3 Best Cities to Live in the US

Who doesn’t want to live the American dream? The United States of America has always been everyone’s first choice when moving to another country.

It has opportunities for every person, of every field. Some cities like New York and Seattle are more expensive to live in than Orlando and Colorado. Do you want to get away from the clutter of urban cities and go somewhere peaceful and quiet yet very modern?

Check out these three cities:

1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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If you love being out of your house all the time, Sioux Falls is the best city for you to live in. There are always concerts, live shows, sports events, and many beautiful gardens and parks in Sioux Falls.

The city has a 1.3 million-square-foot shopping center. The average salary of a Sioux Falls resident is $51,672. Median house price is $152,200. It is affordable and easy to live in the city because it offers a great blend of technology and nature.

2. Iowa City, Iowa

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Home to the esteemed University of Iowa, the city is known for its excellent district school and health care. The average salary for a person living in Iowa City is around $41,410.

Iowa City has the best restaurants and cafes. The median house price is $180,900. It is a beautiful city, and you’ll never get tired of autumn there.

3. Rochester, Minnesota

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Rochester is the best place to live in the United States of America. There are good quality community schools, entertainment centres, and many parks to play in.

A 2BHK house costs $163,700 on average, which is very affordable compared to what it is offering. On average, a person in Rochester earns $62,575.

Which city did you like the most? Are you planning to move to the US any time soon?


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