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15 Amazing Online Writing Jobs as a Freelancer

Do you want to start online writing jobs like blogging, freelance writing jobs, etc from home? Do you want to work from home with handsome packages? Well if you are looking for it then this article is just for you.

Finding a writing job, getting paid what you deserve, and other challenges await you when you first enter this profession. But don’t worry in this article you will be given all exposure that will make your “online writing jobs” easier.

1. What Kinds of Freelance Writing Jobs Are There?

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The most typical kinds of freelance writing jobs.

1. Content Writing

The most demandable job you will find in online writing jobs. Here you can apply for a content writing job on an online website like Internshala, LinkedIn, etc. Mostly in this freelance writing job you have to write about the companies or NGOs. In most popular opinion, if you are new to online writing jobs then this is your call. Starting with content writing, you will get to know about a lot of basic things.

2. Blogging

If you want to start something of your own then blogging is your call. Also one of the best work in online writing jobs. Blogging can be fun and you can write blog posts in your domain. If you have the kick for social issues, you can start a blog for social issues or if you have an interest in fashion and gossip you can start a gossip blog where you can write about all the happenings in the celebrity world.

3. Social Media Content Creator

Also the best way to kick your foot in the online writing jobs. Many social media pages need a content creator and if you think you are for it then go for it. You can find this job on social media websites like Internshala, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Ghostwriting

Also very popular among online writing jobs. Here you cal sell your articles and samples on any online platform.

5. Copywriting Jobs

Here you write ads for the companies. Writer campaign and sales for the companies. This job is also one of the best ways to start your career in the freelance writing business.

6. Article Writing

How fun it is to put your idea in words. Article writing is the same, researching a particular topic and then enhancing it by putting your opinions is what we call article writing. It develops your skills and knowledge in writing and also on the topic you’re doing research. An individual who has a lot of creativity to show has scope in the field of article writing.

7. Newspaper and Magazines

There are many news channels or websites that promote news through social media. You can see many news websites or pages on social media like Instagram Twitter Facebook, etc Here you can write anything from business to celebrity world. If you think you are someone who keeps up with the news and want a career in the journalism field then this is your kick.

8. Script and Short Film Writing

Haven’t you thought of changing some plots in the movie while watching it to make it more interesting in your way? Well, now is the chance. You’ll be getting an opportunity to write the script of movies and plays which you might have imagined to do. You can easily write your own script and get paid for it. If you have the gig for being a creative lad then this field is your call.

9. Content Manager

Content managers got great responsibilities of creating and distributing relevant data and information to the audience at the appropriate time and for that he/she has to keep themselves updated with company and market guidelines. He/she should have experience in marketing, communication, and project management because it requires skills to manage the working of the company.

10. Editing Jobs

If you are good with the editing work, like changing the sentence structure, grammar, and narration then editing jobs is right here for you. In this, you revise the writing part which is given to you. For example:- You are given a book to edit or an article to edit.

11. Resume Writer

You might have the notion that a resume can be made by anyone but that is totally wrong. A resume can be tough to make that is why resume writing is very much needed. To highlight the achievements, experience and other things is what a resume writer does.

12. Medical Writer

If you have a science background and work closely related to the science field and have a writing gig then a medical writer is what you need to become in online writing jobs. A medical writer writes the reports, and research related to some scientific documents.

13. Columnist

Basically a form of journalism. If you like to write about your opinions and think they are post-worthy then you surely can be a columnist. You can here write the blog post. Writing a short essay that will publish on websites.

14. Book Editor

There are many times a novelist needs a freelance book editor. Here the book editor is needed for revising the content in the books. You are required to read the manuscript and are asked to edit the parts.

There are also many other freelance writing jobs like a novelist or creative writer that you can pursue.

If you want to learn more about freelancing writing then you should check this article What are the Best Freelance Writing Jobs To Try in 2021?

