3 Smartest Cities to Live in the UK

London is not the only city to settle in to live your British dream. London has become overpopulated. It is time to look at other cities, which are equally good and have great job opportunities.

The United Kingdom comprises England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It is a good time to move to the United Kingdom because the population there is ageing, and it is a good opportunity to grab. Get your impending master’s degree and a good job after that.

Here are the three smartest cities to live in the UK:

1. Liverpool

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Home to the Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool is a city in northwest London ideal for raising a family. Cost of living is half of that in London and the groceries are cheaper too.

Liverpool is the home to the Beatles, so the music culture there is strong. The average salary of a person living in Liverpool is £23,980.

Median house price is £156,800: engineers, graphic designers, and healthcare professionals.

2. Manchester

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Another city in northwest England, Manchester is a hub for industrial jobs. It is the home to Manchester City Football Club. The average salary of a person living in Manchester is £26,532.

Engineers and healthcare professionals are in demand in Manchester. The median house price range in the city is £163,771. It is well-connected with rest of the country through rail network.

3. Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is a happening place too. Famous for its Edinburgh Palace and Stone of Destiny, Scotland is ideal for immigrants to settle. Popular job fields in the capital city are financial services, banking, education, and construction. Average salary of a person living in Edinburgh is £28,132. Median house price range is around £175,000.

It is very easy for Indians to settle in the United Kingdom. Visa and immigration rules are Indian-friendly and straightforward.

So, plan ahead.

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