What are the Problems faced by Most Job Seekers?

Many people believe that it is very easy to find a job as the process has become very simple and convenient thanks to technology. Many job portals maintain a website where organizations post their vacancies.

A job seeker needs to read the job posts, decide which one he wants to apply for, and click the necessary options.

But things are often not that simple! Why?

Well, for starters they are a lot of problems that are faced by job seekers from time to time.

Major Problems faced by Job Seekers

Insufficient Salary

The income or salary the job position offers often determines whether a job seeker wants to join a company. But many companies do not provide sufficient salaries as they already have many people competing for a job position.

Inadequate Information

Lack of information is also a problem faced by job seekers. Sometimes companies will not provide the expected salary range and leave comments like “as per industry standards” or “negotiable” in the pay column.

It is a negative approach and does not give the candidate a clear picture of the expectations.

Lack of Comprehensive Opportunities

Job seekers also find a lack of adequate opportunities. There are many online job portals, but very few of them are regularly updated. The candidates who search for jobs extensively may lack comprehensive opportunities.

Stiff Competition

The number of people actively looking for a job is enormous. According to Glassdoor, a single job offer from a corporate gets around 250 resumes.

The high competition puts off many promising candidates, and they get discouraged in the recruitment process.

Delay in Communication

Sometimes companies take a long time to communicate with the candidates about the results of an interview. It leads them to look for other opportunities even when they have cleared the interview.

These are the troubles that a job seeker can run into when looking for a Job. More effort is required from employers and the recruitment agencies to counter the problems except for the high competition which cannot be addressed.

But despite all the troubles and challenges job seekers face, you should never stop looking.

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