Top 4 Reasons You Should Study in France

Imagine studying in the most romantic country in the world as you look over at the majestic Eiffel Tower. France is a living dream for every international student, from museums to cafes to restaurants.

The education system is equally good and offers plenty of opportunities for international students right from the beginning of the second year.

Here are four reasons you should study in France:

1. Scholarships for international students

France is one of the very few nations with government scholarships for international students. Some scholarships waiver off only state fees, while some fund all your education.

Some of the famous scholarships in France for international students are the Eiffel scholarship program, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, and Ile-de-France Masters Scholarships.

2. You can take classes in English

Studying and living costs are cheaper than universities in the UK and USA. All courses in France are delivered in both English and France. Not all universities delivered courses in English earlier. Per the French government’s rule to increase the influx of international students, you can now take any English classes.

3. You will learn a new language

You will meet so many people throughout your degree and even make friends with the locals. This is your chance of learning a new language because why not? The French vocabulary is very similar to English, so you can easily grab French if you know your English well.

4. Best country for study

You might not know, but Paris beats London, Sydney, Boston, and other cities to become the best city for students. Even in modern-day France, you get to live in its past because of the beautiful French sculptures and buildings. And how can we forget the wine?

France lies in the center of Europe that means there are multiple flights and Euro Rail to travel all around the continent while you stay there.

And with so many good reasons, who wouldn’t want to study in France right?

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