Top 5 Medical Schools in New Zealand

New Zealand is the next big study destination for international students. It is an even more desirable place for students with a bountiful natural environment, peaceful atmosphere, and inclusive campuses.

New Zealand’s education system is flawless, and the universities here are very accommodating.

And medical education is another upcoming Avenue in the education circuit of this small, quaint, beautiful country. You get to zone out from the rest of the world and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and lovely people while pursuing the rewarding medical profession.

Here are a few universities offering specialized courses in healthcare.

Victoria University of Wellington

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This university is located in Wellington, the heart of New Zealand. Offering specialized courses in Immunology, Clinical Research, and Music therapy, the research facility is excellent and among the country’s best.

This university also provides special scholarship schemes for international students.

Auckland University of Technology

This is the second-largest and amongst the best universities in New Zealand. It is a government-funded institution and offers around 57 courses in medicine, including Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedicine, Oral Health, Health Promotion, Health Administration, to name a few.

University of Canterbury

Located in Christchurch, this university has a good teaching facility with ample opportunities in the field of research and can help you gain interdisciplinary expertise in healthcare.

The university offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Health Sciences, Palliative Care, Speech Pathology, and much more.

Massey University, New Zealand

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This university offers around 7 courses in healthcare. Mostly centered around rehabilitation courses, public health, speech therapy, and language therapy- the courses are comprehensive, with most of them being full-time. The teaching faculty is amongst the best.

University of Auckland

With around 47 courses in healthcare and medicine and a full-time 6-year course in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and other courses in Medical Physics, Health Sciences, Imaging Technology, and Medical Statistics, to name a few- this university will be a good choice.

Well, these are the top medical schools in New Zealand that you can apply to.

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