12 Things To Do In Prague For Fun!

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Vltava river separates this beautiful city of the Czech republic into two halves. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities on the European continent and is located in the centre of Europe.

The Czech capital, famous for its Old Town Square, is also named “the City of a Hundred Spires”. Prague is rich in history, culture, and architecture. Prague is the principal political, cultural, and economic centre of central Europe.

The city has a rich architectural history that depicts both the ebbs and flows of Bohemian history and more than a millennium of urban existence.

Prague is a beautiful city. There are many fun things to do in Prague, from taking a romantic stroll after dusk to simply tasting Czech beers. Visiting Prague will be worth your money.

Prague, Czech Republic.
Scenic summer night panorama of the Old Town architecture with Vltava river and St.Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic. Source: Depositphotos

List Of Fun Things To Do In Prague

There are plenty of cool and fun things to do in Prague. Here is a proper guide for fun things you can try in Prague.

1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the world’s largest ancient complex in the Hradcany castle district. Its splendor will enthrall you. Prague castle attracts many tourists to the Czech Republic as its central attraction.

You must visit the fantastic Prague castle while visiting Prague. Prague castle have various historical buildings such as St. Vitus cathedral, great south tower of the cathedral, old royal palace, St. George basilica and the golden lane.

You will get to walk around the enormous St. Vitus Cathedral and the historic St. George’s Basilica. You can also explore the gardens and the courtyards of the castles and their palaces.

It was significantly renovated after 1483 by Vladislav II after being significantly expanded by Charles IV and his son Wenceslas IV. Benedikt Ried, an architect, created Vladislav Hall (1493–1510), a space in the Old Royal Palace.

You could easily spend the entire day admiring the breathtaking splendor of Prague Castle, which served as the residence of Czech monarchs, emperors, and presidents for thousands of years. Visiting the Prague Castle is one of the best things to do in Prague.

1.1 St. Vitus Cathedral

The magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral, one of Europe’s most beautiful churches, towers over the entire castle grounds. You can explore the Czech Crown Jewels, one of the most significant emblems of Czech statehood, and marvel at the stunning Gothic architecture of the nation’s first temple.

According to legend, this magnificent gothic church served as a key source of inspiration for the creation of Walt Disney’s very own Sleeping Beauty Castle.

St. Vitus Cathedral, located inside the walls of Prague Castle, is one of the most picturesque churches we have ever seen. You really must pay a visit to this magnificent church while in Prague.

1.2 St. George’s Basilica

The second-oldest church in Prague and a hidden gem of Czech Romanesque architecture is the stunning St. George’s Basilica, which is located immediately behind the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Continue along your road to discover the secret Golden Lane, which is lined with little, bright houses selling a variety of trinkets and handcrafted items that are uniquely Czech.

Due to the numerous goldsmiths that lived in the homes, it was once known as “Goldsmith’s Lane.” Finally, unwind and take in the stunning scenery at St. Wenceslas Vineyard or the Royal Gardens.

1.3 Golden Lane

Golden Lane, a neighborhood of modest row homes that were first constructed for royal alchemists and other castle staff, is located just to the north of the Castle’s guarded area.

This beautiful Castle is one of the critical attractions of Prague. St George Basilica, St. Vitus cathedral, and Golden lane can be visited with a combined entry ticket.

1.4 Stag Moat

Until the 18th century, deer may be seen in the Moat. This custom was symbolically continued when a bear pen was established in the 20th century.

A tunnel built to the plan of J. Pleskot’s architect between the Upper and Lower Moat was constructed between 2001 and 2007. During the summer, the Stag Moat is accessible to the public.

1.5 The Royal Garden

The original Renaissance garden, established in 1534, has evolved into one of the city’s few tranquil areas. The park is situated where ancient medieval vines formerly stood.

The Ball Game Hall, the Royal Summer Palace, and the Lion Court were among the first structures erected for the nobility’s enjoyment.

