3 Common Job Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many people ruin their chances at landing a job because they’re overconfident and come unprepared. Don’t be that person! Make the most out of every opportunity life gives you.

Despite covering all the bases, you often tend to make some slip-ups in your job interviews.

Here are 3 common mistakes that you should steer clear of:

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1. Displaying a lack of Interest

Interviewers detect candidates who don’t show any interest, curiosity or enthusiasm in the interview. There are more candidates than required for a particular job most of the time. If you don’t show interest in being hired, your interviewer will have no reason to show interest in hiring you.

Ask questions that would indicate that you’ve put effort into research. However, be careful not to ask half-witted questions about things that you’re supposed to know already.

These questions are an opportunity for you to build a rapport with the interviewer and seek feedback about yourself. If possible, jot down the questions you want to ask well ahead of time.

Sometimes, you need to go that extra mile to research your company’s background and the person who would be interviewing you.

2. Inappropriate body language or Exuding anger

Make sure that you smile at people you meet at the interview location and shake hands firmly with your interviewer. If you avoid eye contact or don’t smile at all, you’ll come across as skittish or too strange.

You may be frustrated due to an unpleasant commute to the interview or may have argued with a family member before getting there. Overcome your emotions, and don’t let them surface in the interview.

Also, leave the demons of your past at home and treat every job interview as a fresh one. You may have had bitter experiences with your previous bosses, but this isn’t the time to vent it out.

Try to stay positive irrespective of the questions launched at you.

3. Unsuitable Attire

Even though start-ups are pretty lax about their dress codes, you must follow the general rule of thumb and dress in formals. Forget about fashion and go the traditional way!

Be well-groomed and get to your interview on time. Both your attire and demeanour should be a reflection of the organization you’re looking to work for.

Avoid these 3 common mistakes in your interview at any cost!

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