Tips to Write a great Cover Letter

Cover letters are one of the most essential parts of writing a resume as it explains why you are perfect for the job or the reasons for applying in the first place.

Cover letters are generally dreaded! We spend a lot of time consulting sample cover letters online, editing and re-editing the contents, and feeling overwhelmed while writing it.

Here are a few handy tips which you can keep in mind to produce an error-free quality cover letter that will greatly improve your chances of getting accepted.

1) Address

Do not try to guess if you are not sure whom you should address your cover letter. This more often leads to disastrous consequences. Instead, it is always best to go for the generic and politely formal “To Whom It May Concern.”

2) Focus on your skills

While you should mention your educational qualifications and past work experiences, please don’t overdo it. Do not brag about how you scored the highest marks in tenth grade or give each tiny detail of your previous work.

Brush over these points, and focus on your skills. Mention what you are best at and what these skills will help you bring to your new employer’s organization.

Also, only mention relevant work experience—if you are applying for an IT job, your hiring managers don’t need to know about your part-time job as a dance instructor.

3) Make your cover letter stand out

You should follow the rules, but don’t be too conventional. Just the right amount of formality with a small personal touch helps your cover letter appear genuine and honest.

Follow these tips to help your cover letter bring out the best in you.

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