4 Reasons Why Your Student Visa Can Get Rejected

If you have good scores, work, and come from a safe country, getting a student visa isn’t difficult. However, there can be times when your student visa can get rejected.

And trust me, there is nothing more disappointing than the rejection. You have to be very cautious during the entire process. Build a good rapport with the interviewer and be very confident while answering them.

Here are four reasons why your student visa can get rejected:

1. Strong intention to stay back in the foreign country

Even though you have all intentions to start working in the country after getting higher education, you must show strong roots in India.

Your words should reflect you are going to the country only for educational purposes and nothing out of greed of staying there and becoming a citizen.

2. No being capable enough financially

Unfortunately, only good grades aren’t enough to get you through the interview. You should show that you can support your finances for the tenure of your education in that particular country.

And this means you should have a minimum amount as advised by the country’s government in your bank account.

3. Being too casual and lousy during the interview

The student visa interview is nothing less than a formal interview. You have to be on your best behavior and very courteous.

Being too casual, laughing a lot, making jokes, acting lousy, or being clumsy is nothing going to get you anywhere. Be on time, wear simple colors, dress formally, and carry yourself well.

4. Giving away false information

Do not even dare to give single false information. These interviewers have years of experience and resources to find out if you are lying or not.

Also, they can inform about it to all other country embassies, keeping your desire to study a dream forever.

So, if you are applying for a student visa anytime soon, keep all these points in mind, or else you might face rejection too.