4 Best States to Study in the US

Going to a foreign nation for further studies is a huge decision. It takes a lot of searches, finding a course that you are eligible for, a course that will get you a good job, and funding. The United States of America is a great country for any study. All universities are well equipped with technology and comfort.

If you are an international student, here are four best states that you can study in the US:

1. New York

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Every year 75,000 international students enroll in New York universities. These universities are ideal for journalism, choreography, biomedicine, architecture, and computer science.

The best universities in New York are Columbia University, Cornell University, and New York University. Even though rent is higher in New York, food is very affordable and balances it out.

2. California

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California is the home to Silicon Valley and excellent universities for engineering and business. Often called the Golden State, California is the largest and most populated state of the US.

Universities in California for your to consider are Stanford University, the University of Southern California, and the California Institute of State. And you’ll never get bored in California because there is so much to explore, always.

3. Florida

The Sunshine State of the US, Florida, is a popular choice among international students, especially Indians. The weather is very similar to India.

Top grade universities in Florida are the University of Miami, Florida, and Florida State University. Florida has lovely beaches and fantastic street food that you will entirely fall in love with.

4. Texas

Texas is a vast state and a home to over 100 universities. Leading fields in Texas are biomedical, aerospace, petrochemical, and industrial agriculture.

The best universities of Texas are the University of Houston, Rice University, the University of Texas at Austin. People are friendly and very supportive and won’t make you feel homesick even slightly.

So, these were the best states to pursue your education from if you ever plan on studying

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