What are the Best Freelance Writing Jobs To Try?

Looking for the answer to “what are the top Freelance writing jobs?”

Before knowing the top freelance writing jobs, it is essential to learn to freelance? The freelancing space is for those who wish to be self-employed. They are self-employed people who don’t work at a particular company but still work for several of them!

Companies often hire freelancers to do a specific task, work, or a job, after which they are paid for their jobs by their employers or company, after which they are on to their next job!

A freelancer does not need only to take one job at hand, and they can simultaneously take up multiple projects at any given point of time for the same client or others. Still, just like any other job, this requires a lot of commitment and a good time management system. Since freelancer has deadlines that they have to adhere to, they need to have a prepared timetable that gives them enough time to finish their projects comfortably.

Freelancing is a booming space mainly because of the advantage of working on projects for your clients from anywhere in the world! Remote work is a dream for all our fellow writers, obviously, secondly, being your own boss is another perk as well!

But as a freelancer, the location is seldom an issue as you can be in a beautiful forest working on your project for a client or be in the midst of the mountains as well!

freelance writing jobs
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As long as you have a stable internet connection and your resources (Laptop, mobile.), you are good! Freelance writers require only one tool that heavily aids them in their writing job, and that is their way with words. Top writing gigs can be yours if you keep upgrading your communication, language, and writing skills.

It is a widely misunderstood concept that people assume that to have a freelance writing career, one needs to be interested in academic writing or need some excellent writing skills; however, what makes a successful freelance writer is how well researched, and informative your article is!

So now that you know what freelance writing is and what freelance writers do, let’s see what are the top freelance writing jobs, and what we can do to get an amazing writing gig!

Upwork- how to begin as a freelance write

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Upwork is one of the best freelance writing job platforms out of numerous sites globally that provide beginners and professional freelancers a chance to earn well and begin their journey in the freelance writing business.

As a freelance writer, you must discover your writing niche, which means what subject of writing are you interested in? It can be SEO writing, writing on social media platforms, copywriting jobs, or even technical writing! Upwork is an amazing way to find writing gigs and online writing jobs, especially for new freelance writers.

Paid freelance writing jobs might look intimidating when you begin since the first freelance writing job is always an uncertain experience. However, the more writing samples you put out there, you will get more writing jobs. Upwork pays writers well, due to which it is the go-to place for most freelance writers. It is the ideal marketplace for writing jobs from all areas.

The art of cold pitching ( The best way to get a freelance writing job)

The dream for all successful freelance writers is to have a recurring client who remembers you every time they need some article writing done! The best way is to land a client through the art of cold pitching directly.

There Is no doubt that freelance writing work can also be done through various sites, but when freelance writers now approach the client, such clients might build a long-term relationship with the freelance writers and trust them with many writing jobs.

How do we begin cold pitching?

To begin with, cold pitching is the first and foremost aspect of knowing your niche and the subject of writing that you are interested in. As I said earlier, it can be short stories, editing jobs, blogging jobs, search engine optimization, digital marketing, or more.

When you know your niche, you can then locate business, companies, and writer jobs related to that niche. The job search must be connected to your place. For example, If you are interested in writing about cosmetics, you can send a mail to a company like Nykaa or dove expressing how much you value their products and how you wish to start—writing for them!

Every company has job opportunities for enthusiastic writers. When you approach a company or a business, knowing about them, understanding their products, what they do is essential. Maybe they lack a blog post or, instead, job ads that you can assist them with. In this way, you can add value to their company. Having writing samples along with you is also of great help! It aids the employer in hiring writers after reviewing their writings.

When you present your pitch for any job postings, it is essential to mention how you heard of them or what caused you to show interest in their company. Most importantly, describe yourself in the least amount of words, but with as much precision as you can. Many freelance writers fail to introduce themselves correctly, which causes them to lose out on many freelance writing jobs online. Lastly, exactly what value can you add as a freelance writer to their company or business?

The last question is the most important, and I come back to my first point, your freelance writing niche must be given primary importance so that this question can be answered as professionally as possible.

The Power of LinkedIn (A way to begin a freelance writing business)

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LinkedIn is one of the most underrated and unused writing opportunities that most content writing individuals miss. LinkedIn is a paradise for a freelance writer from a remote job to high-paying clients! Networking and connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn is a sure-shot way of building great relationships and, in turn, great-paying jobs.

