6 Financial Documents Every International Student Should Know About

Are you soon going to start your visa application process? So that means you have already selected your dream study destination!

Before starting the visa application process, you need to know about every international student’s necessary financial documents.

Here are six financial documents every international student should know about:

1. Bank account statement

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You have you submit your or your sponsor’s bank account statement to the country’s embassy or the university for a fixed period.

It would be best to show that you have enough funds from 28 days prior to going to the country and show until 28 days later.

2. Scholarship letter

If you have received a government grant or scholarship from the university, you should always have the letter. It is a financial document, and you must attach it to your application.

3. Loan Approval/ Disbursement Letter

The bank where you have applied for a loan gives you this letter. Again, it is a very important document submitted along with the visa application process.

4. Loan Capability Certificate

This certificate is given by the bank from whom you’ve taken the loan. It is a certificate of confirmation that the bank trusts you and is willing to provide you with a huge amount of money to complete further education abroad.

5. CA Certificate

This is a typical certificate that shows the amount of liquid and non-movable wealth you have. It includes your bonds, mutual funds, stocks, jewelry, fixed deposit, car, and house. Your CA has to make this certificate and approve it as well.

6. Property Evaluation Report

This financial report isn’t needed everywhere but only in New Zealand and Australia. This document includes the pictures of your property, all its specifications, including size and location, and proof of ownership.

Well, if you are planning to study abroad you better get these documents ready.

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