3 Ideal Jobs for Finance Graduates

A finance graduate is highly regarded in the market. It reflects in the salaries they get since they get very generous pay. They are considered to be the most intelligent as they deal in money.

Most financiers complete their undergraduate degrees and don’t do post-graduation. Usually, a bachelor’s degree is enough to get a high-paying job, as experience matters a lot in this sector.

Here are three jobs that are ideal for finance graduates:

1. Financial manager

As a financial manager, it is your job to scale its finances and monetary goals. In bigger enterprises, you have to do a strategic analysis of your company’s worth and grow it. A financial manager gets a starting salary of $87,436 in the US.

In smaller enterprises, you have to manage the account as well. Generally, you have to manage budgets, create financial reports, and develop financial contacts.

2. Chartered accountant

To become a chartered accountant, you need to get a Certified Public Accountant certificate along with a degree in finance.

The starting salary of a chartered accountant in the US is $91,299. Your job will involve giving financial advice, managing budgets and financial systems, and performing audits.

You grow quickly in a career in chartered accountancy and often get very generous pay.

3. Actuary

An actuary analyses the company and market risks and forecasts and manages future financial risks. The starting salary of an actuary in the US is $82,735. Along with a degree in finance, you also need a certificate from the Casualty Actuarial Society or the Society of Actuaries.

You need to create your strategies and tools to estimate the risk. It involves a lot of calculations and mathematics. As an actuary, you need to have excellent communication skills and have a strong business background.

If you are a finance graduate, these are the top job you should be applying for.

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