The job section on LinkedIn can connect you to the companies you desire, and I know some companies or individuals might not require a freelance writer but try your luck! The company page on LinkedIn must have an email, so what are you waiting for? Please send an email to them expressing your wish to provide them with your freelance writing services.

No company in the world does not require the skill of writing, and this is the most significant opportunity for a freelance writer, the worst that can happen is that they might tell you that the job is not available, but at least one or a few of them will require your services! You have to keep going!

Journalismjobs.com (for freelance writers)

Journalismjobs.com is an innovative and helpful site that offers many remote job opportunities to hire freelance writers, both part-time and full-time jobs!

It provides freelance writers with all opportunities, ranging from content writing jobs to proofreading jobs, money writing, editing posts, and more.

It provides wiring work in different fields and has a diverse range of industries that you can work with and explore, ranging from the technology industry with several electronic products to the acting industry, where dialogues, scripts, and stories are discussed as well! This website will never run out of options!

Knowing the types of freelance writing niches

1. Technical content writing jobs

A good technical writer knows all the technical terms and ways about the product they are writing for! For those who opt for technical writing jobs, the scope for subjectivity is very minimal. Everything goes by facts and figures, money writing, for example, or writing about an instrument.

All the information that needs to be comprehended by your reader must be well put, for which your writing skills must be strong, and it will not be a problem since there are many online courses where you can master your writing skills.

Technical writing demands unbiased information about a particular topic or product, and if you are a freelance writer who is good at descriptive writing, then this is for you!

2. Web content writing jobs

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This is quite self-explanatory and is usually for those who wish to start freelance writing. A web content freelance writer writes for the internet and is open to all types of content work, such as a freelance copywriter, editor, and many such writing jobs! The freelance writing jobs online are limitless since the nature of the job is such where it can vary from product to product.

When a freelance writer writes on the web, he must do his research on the product he is writing about and, most importantly, the keywords he is using while writing about the product. Search results, search engine optimization, and many such concepts must be well-read by the writer.

Using relevant keywords can increase your reach on the Internet, and the primary motive of wiring online is to get maximum traffic to the page with your article.

3. Articles in newspapers or finding magazine writing jobs

As technology has advanced over the years, there are several offline and online jobs in media as well! Newspapers and magazines are now not only paperback but also online. Many writing jobs involve documenting and writing several events for digital newspapers from a completely unbiased perspective. However, several magazines talk about lifestyle, travel, food, fashion.

Such magazines are pretty informal and simply require a good command of your language and information on those particular topics that the freelance writers write about. Apart from magazines, many websites such as Kirkus media, Reedsy discovery, and book browse pay you to write book reviews!

P.S.: if you are a reader, this is just for you! It is a mistake to think that reading is a skill that you cannot monetize. For all the readers out there, your reviews on the books you read are precious and can be utilized by many individuals and companies worldwide!

4. Guest post

A guest post is essentially the art of writing for someone else’s website! Yes! There is a market for that too! For all those freelance writers who are skilled in SEO (search engine optimization) and have a way with words, a guest post is a great way to explore your talent.

A company hires freelance writers to write for their website in a way to gain more traffic, the freelance writers must know what keywords to use and how to attract traffic on the website.

Creating your blog

Many times when you approach a client or sign up for freelance writing jobs, the client or the company often wants to inquire about your style of writing, examples as to how and what you write about, and so it is essential to have sample writings of your own!

Some freelance writers choose to keep their sample writings in a document somewhere amid their other laptop files, but that exudes low confidence to the client, and so, whatsoever you write, make sure you post it online!

Many sites act as job boards such as BlogSpot, Wix, Weebly, medium that aid you in creating your blog! Having your blog shows that you have the confidence to publish your work online and take full accountability for it. As a freelance writer, you must exude trust and capability to your client, which is a small way!

Apart from the reason mentioned above, having a blog as a new freelance writer is a brilliant way to attract potential clients as they can easily visit your blog and assess your writing themselves! It is not necessary that you only write about particular subjects.

Your blog can mention any writing that you desire. As long as it is well articulated and you are confident of it, go for it!

So, based on what we have got over the internet, there are many freelance writing jobs that you can apply for. For every niche, there is a job. You can either be a freelance travel writer, food blog writer, entertainment writer, news writer, and so on.

Depending on your expertise you can choose which freelance writing jobs are for you. I hope this guide helps you a bit.

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