on starting a WordPress theme and learning how to customize them.

How and Where to sell WordPress themes & plugins?

There are many ways to develop and launch your site themes and plugins. Designing a WordPress application is extremely fulfilling, even when it takes a little guidance when it’s just beginning. 

Where to Sell WordPress Themes in 2021: 11 best places

As a website’s number of visitors increases with WordPress, demand for WordPress themes will increase too. More web developers are now converting to WordPress developers to pursue that lucrative niche. There is nothing wrong with being a novice or skilled designer. If it was possible to sell WordPress themes on the internet, it would surely be beneficial. Sell WordPress themes on an online marketplace can help you build your next WordPress theme. 

Creating WordPress themes that sell – 5 guidelines, you should know.

WordPress is a popular Content Management System that serves many users. Developers feel empowered to create WordPress topics. Of course, often, we find talented developers not making it big with WP themes in terms of financial gains. In this article, we will see certain things you should do in order to make money from the WP theme created for you. 

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How to sell your first 100 WordPress themes and plugins?

WordPress Premium product market went back to strong levels last year. A top developer may earn six to seven figures a year by selling quality theme products and plugins. Many developers do not know how to sell products. Today I’ll share four pieces of advice to help WordPress companies sell their next 100 products. 

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Why do I need to sell WordPress themes?

WordPress is a truly international tool that uses large and small companies and organizations. The market for the theme and plugin is competitive, but access barriers to purchase are low. There are a lot of ways to sell and display your products. 

I’ll introduce various options later in this post to show you how you can use the tools to create a unique showcase for your brand on the web. This includes themes and plugin developers too. This suggests that there is a huge potential marketplace for your work. The best part about making WordPress websites is knowing you can build your website using these features and use them to create a unique showcase.

Where can I sell WordPress themes?

Creative Market is all about giving people of all ability levels a place to sell their skills. It has six million users, so that it has a huge audience for your films. 

ThemeForest provides a few choices in terms of exclusivity and benefit. MOJO Marketplace has more than 5.3 billion users. Putting a theme in the WordPress theme directory provides excellent value. 

This will expose you to a huge audience and provide you with excellent tools to start. The best thing about codester is their usual profit sharing. You don’t need to be a veteran seller to reap the dividends.

An introduction to WordPress theme development

We will teach you to create your first WordPress theme. In general, designing themes is not as complicated as people may imagine. Because the platform’s unique user-friendly features and several options are available to most anyone, you’re able to design the theme yourself. It is helpful to have experience creating and using local hosting systems and PHP programming languages. 

You will learn about a staging environment and get the tools to create a theme that works best for that. Finally, you’ll need an important tool, and it will greatly simplify the process: a starting theme. It should also be a theme to make your website stand out.

Research and choose a niche for your theme

Researching a specific niche can help you determine whether you have competition and how much chance of success on the market. There are specific niche websites to make personal portfolios, musicians, photographers, nonprofits, and many others. 

A good company that markets its premium themes to a particular niche is Graph Paper Press who manufactures premium themes for photographers. When you decide on a niche for your theme, you will have an audience you can get marketable. You can also see what keywords and the marketing approach will work optimally for its new theme. 


ThemeForest is an online marketplace based in Envato which allows you to buy and sell HTML templates and themes for popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The price of an item depends upon file complexity quality and intended use; the total price also includes a shipping and handling fee. 

Alexa says they are among the most popular Web sites in the world. They are certainly one of the most comprehensive marketplaces of the kind, with a thriving community of web developers and designers. It is no coincidence that the theme maker is famous for creating professional quality themes.

Go responsive with your design.

Several theme shops may pass over themes without responsive styling or customization features. If you really want to set your theme apart, don’t just collapse your content into a column for smaller screens. Use creative talent as part of your theme design to bring it out of this world. 

