Top 4 Tech-Jobs to Choose Now

The IT Sector is fast evolving and offers a lot of dynamic occupations. In an era where everything is computer-oriented- from our screens to our bank accounts to any other aspects of our daily lives- technology has automated simple processes to make our lives easier and modern.

We may think that automation may replace humans with technology and lesser jobs, but the truth is that humans created technology and not the other way round.

Breakthroughs in the tech sector have further increased opportunities for IT professionals’ new and highly lucrative career avenues.

Here are the top 4 IT jobs to try now:

1. Data Scientist

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With more and more people taking their businesses online, the demand for data scientists is surging. A data scientist analyzes user trends and consumer behavior using carefully extrapolated data from the internet.

As a data scientist, you can earn up to $100,000 a year, especially those with expertise in R- the programming language often associated with data mining.

2. Database Administrator

Database administrators are involved in managing, organizing, and archiving data. They are involved in troubleshooting data and making it more organized, increasing its accessibility.

Information is indispensable to any organization, which is what increases its importance. Database administrators often require expertise in Structured Query Language (SQL). Database administrators can earn up to $75,000.

3. Swift Programmer

Swift is a programming language and Objective C, which forms the basic framework of technologies like Apple and operating systems like iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS.

One of the most popular brands today, Apple often requires Swift-based programs. Swift may also be incorporated into Android software due to its high functioning and efficiency.

4. IT Manager

As we still have many businesses not yet updated and automated with technology, IT managers are indispensable to organizations in such a scenario.

IT Managers are responsible for troubleshooting any software and providing solutions to data-based complications for such companies. This field requires extensive knowledge and skills.

So, if you want to pursue your career in the IT sector, you can try out these job profiles.

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