Top 7 Low-Paying Jobs You Don’t Want to Work In

With the current recession of the economy and higher unemployment rates, there has been a rise in low-wage professions that leave the citizens exhausted and sweating themselves over measly wages.

With an expected growth in the respective sectors, there might be a ray of hope.

Here is a list of the 7 lowest-paid professions.

1. Food preparation and serving workers:

Despite food being an indispensable entity, this vocation has the dubious distinction of being one of the lowest-paid occupations.

Having minimal education as a prerequisite, these jobs have long work hours, require tedious efforts and reward a very low paycheck.

2. Dishwashers

Working as stepping stones for those aspiring to be in the serving industry in the hospitality sector, these jobs are highly popular and yet have extremely low pay packages.

3. Cashiers

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Cashiers are required in every business venture- be it stores, restaurants or malls. Their job requires extensive calculation skills, at least a high school degree, presence of mind and an organizational facet.

Yet, it remains a low-paid occupation despite its essential role in the working of an establishment.

4. Hosts and hostesses

Although this job seems to be a piece of cake, it isn’t. They don’t just smile at the door but take reservations, direct you to the bathroom, and sometimes work as cashiers.

All of this needs to be done with a compliant face and in an attractive outfit, they have to afford for themselves.

5. Personal and home-care aides

From handling irate patients to cleaning soiled bed sheets and other exhausting activities, these professionals rely solely on the feeling of fulfilment they get by helping the disabled while earning a low salary.

However, the field is expected to have a rise in wages soon and its demand is increasing.

6. Bakers

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Although bakery products, cakes and pastries and bread are indispensable and enjoyed by one and all, bakery professionals earn some of the lowest wages despite working endlessly.

They require stamina and energy and they are not rewarded fully for it.

7. Vehicle and Equipment Cleaners

This vocation involves tremendous physical exertion, sweating and long hours. Despite that, it is considered a low skill and the pay is minimal.

So, these were some of the lowest-paid jobs comparatively.


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