You can either get started with a responsive theme or learn how to develop your own responsive theme or use the responsive WordPress plugin. Use responsive frameworks or a responsive plugin to make your composition more responsive and make this more beautiful on smaller screen sizes.

What is a starter theme, and why should you use one?

A starter theme is a simple WordPress theme that you can use as a base for designing your own site. It is a solid choice for newcomers since it provides just the basics. 

Underscore is developed by Automattic. Thus it’s probably more likely to be compatible and supported in the long run. It will also help you understand how WordPress works by showing you a basic structure and how all its components work together in basic ways to build a theme. The default theme is based upon a basic version of the original version of this article.

Open your personal theme store.

One reason why so many people do not make a personal theme store is because of the formalities involved. You only have the right to refund the money for support and other business transactions. Another option for selling WordPress themes would be to avoid the middleman altogether. 

You may use, for example, membership plugins. With a membership plugin, you have the option of buying Multiple themes at a fixed price. Content marketing should focus on innovative ideas rather than on the same idea everyone else is doing. What makes new and interesting ideas have the most influence is originality.

Make your theme easy to customize

A balance is necessary between not providing sufficient customization options and not enough. Overly complex themes or simple themes are annoying to use. Provide a wide selection of shortcodes and templates to make your site more flexible to customize. It would help if you also were looking forward to contacting a few developers with diverse experience levels to try creating and personalizing your theme before you put it to sell. 

Make your theme look amazing.

Use compelling content for highlighting your theme and its full visual potency. Other options include multiple design options such as several colors or various design options on pages. 

The most important thing to consider is what content you incorporate in the demo theme is what you use in the demo. Incorporate captured images. Using captivating and enticing photography will make your theme stand out.

Start an affiliate program.

Top marketers or blogs may find your products and advertise them. They demand a commission with each sale they help make. To reach your first affiliates, you need additional investment, but the strategy is worth it if your product is already proven to sell. 

For a way that promotes your product directly across sites, use an affiliate plugin like AffiliateWP to do this. It is part of the Pippin Plugins family, which includes easy digital downloads.

Template Monster

TemplateMonster is the digital marketplace for innovative and unique designs and services. The marketplace currently has 30,000 offerings, of which more are planned. The primary purpose of this marketplace is to serve as a platform for digital product creators to provide better conditions for the release of their extraordinary creations. 

Template Monster Market now has over 30,00 products to sell. TemplateMonster has established itself as a trusted theme and design marketplace offering multiple templates that accept different needs from various companies.

What makes a WordPress theme successful?

The premium WordPress product market has grown over the past few years. A seasoned developer can now earn a little more from selling their premium topics and plugins. The hard work never pays back, and a great product fails to sell well. 

So we put this list to help you think of what makes a good selling for theme in the market. We can now browse through the best market for your theme designs. The list also contains the best themes to sell on the market that can be found on Google Play and other important websites.

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Reach out to WordPress blogs and bloggers

Most popular online businesses offer a ‘comment’ on your product can be a solid plus point for your profile. This helps show prospective buyers your brand’s important features. 

Contact every top WordPress site you can think of, especially those who are regular contributors. Ask them to pick some time from their schedule and review your themes. If you follow this way, you should find more readers for the blogs you normally write in. Sometimes it’s the best way to grow.

List some other marketplaces where you can sell WordPress themes?

Creative Market enables artists to promote their unique creations. The profit can be flat at 77% per sale. Never lower. MOJO Marketplace is a leading platform for digital goods connecting our 5.8 million users to over 7500 items. The seller program allows anyone to be listed in the MOJO Marketplace. 

Follow the carefully laid out instructions, and you should be ready to go. Pricing can be adjusted whenever you like – especially as the market changes. MOJO is designed to empower creative minds if their idea is possible.

Plan how you will handle support

Listing free themes on offers support in a convenient way because WordPress has a built-in support system. You don’t want to come under the name of a theme designer who offers poorly supported websites for your theme. Likewise, you will need to determine how much time you can devote to answering support messages and feature requests if your theme becomes popular. The support team should be there to answer any questions. 

