The 3 Best Places to Visit in the Month of March

March is one of the ideal times of the year to travel. With the chill of winter not yet gone, and the colours of spring just starting to bloom with the vividness of autumn, the third month of the year, March, presents excellent travel opportunities.

If you plan to pack your bags for a memorable trip, we are here to help you choose an incredible destination.

Here are a few places you should consider visiting in March to get the best out of them:

1) Fantastic Florida

What is better than to visit this warm and wonderful state, nicknamed the “Sunshine State”? With amazing beaches like Clearwater Beach and Sanibel Island, Florida is a beach lover’s paradise and the perfect place to soak up the last remaining traces of the winter sun.

We bet that you will also fall in love with Orlando’s theme parks and various resorts.

Arrange a quick trip to this beautiful city to have a fantastic time!

2) Awesome Amsterdam

This city—capital of the Netherlands, the Land of flowers—reveals its full colours in March. As various flowers bloom everywhere and social festivals start, Amsterdam transforms into a lively, festive place.

Soak in the culture of this beautiful city and walk through Keukenhof, the world’s most extensive bulb-flower garden. Visit the Secret Annexe, famous for being the hiding place for Anne Frank and her family during World War 2.

3) Delightful Dublin

Visit the capital of Ireland to experience the wonders of the Festival Ceili—the open Irish dancing festival held from 14 March. Delve into the culture of this beautiful city through boat races, walking tours, fun fairs, parades and food markets. You should not miss Dublin in March.

Have a rich travel experience in March by visiting these places on our list.

You can even add your suggestions in the comments section below!

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