3 Best Business Schools in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country. Lately, it has become a favorite country among international students. New Zealand is an affordable country in living, food, public transport, and school tuition. There are eight universities in the country and are located on its two main islands – North and South. It is easier for an Indian international student to adjust to New Zealand because it follows the British education system, just as India.

New Zealand offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in art, business, and science. However, international students seeking business schools have increased in New Zealand. Here are the three best business schools in New Zealand:

1. University of Auckland Business School

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The University of Auckland Business School has a dean recommendation 2017 rate of 419 percent. It is the highest in New Zealand. The business school is New Zealand’s top-rated business school in world statistics. It is the 82nd university in the world and the only NZ university on the list. The university is known for its research-based business courses. It has five palms of excellence.

2. University of Otago Business School

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The MBA course provided by the University of Otago is available online and on-campus full-time as well. It is awarded four palms of excellence and has a great significant international influence. The course is EQUIS and AACSB accredited, which makes the system globally recognized.

3. Auckland University of Technology Business School


The Auckland University of Technology Business School has four palms of excellence and is constantly engaged in research. The business school is known for its high-quality graduates and research. Most engineers prefer this university because it is about understanding business basics and applying them in the real world.

New Zealand has very simple rules for international students, and getting into the university is comparatively easy.

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