Top 5 Career Choices for the Ones Who Excel at Art

Art has attained a whole new level today, and with the reach of social media, growing artists have myriad mediums to showcase their prowess.

Companies are paying more and more attention to visuals which makes this a great time for all the artists out there. They can make the best of their artistic abilities to make it big in the corporate world.

Here are a few lucrative career options for those who excel at art.

1. Video game designers:

More people are going crazy about online, PlayStation, and mobile games in this digital age. So if you’re an art enthusiast who has a penchant for computer programming, this is your thing!

You can be a part of the narration and the layout of the gam and design characters, animations, and elements. It also pays handsomely.

2. Cartooning:

By: Mdlne on Shutterstock

Dennis the Menace, ‘Calvin and Hobbes’, and ‘Cyanide and Happiness’ are a few of the revolutionary cartoon snippets that are still a loyal component of publications and social media pages.

This is your field if you have a witty eye and can easily replicate your imagination on paper.

3. Architecture:

By: Roman R on Shutterstock

This is an ideal career choice for those who love designing buildings and are fixated on geometry and measurements. Being an architect is a  high-paying profession that is indispensable to mankind.

4. Graphic Design:

By: on Shutterstock

In this advertising age, companies look for people who can create visually appealing logos, brochures, flyers, ads, and websites for their company promotion.

Graphic designers work in conjunction with text and images using photo editing software to create these designs, and this goes a long way in brand building.

Firms are looking for such designers, and you are paid handsomely.

5. Comic Book Artist:

You get to work freelance and exhibit your work on social media. Or you can work for a publication and create storylines to give them a pictorial form.

Do not let that talent go unused!

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