Currently, the garden continues the legacy of an “English-style” park built there in the middle of the 19th century, but it also has Renaissance-era features and Baroque-era features. It has three entrances: the northern gate close to the Royal Summer Palace, the two western gates from the street U Praného mostu, and the western gates from the street.

Wandering around the famous Prague castle and admiring the beauty of the Czech republic’s most popular place is one fabulous thing to do in Prague. The magnificent Prague castle, now the president’s official residence, has historically served as the capital of the Czech Republic and has seen various Czech rulers. The castle grounds are open to everyone without a fee.

2. Charles Bridge

Another fun thing to do in Prague visits the Charles bridge. The bridge has a rich history and is a beautiful place to visit. The bridge looks scenic at night. Charles Bridge is a medieval stone arch bridge that spans Prague’s Vltava River.

Whoever said “the best things in life are free” may have referred to Prague’s Charles Bridge. One of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of visiting Prague is a simple walk across the 14th-century bridge.

In the region, there are a lot of enticing eateries and coffee shops. From the John Lennon Wall, just keep going until you reach the river. You’ll have to cross a brief bridge to get there. You can choose from various locations to eat, sit down, and unwind before crossing the renowned Charles Bridge and heading back into the city center.

You can explore this beautiful city of the Czech republic on your feet. You just have to cross the Charles Bridge to reach Prague Castle to the Old Town Prague, as the Charles Bridge connects the two. Instead of taking the subway or a taxi, cross the bridge on foot to enjoy the breathtaking views of Prague.

Walking across the Charles bridge at night is most fun things to do in Prague. You will get to enjoy the night views of Prague.

3. Lennon Wall

The wall had been covered with love poems and brief inscriptions critical of the dictatorship since the 1960s, and it is a part of Prague’s history.

Since the passing of Beatles member John Lennon in 1980, the wall has been covered in countless messages and pieces of graffiti. These used to be largely critical of the government and seeking freedom, but now they emphasize peace and love more than anything else.

The John Lennon wall is not far away from the Charles Bridge. The John Lennon Wall is an actual tourist magnet that draws visitors from all over the world. Visiting the Lennon wall is one of the most exciting things to do in Prague.

4. Franz Kafka Museum

Franz Kafka was born in Prague on July 3, 1883, passed away at a Kierling sanitarium on June 3, 1924, and was buried in Prague’s New Jewish Cemetery on June 11. He was a writer and resided in golden lane from 1916to 1917.

The museum is made up of Herget Brickworks structure. It is located on the lesser town bank of the Vltava river. The museum contains most of the first editions of Kafka’s works, letters, diaries, manuscripts, photographs, and drawings never before displayed in Prague.

If you are interested in knowing how the writer’s life was affected and shaped by Prague, then the museum must be on your list of things to do in Prague.

5. Petrin Hill and Petrin Lookout Tower

One of Prague’s most notable structures, the Petrin Lookout Tower, was constructed in 1891 as a rough replica of the Eiffel Tower for the Jubilee Exhibition (at a ratio of 1:5).

One of Prague’s greenest areas is Petrin Hill. Several seats along the way let you rest your legs while taking in the view as you make your way to the top of the hill. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Prague.

The stroll up to the hill is lovely compared to the crowded historic center and calming. You can also take the funicular railway up Petrin Hill from the lower part. A tiny Eiffel tower, beautifully planted gardens, and a viewing platform is all located at the summit.

On a clear day, you can see almost all of Bohemia from the top, where you can also see the entire Czech Republic city.

6. Places To Visit In Old Town Prague

There are plenty of options regarding places to visit in Prague for you to explore.

6.1 Old Town Square

The old town square is a famous historic landmark in the Czech Republic’s capital. You can explore this beautiful place during your visit to Prague. Old Town Square has remained chiefly unaltered since the 10th century, despite the turbulent history of invasions that Prague has experienced.

