4 Most Affordable Countries to Study in Europe

Studying in a foreign country is every Indian student’s dream. The biggest obstacle forcing students to give up on their dream is money. When the Indian Rupee converts into Euros, the cost goes too high.

The family doesn’t have more money, and student loan interests are too much to pay back. This doesn’t mean you give up.

European countries some affordable when it comes to education. These countries have employer activity as well. You might not have money right now, and if you want to change that, you have to work towards it.

Here are the four most affordable countries to study in Europe:

1. Belgium

Besides its dark chocolate, Belgium is also famous for its low-cost education. Average tuition fees for an international student are around 1000 euros a year.

Quality of living is very high, while the cost of living in cheap. Best universities in Belgium are Université Libre de Bruxelles and University in Leuven.

2. Hungary

Hungary is a picturesque nation with a low cost of living and education for international students. The average tuition fees for a year are 1000 euros.

The Hungarian government has many scholarships for international students. The top universities in Belgium are the Corvinus University of Budapest and Debrecen.

3. Germany

No public universities in Germany charge tuition fees to local or international students. You only have to pay a nominal 50 to 100 euros to cover administrative costs.

The cost of living is affordable too. The best universities in Germany are the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Technische Universität Berlin.

4. Finland

If you love snow, Finland is the best country for you to study in. Finnish public universities do not charge tuition fees for bachelor’s and Ph.D. courses.

They charge for a master’s course, but it is very minimal. The cost of living is comparatively higher than in other countries. The best universities in Finland are the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

So, what do you think? Up for studying abroad now?

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