Include the right theme templates

WordPress is very transparent about the theme structure and how it is set to be used. Try to balance your theme to be flexible while not becoming an elaborate maze. Also a good way to implement the use of the Get_template_part() method and other naming conventions as well. Certain themes, especially frameworks, go too far in splitting out a theme into many include files.

Promote Your Themes Using Ad Networks

BuySellAds provides the most thorough advertising on the market. Numerous outstanding brands have used BSA to promote their advertising space. BFA offers websites including travel and beauty in categories. For every $50 in sales, your money should get 100 percent. Google said ads are getting a 50% return on the investment. AdWords is the free ad engine by Google. You already know AdWords in your day-to-day searches. 

Include Detailed Documentation

Good documentation should explain how to set up and configure your theme and learn how to work with some or all of the custom templates. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a premium theme without knowing how you change some of the basic settings. You can learn more about writing good WordPress documentation and downloading template documentation to help you start your own theme development. A researcher should get good documentation, including quality documentaries.

Freemium business model

People are likely to not spend their money on any new product or developer. But people will likely test out the company’s technology if there is no investment. Whether you’re selling themes or plugins, make the release as simple as possible. Impress people with a ‘Lite’ version, and they’ll definitely go for a full version. Impress them with the light ‘light‘ version, and you’d be better off with a higher quality version of your product than a light version of the product we want to sell.

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Decide how you will market your theme.

There are pros and cons to each of these options, and you need to see which option is best for you. Having your site submitted may help increase your audience, but you may find it difficult. Marketing Themes yourself can increase profit margins but may make it harder to reach a big number of audience. Whatever you decide, use your own social and professional circles to promote the theme and use your social networks to promote the theme. 


Digital creation digital platform Codester is a well-known digital market in the Netherlands. It is an online marketplace in which people can purchase and sell Web development materials. New users join each day. 

The website was set up in May 2014 and has become a popular digital marketplace worldwide. It’s worth it if you’re interested in buying or selling pre-designed scripts, design materials or otherwise mobile-related products. It has a strong foundation and will continue to grow.

Sell your themes with Envato.

Envato is one of the go-to brands in the design marketplace. The firm owns ThemeForest CodeCanyon & Tutsplus. The Avada theme (455k Sales) is currently popular on ThemeForest. StylemixThemes has received over 50,000 customers from these themes. Stylemix theme designers love their products and have over 50,00 exclusive customers only through ThemeForest. The site is best known for its immense popularity, high-quality content and numerous famous releases. 

Which Marketplace Should I Sell My Themes On?

There is no one correct way to determine which marketplace is appropriate for your themes. Do you have a specific requirement that you sell exclusively? Another important consideration is if you are willing to programme a free basic version for your theme. 

This will enable you to offer free versions on certain marketplaces and gain customers’ trust as they get to know your products – investments that can really pay off in the marketplaces you can offer for customers.


ThemesSnap is a marketplace for Drupal and WordPress-themed applications. Premium topics include PinBoard FlatClassifieds and others that help customers easily set up a very sophisticated Drupal solution for their business. Premium Drupal theme packages by ThemeSnap include Pinboard, Flat Classifieds and others. ThemeSnap also includes various other digital creation articles.

Mojo Marketplace

MOJO Marketplace is a subsidiary of Endurance International Group. Well-known providers like WooThemes can be found there, and it seems to be the best place to look for WooCommerce Modules and Extensions. A few complimentary plugins can be downloaded, including many free apps and plugins. 

Creative Market

Creative Market is a digital marketplace offering designs created by communities. Web designers or developers can buy artwork, WordPress designs, photos, and other digital merchandise from the company. Creative Market has more than one million users offering products to be sold.

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Can you list the advantages of publishing your theme with ThemeForest?