Every day, throngs of tourists cram the outdoor eateries along the old streets. The old town square itself is the ideal location to take in Prague’s magnificent architecture.

There are several catacombs that are interesting to explore and one of the most extraordinary things to do in Prague. They were the ground floor of the former medieval houses on the square. Currently, they serve as a display of medieval life.

The old town square is located halfway between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge, and numerous stunning historical monuments and structures may be seen in the Old Town Square.

6.2 The Jewish Quarter

The Old Jewish Cemetery, a Jewish Ceremonial Hall, and six synagogues may be found in Prague Jewish Quarter, between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River. One of the most visited sights of the Czech Republic. Hitler prevented the Nazis from destroying it because he planned to turn the area into a museum for the extinct Jewish race.

You can check out the Spanish Synagogue while visiting Prague. The interior of the Spanish Synagogue in Prague is exquisitely detailed, making it a must-see attraction. The edifice is magnificent, covered in intricate title work and gold leaf.

The old ghetto is today brimming with eye-opening insights into the area’s turbulent past, from the Jewish Museum to its magnificent synagogues.

You can also explore Letná Park. This park offers several walking trails, a café, and expansive views of the city across the river from the Jewish Quarter.

Many art students can be seen painting the cityscape. Visit Chotkovy Sady to see Prague Castle from the backside and the lovely gardens.

6.3 Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock sometimes referred to as the Prague Orloj, is a historic astronomical clock affixed to Prague, Czech Republic’s Old Town Hall.

If you’re looking for free things to do in Prague, note the Astronomical Clock in Old Town! Every hour on the hour, the animatronic clock puts on a spectacular show depicting the journey of the 12 apostles.

Prague, Czech Republic’s astronomical clock, is one of the world’s oldest operating astronomical clocks. The place is perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures. You need to reach there 5-10minutes earlier to get a good photo spot.

6.4 Old Town Hall Tower

The 14th-century massive prismatic tower, standing about 70 meters high, dominates the Old Town Hall and the entire area. The viewing gallery of the tower provides stunning views over the city.

You may see the nearby Tn Cathedral or Saint Nicolas’ Church, as well as Prague Castle, in the distance and be astounded by the sheer number of towers, spires, and domes that make up Prague’s varied architecture. The only medieval tower in Prague that is fully wheelchair accessible is the Town Hall tower.

6.5 Town Tower Bridge

One of the most exquisite Gothic entrances in the entire world is the Old Town Bridge Tower. The tower and Charles Bridge were constructed by Emperor Charles IV in the middle of the fourteenth century, according to Petr Parlé’s designs.

The Old Town gate was also intended to serve as a symbolic victory arch that Czech kings would pass through during their coronation processions.

Most visitors to the Old Town Bridge Tower Museum tend to go upstairs right away for the stunning views of the entire city of Prague. Many people are unaware that their admission ticket enables them to access the cellar and galleries surrounding the tower’s stairwells.

6.6 National Marionette Theatre

If you are looking for Prague’s style of entertainment, then you must add Puppet’s gala performance to your list of things to do in Prague. The National marionette theatre is the Czech republic’s oldest puppet theatre. The performing arts are an integral part of Czech culture.

The city is home to 30 puppet producers, over 20 specialty puppet businesses, and even a puppet museum. Puppets were first utilized as entertainment at royal feasts and festivities in the 12th century when the Czechs first became fascinated with them. You must enjoy the live performances of puppets during your visit to Prague.

7. Places To Visit In New Town Prague

Here are a few options for you to explore in the New Town of Prague.

7.1 Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas square is a world heritage site and part of the historic city center of Prague. The two famous places in Wenceslas square are the national museum building and the statue of patron Saint Wenceslas, after whom Wenceslas square is named so.

Wenceslas Square is the primary location of Prague for important public meetings, including protests, rallies, parades, and festivities. It is only a short stroll from the Old Town.

Wenceslas square is the main shopping area of Prague, Czech republic. There are various restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, and nightclubs. It is one of the fun things to do in Prague during your visit to Prague.

