Top 5 Forests to Visit in the United Kingdom

The lush greenery of the forests in the UK, coupled with their mysticism, makes them some of the most visited places in the country.

The rich heritage and legends associated with them give them a touch of mystery and attract attention.

Here are a few of the most picturesque forests in England, which have been frequented by the royals since ancient times and now serve as havens of recreation and are frequented by the locals for walks and day trips.

1. New Forest

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Located in southern England, the New Forest is spread across parts of south west Hampshire, southeast Wiltshire, and East Dorset.

This forest has been in existence since 1079 and was created by William the Conqueror mainly for hunting deer. It has a fantastical element attached to its reputation, and the Rufus stone is significant here.

2. Forest of Dean

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We find this forest in an isolated area in Gloucestershire, mainly reserved for hunting by the royals. Created in 1066, it holds a reputation for being the second largest royal forest in England frequented by the rulers of the Tudor dynasty.

3. Sherwood Forest

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Situated in Nottinghamshire, this vast expanse of forests predominantly consisting of oak trees carries the mythical tales of Robin Hood.

Fictionally, he was a Messiah of the poor as he robbed the rich and distributed their wealth amongst the underprivileged. The giant oak tree known as the Major Oak was used as a shelter by Robin Hood and his men in the story.

4. Epping Forest

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This forest was accessible to people from all walks of life, but only the King was permitted to hunt. It was granted status as a royal forest in the twelfth century by Henry III.

King Henry VIII constructed a Great Standing here, which was reconstructed in 1589 in honor of Queen Elizabeth I. This building still stands and is now open to the public.

5. Dalby Forest

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This forest is part of the North Riding Forest Park, Langdale Forest, and Cropton Forest. It has been in existence since the Bronze Age and is mainly utilized for entertainment and timber production today.

If you ever happen to visit the United Kingdom, do check out these forests.

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