ThemeForest is where thousands of authors are working, and thousands visit Envato marketplaces every month. As a platform, ThemeForest supports almost everything. 

All you have to do is send a theme, get approved, and all the sales can easily occur as long as your product is perfect. These sites act like small landing pages that get listed in search engines in many ways. Many bloggers create popular themes for specific categories and build a list of premium themes from ThemeForest. Consequently, if your theme fits the specific category and has a unique style, you’re getting advertising on you for free.

Partner with StylemixThemes

StylemixThemes is open to cooperation and partnership with Freelancers and authors. They ensure that your theme is fully compliant and offer multiple marketing campaigns in the first months of its release. This is a fantastic opportunity if you want to focus solely on developing themes and hand over the business aspects of it to them. 

Follow the WordPress Coding Best Practices

The code handbook contains CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML, which will be implemented in the WordPress framework. WordPress’s developers work hard to provide everybody with a single page of content on that note. This will also take care of providing good documentation and functional features to your new themes development process. 

Envato Elite can help you grow your revenue.

The first Elite badge is awarded to creators earning at least $75,000 on the marketplace. You can earn prizes as a bonus! – until sales surpassed 25 million. Some themes get more than 1,000 sales every year. As sales and marketing grow, so do the budgets for extra tasks such as promotional and marketing. After that point, you can travel to outer space if you like or get Envato to pay for an expensive trip of your choice. The first badge should be sent to creators earning a certain amount.

Create clear theme documentation

The theme documentation should highlight the limitations of the theme and explain any out-of-the-ordinary installation or setup considerations. You can still document your theme’s entire design or customize it if other developers do that. The availability on the site for your Theme Finding plugin can benefit your theme. The easiest thing you can do to submit a theme on a website is to use the WordPress documentation page. 

Create a user-friendly theme option page

The Theme Options page can be accessed from which the user can personalize parts of each theme. Without it, an individual might have to learn CSS code or PHP to get started on things. If you cannot read settings without understanding CSS, then that’s probably the main reason to buy a premium theme. Therefore making sure users can navigate the Theme Options website is key to building a strong reputation. For example, the Themes option is clean, organized and simple to use.

Price your theme and start selling

The market data suggests a 59.59 value for prime-quality themes. There is, however, flexibility to present niche themes in larger price ranges. If you plan to build themes and plugins, consider running a theme club or subsets business depending on what and how you are making your products. You must understand the theme market and how consumers will shop. 

Choose a theme Marketplace.

Many developers use as the best free platform – option. If you choose another option, simply keep in mind what the goal is for your theme is and what marketing works for you. 

Obey the standard Norms.

As a developer, following norms of standardization always gives the best impression to potential clients. Going in an unorganized manner gives other developers an advantage over you by putting them in the spotlight and burdens you with additional hard work and excessive writing. You should think about using an existing theme framework such as the Genesis platform or Thesis.

Theme options and customization

Each user wishes you could customize their favorite themes depending on their personal preferences. If you ask everyone in your code to adjust your theme, you can only ask a few website users to use your website. A well-written theme options page would be a decent idea. Your theme should be configurable in user user-friendly ways.

Internationalization and Localization

A language-ready theme is the best solution to gain users and popularity. Having an easily translation-ready theme helps improve its popularity. Obviously, not all of the website users who use WordPress are fluent in English. A very simple way to get customers is to add translation to it.

Coding rules and practices

WordPress has its own sets of code standards. Most advanced or even mid-level users will discard your theme if it isn’t properly compiled. To make sure your design matches with a standard coding system, you can use a handy plugin called Theme Check. The Theme Check is a free plugin that allows you to change content.

Final thoughts

The four tips here are easy to incorporate and enough to be an ideal starting point to any Developer looking for a commercial WordPress business. Remember, a great product can never be enough when it comes to business. You need to have a good marketing plan to achieve. 

So, make sure you have all the required knowledge and a spot-on marketing strategy before you start selling your WordPress Themes.