4 Best Student-friendly States in Australia & Things To Be Aware of Before Studying in Australia

As a student, you might be confused about which Australian state you should study in. Australia has world-class universities that have excellent teaching staff and good quality education.

There are many states in Australia, but you have to decide which one is for you. Before finalizing the state, you have to weigh job opportunities and how much you will earn.

Here is a list of the four best student-friendly states in Australia:

1. Sydney

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Sydney is Australia’s largest city and the country’s financial and economic studies. It has a high employer score and a very low unemployment rate. It is ideal for management and business students because there are endless job opportunities.

The best universities in Sydney are the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney, and Western Sydney University.

2. Adelaide

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Adelaide is opposite Sydney, with open parks, wide boulevards, and wildlife. However, it is equally good in terms of education and employment opportunities. While you are not studying or on vacation, you can go hiking, cycling, and swimming.

The top universities in Adelaide are the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

3. Perth

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Over 2000 miles away from Sydney in Perth, a very peaceful state. Engineering and mental health are the most sought-after profession in Perth.

The cost of living is lower than in Sydney and Adelaide. The best universities in Perth are Western Australia, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, and Curtin University.

4. Gold Coast

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If you love beaches, you are going to love Gold Coast. It has 300 days of summer, perfect for spending time at the beach. Gold Coast is a beautiful blend of high-rise buildings near the coast and a peaceful suburban neighborhood on the other side.

Healthcare and business are top fields in Gold Coast. The best universities in Gold Coast are Bond University and Southern Cross University.

Now that you know the states you should go for in Australia, let us look at a few things to be aware of before studying in Australia.

Australia is a laid-back country. Also, it is a favorite among Indian students. The number of Indian international students going to Australia for studies has increased in the past decade. The cost of living is low, while the standard of living is relatively high. It is one of the biggest countries in the world, and that allows you to explore things around.

Before going to the country, here are a few things that you should be aware of:

1. Beware of birds

There are so many birds in Australia that you won’t need an alarm. They are cute and all but truly dangerous. They’ll wake you up in the morning, beg you for food, and won’t let you sleep in the night.

2. Every weekend will be beach weekend

If you go to one of the coastal cities of Australia, you and your friends will always end up at the beach. Why? It’s beautiful, and there’s plenty of food too.

3. You will probably join a surfing school

It is all about learning. Surfing is fun, and you are going to enjoy it thoroughly. Take classes only during the weekends or holidays because you will fall so often that you won’t go to college the next day.

4. Try kangaroo meat

They are cute and adorable, and they taste good too. Kangaroo meat is usually eaten during the winters because the temperature drops low and the meat is hot. You might like it or not, but give it a chance.

5. Fall in love with Tim Tams

Tim Tams is the national snack of Australia. And it tastes so good that it will take you to heaven. They taste delicious with hot chocolate.

In Australia, you don’t just study, but enjoy yourself a lot. You won’t get that type of experience anywhere else.

So, just your state, choose your university, and get set rolling!!

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