2. Where Should I Start From?

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Well in the beginning you can look for job portals like LinkedIn, Internshala, indeed, and many more. Here you can apply for creative writing jobs, freelance writing jobs, script writing, etc. This is actually a good beginning. Though you won’t be paid much in the beginning, it will surely pay your resume a good amount of experience.

3. Make Your Profile on the Websites

The most important thing is to make your profile on the websites. All the data like from where di you graduate from your school to recently what you are working. As a beginner in the writing field, you might not have much to give to your profile but you can attach good sample write-ups to impress the clients. Also, focus on your domain if you have one. For example:- you are a news writer or want to work in this domain then make sure that your samples are related to those filed. From this, you will get more journalism job postings.

4. Cold Pitch

Cold pitching is the best way for any freelancer uses to introduce themselves in the market. It is the direct method where you use email as a source of communication between you and your potential client. You can do cold pitching by sending emails to potential clients. You can send them to some contact bloggers, some big firms, start-up companies, etc.

You might think it is very tough to go for it and it is okay every beginner feels like that but it’s totally easy and very effective. Before pitching them you need to have good research about those companies or bloggers. Also even if you don’t get a response from those clients, they still saw your name and email.

4.1) What you should include in your pitch

  • Your name
  • Your resume and sample write-ups
  • From where did you learn about them
  • How can you be at their service?
  • Why must they choose you? Explain how better you are

5. Make a Pitch for a Job Posting on a Job Boards

After making your portfolio on the website, follow the companies and clients who will offer job ads and some latest freelance writing jobs. You can pitch here on the job sites and can share your resume and sample with the clients. You need to regularly get updated on these jobs. You never know when you hit the jackpot.

6. Guest Posts

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to increase your circle in the writing field. Here you can have a lot of exposure also it will help you to boost your account and will increase your clients. Now you must be asking what is guest posts? Well here you write an article but it’s posted on someone’s blog post. You are given the topic where you have to write in given days and then submit it to them.

6.1) What are the Basic Guidelines for Writing Guest Postings?

  • The articles should be to the point ie on the topic. It shouldn’t be clustered and must be readable.
  • Use SEO, keywords, and many search engine tools to increase its ranking.
  • There should be no errors like grammar or sentence structure.
  • They want someone who is an expert in this field so the article should be rich in quality.
  • Make sure your article focuses more on increasing the audience.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to the writing, add images and many memes videos to make it readable.

7. Warm Pitch

Yes, there is a difference between warm pitch and cold pitch. Whereas in cold pitch you are directly in a relationship with your client whereas in warm pitching you are in an indirect relationship with your clients. Both are very much necessary for exposing yourself to the freelancing field.

In a warm pitch, you have to create relationships with the companies and clients. You can use Instagram or any social media website. You can personally dm any client or company. Make sure you’ve done your homework on the person or firm you’re contacting, and make it evident in your pitch that you’ve done so. Include a line expressing your appreciation for their website or business, as well as how you can assist them in improving it. Show them that you have the proper knowledge and have the capability to get the work done.

8. Online Writing Jobs Websites

1. Freelance Writing Jobs

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One of the perfect websites for authors, and writers to find a job with great pay. The website chooses work from job boards, classified advertising, and company websites, so it is not limited to remote writing assignments. They include jobs that may not directly require writing but are nevertheless related to writers and editors.

Here you can find many types of writing jobs like writing short stories and scripts for the videos, blogging, creative writing jobs, journalism, and many more projects. While you search for the job, the pay isn’t written there you have to negotiate with the hiring team. The biggest turn-on is that this website doesn’t accept low-paying jobs. You will see good pay jobs and will find good companies to work with it.

2. FlexJobs

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If you are totally looking for work from home then this website is your call. This website solely focuses on work-from-home jobs where you can manage your time flexibly. This is a scam-free website where you have a guarantee. The types of writing jobs offered here are content writer, content manager, blogging jobs, journalist, and many other writing jobs.

