The Cost of Living in Japan as a Student

Before deciding to study in a foreign country, the biggest question in any student’s mind is the cost of living. Studying in a foreign country is a big commitment in finances and effort.

You have to stay away from your family and manage everything independently. Looking at the brighter side, you are becoming better in your career and taking a step ahead towards your success.

Today, we are going to tell you the cost of living in Japan as a student.

The break up below doesn’t include tuitions fees.

Cost of Living as a Student:

Accommodation –

Living in Japan is affordable. Most students share apartments, so it comes down to around $250 a month or 15,000 yen. It also includes service fees and taxes. Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is costlier than other cities. Here’s how living in Japan as a student looks like:

Transport –

As a student, you get a 20 percent discount on your train pass by Japan Rail East. It will cost you around $179 or 20,000 yen after the discount. If you live closer to your university, the cost can go very low because you can walk to your college.

So, it is best advised to look for accommodations nearby your university/college, to cut off commute expenses.

Food and groceries –

Japan is a wonderland for foodies. From sushi and Chinese food to shakes and coffee, you’ll get everything in Japan. Since the local grocery stores are cheap, food goes up to $223 or 25,000 yen a month.

Medical insurance, phone, and books –

You will only find pay-per-month mobile offers in Japan. It costs $18 or 2,000 yen on average. All Japanese universities have libraries that give free membership to students.

You won’t need to buy textbooks or study material. You will have to invest in stationery that can cost around $27 or 4,000 yen a month. Students must take a mandatory national health service scheme that covers their basic medical expenses. It will cost you $22 or 2,500 yen a month.

So, living in Japan as a student won’t cost you a fortune. The majority of the expenses will be covered under your budget. All you need is to plan efficiently.

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