King Wenceslas Prague’s statue is in the middle of Wenceslas square in front of the national museum. The national museum is one of the oldest museums in the Czech Republic. You can explore the museum, which is newly reopened.

7.2 Dancing House

You must find time to see Dancing House’s Medusa-like Dome while visiting Prague. No, you don’t see things – the building is, in fact, dancing! Exploring the Dancing House is one of the best things to do in Prague.

The mysterious Dancing House, a singular example of contemporary architecture, serves as both a sight and a metaphor: The rock tower represents men, while the glass tower represents women.

8. Enjoy Czech Republic’s Beers and Prague Beer Museum

If you are a beer lover, then you must consider visiting Prague. The Czech Republic is heaven for beer lovers. Some of the best beers are produced here. Various Beer tours can help you explore the culture of the Czech Republic.

From famous bars to local microbreweries, you can learn about Czech beer from the local guides.

A significant component of the Prague food scene is Czech beer. There are a lot of beer gardens in the Czech Republic. Since we discussed beer, you can board the tram once more and travel to the Prague Beer Museum for the beer experience tour. This tiny location is quite instructive if you’re curious about Czech beer’s production and history.

9. Enjoy the Czech Republic’s Nightlife

The rivers of beer (pivo, in Czech) that run through the streets of the Czech city may have helped give it its reputation as vibrant nightlife, but Prague’s top pubs are all about diversity. No matter your preferred beverage, there is something for everyone here.

The pubs in the Czech Republic’s capital are among the best on the continent. One of the most delicate things to do in Prague is going out at night, and there are so many different ways to do it that you can keep doing it repeatedly.

10. Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland is located approximately 90 minutes from Prague and is close to Germany. It is home to various endemic animals and stunning natural features, such as the Pravcicka Archway and Kamnitz Gorge.

You can go hiking in the national park; this is a nice change of pace from the congested cobblestone streets. The National Park is the best option for an active day excursion from Prague. Visiting Bohemian Switzerland is one of the best things to do in Prague.

11. River Cruising

One of the best things to do in Prague on a gorgeous summer afternoon is to spend the day on the river Vltava.

Go on a river cruise in Prague. The waterways surrounding the ancient city are a must-see in Prague and are frequently referred to as “Prague Venice.” Take a boat ride along Prague castle and under the Charles bridge.

A river cruise is one of the most excellent things to do in Prague at night. Learn about the city’s sights while taking in the illumination of Prague.

12. Christmas Markets

If you are lucky enough to visit Prague in December, explore the Prague Christmas markets scattered throughout the city. The city is decorated with tons of Christmas markets which can be seen in every corner of the capital city, from the old town square to small areas like JZP.

You can pick up unique Christmas market gifts for yourself. Roaming around these markets is one of the great things to do in Prague.


The fantastic city center of the Czech Republic is a must-visit place. The city will win your heart. There are a lot of fun things to do in Prague. The incredible thing about the city is that it can be conquered on foot. Various walking and bus tours can help you explore the city economically.

Photo by Rasto SK from Shutterstock

You can take the free walking tours. These tours will make your city sighting easy and fun. One after another, a superb way to experience the city’s finest attractions is on an open-top bus tour.

You will have a tonne of alternatives for free walking tours. Most tours last 2-3 hours and begin near the astronomical clock in Old Town Square. The Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, and other essential locations will be briefly described.

From those who are budget travelers to those who prefer luxury vacations, everyone should visit Prague. There are various beer gardens which you can visit and taste some famous Czech beers.

If you have visited Prague, you will still feel like returning to this fantastic city. There are numerous attractions in Prague. If you plan to go on a vacation, you must consider visiting Prague.

From historical places like Prague castle, St Vitus cathedral, and Jewish cemetery to walking across the Charles bridge and Cruising in Vltava river, you will have a lot of fun things to do in Prague.

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