5 Things to Know About Joining the Police Force

From preventing crime to helping people out, the occupation of the police is rewarding indeed. But getting through the application process is tough- from written, oral, physical and psychological tests to sweating it out in order to match the specifications of an ideal recruit, it can be challenging. Here are a few tips for you if you want to be a police officer.

1. Learn what it takes to be a police officer

What are the qualities a police officer should possess? From a quick ability to think and act to upholding moral integrity and taking charge of the situation- a keen survival instinct and industrious thinking are required to be a police officer. 

The ability to survive in difficult situations and the ability to control your temper are important attributes. You can also join a Police Explorer program at the school level that helps train you for the job.

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2. Identify all the criteria and specifications

The hiring of police officials takes a lot of time and involves a thorough screening of the candidates to select the best of the lot. 

You need to be a lawful citizen of the concerned country, have a valid driver’s license and a high school certificate. Additional experience in the criminal field or a military service record will be helpful.

3. Understand factors that may be subject to disqualification

Previous criminal activity, felonies, drug addiction, drunk driving or any other criminal record will disqualify you from the recruitment process.

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4. File your application and appear for an entrance exam

Write an application for recruitment, fill out the necessary forms and register yourself for a written screening. This will be followed by a physical and psychological exam, and you need to be well prepared for it.

5. Enroll yourself in a Police Training Academy

If you make it to the list of selected candidates after passing all the tests and background checks, you will be enrolled in a police training academy. There, you will be trained in all aspects of your duties as an officer of the criminal law-community policing, training for firearms, investigation and defense methods.

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