The pay here varies. It depends on your experience, your resume, and your writing skills. The only con here is you need to have a membership card to use this website.

3. Upwork

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A brilliant website to look forward to for online writing jobs. If you want to start freelance writing then this website is for you. If you want to write some research work, greeting cards, or anything related to writing jobs then this is your website. You will see the qualities of an internship with good pay.

Even though it’s one of the best websites for writers, it has a lot of competition. Due to its popularity, you will even encounter some spam internships. It only provides a high-paying job to those whose profile has a lot of experience. If you are new to the website and have a little less expertise and experience you might take time to find a good pay job. Also For the first $500 billed with a client, you’ll get a 20% commission (relatively higher than other websites).

4. Scripted

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This is a website where the companies and freelancers get connected. You are offered many projects like blogging, remote jobs, content marketing, social media work and etc. Here on this website, you are a ghostwriter, your name won’t show on the writing piece that you will write. All the rights to that content will be given to the client who will buy your article.

You can do freelance writing, blogging, digital marketing, publishing and etc. You earn here on what your article present. The type of content writing services you provide is what get you paid for here. The length of the article, its SEO ranking and etc are looked at.

If you want to work on this website then you have to first pass the test, the website conducts a test in which if you pass you will get the acceptance here. Also, not many times do you get work here.

5. LinkedIn

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One of the most used websites of all time. If you are new writers who are looking for experience and cooperation experience then you first approach LinkedIn.

You will find many companies’ vacancies where you can apply. There are many highly reputed companies that will feature quite high-profile vacancies. You can follow these companies and regularly check their feed on LinkedIn to get updates. It is better if you have the premium because it will help you reach many clients as a freelancer.

You also need to keep in mind that the competition is very high. Here you will see thousands of writers looking for jobs and clients. And the process for most of the jobs here will be going through interviews with HR first. You can find jobs other than writing also.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Writing Jobs

1. How Much can a Writer Make?

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“Rome was not built in a day”, We all have been introduced to this quote at least once. It means success cannot be achieved in one day, earning is a slow process when you’re using your skills. A degree will help you get a job all at once while skills need the experience to have achievement.

A writer can easily earn through many ways like creative writing, content writing, freelance content writing, etc in online writing jobs. But the question is how much you can earn? Well, joining many little bricks can make a palace same as if you start from the lowest someday you’ll be earning your dream income. Even though you don’t have experience in writing but you know how to write you can earn ₹100 for every write-up and that’s the least you can earn.

So, it’s never easy to get a track instantly for writing, it takes lots of research on different platforms to get it. The main motive of research should be, that are they paying a reasonable stipend for your write-up, you need to compare it from different job-providing websites. Once you will start knowing about the format of the companies you’ll know the worth of your writings.

Freelance content writing helps a lot in making a fair amount for your write-ups. It may help you get ₹600 per write of 1000-1500 words which is a great start in the field of writing. The beginners had to go through a lot of struggles for finding an appropriate job in the field of writing because the companies demand experienced in the particular field. When you’ll have some experience then easily you can make 7k -10k in a month for 10-12 write-ups. The most important thing is to stick to the jobs to have some experience and then it won’t be tough to get a fair and desirable stipend for your writing work.

2. Is Freelance Writing Jobs Worth It? Should I go for it?

Well, freelancing writing jobs in the starting can really be tough. As a freelance writer, you need connections. Making connections can be a tough and long process but when you start getting the pitch and clients it is all worth it. Also, you need to keep a check on red flags, because there are some scams that a freelance writer face.

But after the digitalization and all the new technologies, the online writing jobs are increasing day by day and also you will see the qualities of writing jobs are also increasing.

3. Do you need an Undergraduate Degree for a Freelance Writing Career?

No, you don’t need an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree to work as a freelance writer in online writing jobs. And that’s what makes it more appealing to the writers. Here your talent and technical skills related to writing are seen and heard. So to start the career in this you need some basics things like connections as mentioned above, samples and etc.



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