The Top Reasons to Study in Sweden: Third Most Liberal-Country to Move to

Sweden: Third Most Liberal-Country to Move to

Are you looking to relocate to another country? Are you tired of the intrusion of authorities and discouraging policies that your government has passed to restrict your freedom? Don’t be discouraged by Brexit or the Trump-led USA, as there is a way out!

The British relocation service MoveHub published a list of the “most liberal countries you could move to in 2017”. The ranking was assigned according to the data collected from three global studies – the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report, last year’s Social Progress Index, and Yale University’s 2016 Environmental Performance Index (EPI).

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Sweden ranked as the third most liberal country in the world based on factors such as gender equality, minority rights, safety, and environmental measures like the quality of its soil, water, and air. Sweden also scored high points for economic participation, sanitation, and biodiversity. It is an ideal choice for women especially, those who are looking to move to another place for its safety.

Sweden is the first country to be governed by feminists, and therefore, gender equality has never been a topic of concern. Harriet Cann, an employee with MoveHub, recommended that if you’re a broad-minded individual looking to migrate to another country, Sweden would be a great option.

Other countries in the Rank

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However, Iceland will be an even better option to consider, scoring high marks on gender equality and percentage of renewable energy use, therefore, topping the list, followed by Finland.

Bear in mind that even though it is a great place to consider moving to, it has a few shortcomings. There is a scarcity of affordable properties in some parts of the country. As a result of this, over half a million are forced to wait in line for a long-term lease agreement with Stockholm’s Housing Agency.

The Top Reasons to Study in Sweden

Sweden is progressive all across the world for its progressive politics. It is home to the most famous YouTuber in the world – Pewdiepie. The Scandinavian country is also home to some of the best universities in the world. All universities in Sweden give importance to holistic education. It is informal and has a non-hierarchical education system. Sweden ranks 14th in e QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings.

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Here are four reasons to study in Sweden:

1. Lots of Scholarships for International Students

Education is free for EU and EEA students. The government of Sweden has the universities themselves give a lot of scholarships to the international students. You can get a scholarship on three bases – merit, nationality, and economic background.

2. Fall In Love With the Environment

Swedish people love nature and are always finding out ways to protect it. Sustainability is the center of all Swedish values and customs. The government has developed breathtaking national parks and reserves. It also has stunning beaches, which are super clean. The citizens consider themselves as primary carers of nature and work together, to reduce pollution as much as possible.

3. Live In a Versatile Country

In Sweden, you can be whatever you want. People encourage each other and those around them to fulfill their dreams. The country has a small population of 9.9 million and most of it stays in the larger cities like Stockholm, Lund, and Uppsala. All support the LGBTQ community and almost 15 percent of first-generation Swedish are immigrants.

4. The Perks of Working in Sweden

Well, the perks of working in Sweden are plenty and will spoil you. If you work in Sweden you get free healthcare, free childcare and education, and small compensations here and there that make life very inexpensive. And, the biggest perk of working in Sweden – you get a paid parental leave of 18 months per child. Both parents can utilize it at the same time.

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