Top 5 Universities In Australia For Career Placements

So you’ve decided to go to Australia for your higher education. You have finalized your course and are looking for a university.

But before you make a decision, have you thought about which university is the best for landing you a job after you have graduated?

The top 5 Universities in Australia

1. The Sydney University

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The undisputed champion is the top university in Australia you can get into in terms of employability. It also ranks the 4 best in the world.

It boasts of excellent networking between students and employers. And it is known for arranging the best career fairs for networking and employment.

2. Melbourne University

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Home to a whopping four prime ministers as alumni, the University of Melbourne is rising the ranks faster than ever. It has gone up to the seventh spot in 2017 for its effectiveness in employing graduates and postgraduates.

3. New South Wales University

The Group of Eight members has landed 36th in global employability criteria. However, it has been getting high ratings for its ability to retain students, graduate demand, and the starting package for the graduates. It also has an excellent student to tutor ratio.

4. Queensland University

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This university ranks a bit lower in the top 50 rankings but is a worthy contender. It has greater employability than the national average in Australia.

But students have access to an employability course that is free and can be taken online. The university also boasts the students’ chances of finding jobs with the help of internships, student exchange programs, and workshops.

5. UTS (University of Technology)

Located in Sydney, the UTS has a rate of employing 76% of its students within three months of their graduation. It ranked at 69 in the global competition, which is still respectable. Its strong points are reputation among employers and connecting students with them.

So, you can choose from these 5 universities to maximize your chances of employment after you graduate.

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