What Do Job Seekers Look at When Applying to Job Posts?

Tiny little things can affect the job seeker’s mind and interest in working with a particular recruiter. The recruitment process is also crucial as many candidates are discouraged by unsuitable procedures and search for other opportunities.

The Different Factors behind Applying to a Job Post

There are many factors an aspiring candidate considers when applying for job posts. Let’s see what they are:

Relevant Opportunities

The candidate must be able to identify the relevant opportunities the job will provide. The more options you can reveal to the candidate, the higher are his chances of joining and fewer threats of turnover.

The job interview and other interactions over the phone or Skype should disclose the candidates’ opportunities once they join your organization.

Real-Time Feedback

Many companies cause a lot of delays in their recruitment process. They take weeks to contact the selected candidate and never reach out to the rejected ones. But the present generation of job seekers is not ready to wait.

They will start looking for other opportunities if you do not get back to them within 2 weeks of the interview. You should communicate with the candidates properly and prevent keeping them waiting.

Current Competition

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Many resumes will find their place on the HR table before a person is picked to fill a job position. According to Glassdoor, every corporate job vacancy receives around 250 resumes.

But only a few out of them are called for the interview, and only one gets chosen in the end.

It makes candidates feel the urge to check out the competition. They want to stack their profile against the other job seekers to discover their chances of getting the job.

Many online job portals can compare one candidate’s skills with the other job seekers who applied for the post.

Job seekers often have different expectations. While organizations may look at hiring the best talent, appreciating good work, respecting employees and ensuring good work ethics go a long way in employee retention and meeting organizational goals.

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